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Published on November 28, 2008

Author: livycat


HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING AND RECRUITMENT/PROCUREMENTTOPIC: EMPLOYEE-INTAKE FUNCTIONS : HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING AND RECRUITMENT/PROCUREMENTTOPIC: EMPLOYEE-INTAKE FUNCTIONS ENGR. LIZETTE IVY G. CATADMAN For DMGT 719 – 2ND SEMESTER 2007-2008 Slide 2: JOB It serves to define the activities of the organization that an employee is to perform. It provides the means for dividing and assigning the authority and responsibility that must be exercised by the incumbent job holders. It is the basis for selecting and training employees, for evaluating their performance, and for determining the rate of pay. Tomas Andres Definition Slide 3: OCCUPATIONS It is the portion of a job that is performed by an individual employee. Tomas Andres Jobs that are similar in terms of work performed and the qualifications that they require of employees. POSITION Definition Slide 4: JOB DESIGN It determines what work is done and, therefore, greatly affects how an employee feels about a job, how much authority an employee has over the work, how much decision-making the employee has on the job, and how many tasks the employee has to complete. It is the specification of jobs according to: CONTENT, METHODS, AND RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER JOBS in order to satisfy technological as well as social and personal requirements of the job holder. Tomas Andres Concepcion Martires Definition Slide 5: CATEGORIES OF JOBS THOSE WITH PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT AND PHYSIOLOGICAL REQUIREMENTS. THOSE WITH ORGANIZATIONAL, SOCIAL, AND PERSONAL REQUIREMENTS. THOSE WHOSE CONTENT AND STRUCTURE REFLECT INTERACTION WITH PERSONAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL REQUIREMENTS. THOSE WHOSE CHARACTERISTICS REFLECT INTERACTION WITH PERSONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL REQUIREMENTS. Slide 6: JOB ANALYSIS It is the determination of the duties, responsibilities, working conditions, and working relationships of and between jobs, and the qualifications of the employees who should man each job. It is determining by observation and study the nature of a specific job. It determines the tasks which comprises the job and the particular skills, abilities, and responsibilities required for its successful performance. Tomas Andres Concepcion Martires Definition Slide 7: The job must be completely and accurately identified. The tasks, duties and responsibilities, and work performance standards of the job must be completely and accurately described. The requirements the job makes upon the worker for successful performance must be indicated. THREE PARTS ESSENTIAL TO JOB ANALYSIS Slide 8: ORGANIZATION’S POLICY QUESTIONNAIRE INTERVIEW OBSERVING THE EMPLOYEES AT WORK WRITING THE FIRST DRAFT OF THE JOB DESCRIPTION, JOB SPECIFICATIONS, AND JOB PERFORMANCE STANDARDS DIVISION/DEPARTMENT/SECTION HEAD REVIEW AND APPROVE THE FIRST DRAFT PANEL DISCUSSIONS FINALIZATION Steps in Doing Job Analysis Slide 9: JOB DESCRIPTION JOB SPECIFICATION Job Title Code Number Division/Department Nature of the Job Duties and Responsibilities Methods and Tools Used Hours of Work Person the Worker is Responsible to Funds and Properties Responsible for Compensation and Benefits Hazards and Risks Potentialities for Promotion Phases of Job Analysis Educational Qualifications Work Experiences Psychological Traits Health Status Special Qualifications JOB PERFORMANCE STANDARDS Slide 10: HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING It is the process by which a company ensures that it has the right number and kind of people, in the right places at the right time, doing the things for which they are economically most useful. It is a method for determining future human resource requirements and developing action plans for meeting them. It encompasses everything that concerns people – cost, morale, leadership, productivity, forms of compensation, and conservation of resources. Tomas Andres Definition Slide 11: JOB DESIGN It is the process of anticipating the manpower needs of the organization in light of its goals and putting them in formal written form for implementation. It is an effort to anticipate future business and environmental demands upon the organization and to provide personnel to fulfill that business and satisfy that demand. Bowey Concepcion Martires Definition It is looking beyond the actual organization situation by translating its objectives and plans into human resources terms. Slide 12: It must evaluate the current performance levels of individuals and predict their potentials. It must provide for career management or charting, and provide systems, forms, grades, and charts for matching job requirements with skills available. Functions of Human Resource Planning Slide 13: To assist the company and each operating unit in meeting its production targets. Inventory of available human resources within and outside the firm. Identification of gaps in matching the human resource supply with demand. Preparation of programs for increasing productivity, growth, and development of people. Systems and procedures what will enhance the utilization of human time and potential. Furnishing the environment necessary to attract and retain productive people. BASIC APPROACHES TO HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING Slide 14: BASIC STAGES OF HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING 1 2 3 4 5 6 Slide 15: ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT HUMAN RESOURCE SITUATION Data on the Human Resource currently employed. Human Resource Position of the company in relation to the national economy, particularly the labor market. Clear understanding of the goals is fundamental to the planning process. Desired Levels of Productivity Versus Actual Levels of Productivity DEVIATIONS – TAKE-OFF POINTS IN PLANNING OUT A STRATEGY. Slide 16: ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT HUMAN RESOURCE SITUATION Slide 17: ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT HUMAN RESOURCE SITUATION Slide 18: ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT HUMAN RESOURCE SITUATION Slide 19: ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT HUMAN RESOURCE SITUATION Useful Tools in Analyzing the Current Human Resource Situation Slide 20: ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT HUMAN RESOURCE SITUATION Useful Tools in Analyzing the Current Human Resource Situation Slide 21: ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT HUMAN RESOURCE SITUATION Slide 22: ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT HUMAN RESOURCE SITUATION Slide 23: FORECASTING HUMAN RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS Indication of future development in order to plan out the necessary steps NOW. Manpower demand for specific types of manpower at given periods of time to perform various roles. Best employment profile to be used for future trends. What to forecast? FORECASTING MODEL CATEGORIES OF SKILL (KIND OR AMOUNT) TYPE AND LEVEL OF JOB SELF-CONTAINED UNITS Slide 24: FORECASTING HUMAN RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS Slide 25: FORECASTING HUMAN RESOURCE SUPPLY TOTAL HUMAN RESOURCES AT ANY GIVEN TIME IS THE POPULATION COUNT. Slide 26: RECONCILING HUMAN RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS AND SUPPLY FORECASTS HUMAN RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS SUPPLY FORECASTS GAPS Slide 27: GAPS NARROWING OR GROWING? RECONCILING HUMAN RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS AND SUPPLY FORECASTS Slide 28: OPERATIONALIZATION OR ACTION PROCESS SPECIFIC ACTION PLANS OR BLUEPRINTS FOR BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN FORECASTS AND INVENTORY ARE MADE. Who should invest? How? Who will train the prospective employees? For how long? Slide 29: UNEMPLOYMENT CAN BE REDUCED THROUGH MORE INVESTMENTS. HUMAN RESOURCE DEMAND SIDE OPERATIONALIZATION OR ACTION PROCESS RAPID POPULATION GROWTH CAUSES ENTRANTS INTO THE LABOR FORCE AND TRAINING OF HUMAN RESOURCES FOR EXPORT CAN BE A SOLUTION. HUMAN RESOURCE SUPPLY SIDE Slide 30: EVALUATION AND RE-PLANNING Slide 31: HUMAN RESOURCE PROCUREMENT Recruitment is securing, through planned and systematic effort, of the right quantity and the right quality of people needed to meet present and future manpower requirements. Tomas Andres Slide 32: HUMAN RESOURCE PROCUREMENT Recruitment is the process by which prospective applicants are induced to apply to the company in order that their qualifications for present and anticipated vacancies can be evaluated through sound screening and selection procedures. Concepcion Martires Tomas Andres Recruitment is the search for potential applicants for actual and anticipated vacant positions in the organization. It is the process of linking the sources of labor and the organization which is the specific labor market. PEOPLE are the most important resource for any organization to operate efficiently. Slide 33: PROCEDURES/STEPS IN HUMAN RESOURCE PROCUREMENT Slide 34: PROCEDURES/STEPS IN HUMAN RESOURCE PROCUREMENT Slide 35: Definite work standard serves as a yardstick for performance evaluation. He can justify additional needed personnel. VACANCIES Slide 36: THE APPROVED MANPOWER BUDGET SHALL SERVE AS THE BASIS FOR RECRUITMENT AS WELL AS THE AUTHORITY TO HIRE. Slide 37: UPON APPROVAL OF THE HUMAN RESOURCE BUDGET, ALL REQUISITIONS FOR PERSONNEL OR REGULAR PAYROLL, WHETHER REPLACEMENTS OR ADDITIONS, SHALL BE SUBMITTED THROUGH THE RESPECTIVE GROUP HEAD, TO THE HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT FOR IMPLEMENTATION. Slide 38: OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE VACANT POSITION MUST BE OPEN TO ALL WHO QUALIFY REGARDLESS OF THE SOURCE FOR WHICH THEY COME. IN-BREEDING POLICY OF RECRUITMENT IF NO CANDIDATE FROM THE PRESENT STAFF QUALIFY FOR THE VACANCY… THE HRD SHALL FORWARD TO THE REQUISITIONING UNIT TEST RESULTS AND INTERVIEW EVALUATIONS OF QUALIFIED CANDIDATES PREVIOUSLY SECURED AND PROCESSED. THE REQUISITINING HEAD SHALL MAKE THE FINAL SELECTION FROM AMONG THOSE ENDORSED BY HRD. NO CANDIDATE QUALIFY FROM THOSE PREVIOUSLY SCREENED AND PROCESSED, HRD SHALL DETERMINE THE MOST PRODUCTIVE EXTERNAL SOURCES OF QUALIFIED APPLICANTS. Slide 40: Application Forms give important information on the applicant and his suitability for the job applied for. Slide 42: TO DETERMINE THE PROBABLE EFFECTIVENESS OF AN INDIVIDUAL IN THE JOB. MAJOR OBJECTIVES OF PERSONNEL TESTING HOW MUCH SATISFACTION HE CAN GET FROM THE JOB. APPLICANTS FOR CERTAIN POSITIONS BATTERY OF TESTS Slide 45: NINE FACTORS IN ESTIMATING APTITUDE Slide 46: NINE FACTORS IN ESTIMATING APTITUDE Slide 47: NINE FACTORS IN ESTIMATING APTITUDE Slide 48: Verify statements made by the applicant… Telephone Calls Letter of Inquiry or Information Forms Credit Information Bureaus … Former Employer, Teachers, or Individual References, and Billing Records Slide 49: No company hires an applicant without making an interview of some kind. Special emphasis is placed on abilities which cannot be adequately evaluated through pencil and paper tests. Last Interview = Hiring and Placement = Employment Interview Slide 51: Interviewer writes The interviewer’s report INTERVIEWER’S RATINGS BASED ON THE FOLLOWING FACTORS Slide 55: New employee must be fit to work. To protect the firm from claims for disability or sickness and to safeguard the other employees against contamination. Slide 56: Appointment Papers Absence Control Card Company ID Card Conditions for Employment Signing of the Employment Contract Confirming Appointments Permanent Personnel Records Slide 58: HRD monitors the progress of the new employee, giving counsel to him when necessary. Formal evaluations may be made periodically. PROBATIONARY Probation constitute the period during which an employee is observed and tried to determine his fitness for the job as well as his usefulness to the organization. Probationary period shall not be more than six months from the date started working. His superior shall decide within six months if he deserves confirmation or released from employment. Probationary employment may be terminated only for the following reasons: (a) just cause, (b) when authorized by existing laws, or (c) employee fails to qualify as a regular employee. Slide 59: REGULAR OR PERMANENT After having passed through a probationary period, is placed on the regular rolls of the company and is assigned to perform work directly related to the regular operation of the firm. TEMPORARY Hired to perform work on a specified project, upon completion of which, the worker ‘s employment is terminated. Clerical employees to act as a reliever for employees on maternity/paternity leaves or to assist in the pressure of work on certain times of the year. Slide 60: CASUAL / EMERGENCY WORKER Hired for only a few days or a few months at a time to fill a gap in the absence of another employee, or to work during peak periods. Students (apprenticeship and internship programs) who show promise of being potential candidates for employment. Whatever may be the category of the employee or worker, the HRM must encourage him to have freedom of discussion with his superiors as to work assignments, promotion opportunities, compensation, training, complaints, and etc. Slide 61: THANK YOU AND THIS IS THE END OF MY REPORT. GOOD DAY TO EVERYONE.

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