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Published on March 11, 2008

Author: Olivier


Some Resources for Strategic Marketing Planning in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry:  Some Resources for Strategic Marketing Planning in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry HTM 402 January 2008 Sue Giles, Data Librarian Jane Schmidt, Hospitality and Tourism Librarian Everything is not on the “web”:  Everything is not on the “web” Books and reports in the library Licensed products such as business databases are not publicly available e.g NetAdvantage Periodical databases are proprietary e.g CBCA, Proquest Restricted Statistics Canada data includes: Specialized products CANSIM (26+ million time series of data) Census (Some levels of data restricted) Industry and socio-economic resources:  Industry and socio-economic resources Starting Points Library catalogue (search by keyword) Research Guides Specialized databases: Netadvantage, Business and Company Resource Centre Statistics Canada Census Public websites Research guides:  Research guides Developed by the library to help users: Company/Industry sources Social Science Data (Map & Data resources site) Canadian Census data Toronto Neighbourhood Census data Market Research Specialized Databases:  Specialized Databases Business and Company Resource Centre Netadvantage Periodical Databases: Statistics Canada Resources:  Statistics Canada Resources Welcome to Statistics Canada: Home page - Search the site, Latest indicators The Daily Statistics: By subject Statistics: Summary tables CANSIM II (also via E-Stat) Publications (includes on-line catalogue) Statistics Canada Resources Census based information:  Statistics Canada Resources Census based information Canadian Community Profiles Census (also via E-Stat) Profiles, Highlight tables, Topic-based tabulations Census Tract Profiles GeoSearch Census via E-Stat (find via Library catalogue) Only Profile data Easier to work with sometimes Can produce maps Slide8:  The Daily contains articles, often with statistics, about the latest publications from Statistics Canada Usually gives source(s) and these may be available elsewhere on the website if you need more detail Statistics: By Subject:  Statistics: By Subject By subject – left side menu Choose from a list Get a list of sources related to the topic Can be a good starting place as there are links to other sections of the website that will be mentioned in this presentation Canadian Statistics:  Canadian Statistics Summary tables about Canada (formerly Canadian Statistics) Many tables on a wide range of topics Tables often have a Statistics Canada catalogue number and/ or a CANSIM (II) number which can be used to get further information Canadian Statistics:  Canadian Statistics E-Stat Statistics Canada’s website CANSIM (II):  CANSIM (II) Huge database of socio-economic data Over 26 million “series” including “time series” CANSIM is on the main Statistics Canada website but there is a charge for the data CANSIM via E-Stat is identical but offers the data free of charge: (Also by title in Library catalogue) Publications:  Publications Collection of useful links: Free internet publications (many are listed in the Ryerson Library catalogue) Free studies on specialized topics ONLY searches publications not other sections Use Integrated Search and browse option Publications or cd-roms for sale are often free to universities, do a title search in the Library catalogue Specialized Stat.Can. Products– Business Data:  Specialized Stat.Can. Products– Business Data LOOK IN LIBRARY CATALOGUE for: Canadian business patterns: Gives establishment counts by CD/CSDs (municipalities) by 6 digit NAICS Financial performance indicators for Canadian business: Gives Key Financial ratios by industry. Designed to serve as financial benchmarks against which individual firms and industries can be prepared Small business profiles (Performance Plus): via Strategis website: Canadian Community Profiles:  Canadian Community Profiles Basic Census data for communities in Canada. Problem of amalgamation in 2006. Available for 1996 Census and 2001 Census and some of 2006 Census data Census data:  Census data More data available via the web than ever before including data, maps and analysis Important to enter via Library website as there are different levels of access Census 2006 Census 2001 Census data - 2006:  Census data - 2006 Topics released so far: Population and Dwelling counts Age and Sex Families and Households Marital status including common-law status Housing and shelter costs Language Immigration and citizenship Aboriginal Peoples Not yet available: Occupation, employment, education and income. Useful websites: City of Toronto:  Useful websites: City of Toronto Information on the business environment and the social, cultural and economic environment is available: City of Toronto - Cultural:  City of Toronto - Cultural Under Living in Toronto > Your City > Toronto Facts > Demographics can find Toronto Neighbourhood Profiles Toronto Ward Profiles Toronto Community Health Profiles (broader than it sounds) Toronto Employment survey Under Toronto Facts also link to Toronto Maps It is possible to customise a map and print it out City of Toronto - Business:  City of Toronto - Business Under Doing Business > Invest in Toronto See Labour Force for a detailed Industry Profiles site with a downloadable file See Real Estate for Employment District Profiles See Publications and Reports > Business Development for relevant reports, also >Food and Beverages Other Resources:  Other Resources Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Industry Look under Research FoodService Facts: Publication on Reserve Conference Board of Canada E-Data: Do a keyword search in Library Catalogue. FP Markets Canadian Demographics – Available on a computer in the Library (Quickshare) More Resources:  More Resources Services Canada – Labour Market Information, for Local Labour Market Canadian Tourism Commission: See Research and Statistics Library Contacts:  Library Contacts Research Advisory Office RBB2-168 11:00-2:00pm Monday to Friday (416) 979-5144 for appointment Reference Desk staff at Library Phone Reference Desk (416) 979-5055 Option 3 E-mail Ask a Librarian Chat:

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