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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: vivek3924



It is a slide describing marketing techniques and tactics which can be implemented while launching a new product into the market. In this case i had undertaken a project under the company Healthy Rice.

K Vivek Varkey IIT Hyderabad (Class of 2016)

    Before actually launching the product, it is important to do a SWOT ( Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat) analysis of the product. The first thing to assess is the target consumers. Since this product is bit “hatke” and over the normal price range in my opinion middle and upper middle class would fall in this category. For this, one should be aware of the similar products in the market. Following which pros and cons of the product in hand should be distinguished out along with the unique selling point (USP) which will put it apart from the other similar products. Care should be taken to project the USPs while marketing the product .

     Online publicity if handled properly can prove to be a very strong marketing tool. The best part being it will be free of cost at the same time the reach being very large. At the current scenario, according to me, there are three major platforms for his cause. Facebook, Twitter and Quora. Facebook and Twitter can be used to put up posts at regular intervals spreading awareness about the product and its need. Before that it is necessary for the page to have lot of likes so that the subscribers will get to see the posts. This can be done by sending like invites. Quora can be used by posting the necessary and advantages of consuming brown rice over the normal ones. These activities will create a buzz over the net and general awareness

  Tie ups can be made with SMS providers ( eg. Way2sms ) in mutually benefiting terms, which can be used to send SMSs spreading information regarding the product. In order to send the SMSs a database is necessary. This database can be created through various events or other sources (which will be discussed in the following slides).

     Before actually launching the product in the entire city a small test run can be conducted by implementing the product in certain region or group of people. If planned carefully, this test run can be used as publicity tool Tie ups can be made with restaurants and other hotels where the kitchen staff will be provided with the product and dishes can be made off it and served to the customers. Similar tie ups can be made with offices and other places of work where the product can be provided as refreshments and lunch for the employees. Bangalore being the IT hub it would of no difficulty to find such offices. This will help in the direct publicity of the product amongst the customers and employees respectively and henceforth the mouth to mouth publicity to further more people. They will also be made aware of the taste and better nutritious qualities of the product.

 Door to door publicity can also be done amongst housing societies. A small sample product can also be distributed in the local supermarkets and other vendors.

    The product has its main focus on health wise advantages over other normal rice. Hence it would be wise to launch/showcase the product in health caused events for example marathons. It should also be launched in food related events like competitions, workshops etc. These events attracts foodies, homemakers who are our ideal target customers also. Publicity can also be done through college/school fests. Stalls can be put up exhibiting the products or other products which can be derived from the Healthy Rice. If marketing is done the right way these activities can be done at very low rate, sometimes even can be sponsored to join an event!!!

   Research should be done to bring out special dishes out of the product. Cooking recipes can published in magazines using Healthy Rice. These will help in widening customer reach. These can also be incorporated in the facebook post making it more interesting. Sponsorship can be extended to certain cooking competitions in which the participants will be handed over coupons. These are just incentives which will attract people towards the product. After which publicity will automatically spread on it own through mouth to mouth.

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