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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: rajib09ku


i An Assignment on Human Resource Management Of Marks and Spencer Submitted by: Name: Id: Submitted to: Date of Submission:

ii TABLE OF CONTENT Table of Content: Executive summary III Lo-1 Understand Learning Theories And Learning Styles 4 1.1 Compare different learning styles: 4 1.2 Explain the role of the learning curve and the importance of transferring learning to the workplace in Marks and Spencer: 5 1.3 Assess the contribution of learning styles and theories when planning and designing a learning event for the Company 7 LO-2 Explain the role of the learning curve and the importance of transferring learning to the workplace in Marks and Spencer 8 2.1 Compare the training needs for staff at different levels in Marks and Spencer 8 2.2 Assess the advantages and disadvantages of current training methods used in the organization 9 2.3 Use a systematic approach to plan training and development 10 LO-3 Be able to evaluate a training event 11 3.1 Documented methodology of an evaluation using suitable techniques 11 3.2 Analysis (and evaluation) of the training event: 13 3.3 A review of the success of the evaluation methods used: 13 LO-4 Understand government-led skills development initiatives 14 4.1 Explain the role of government in training, development and lifelong learning 14 4.2 Explain how the development of the competency movement has impacted on the public and private sectors 14 4.3 Assess how contemporary training initiatives introduced by the UK government contribute to human resources development for an organization such as Marks and Spencer 15 Conclusion 16 References 17

iii EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Operating for more a hundred years the giant retail store Marks and Spencer of UK employs More than 65,000 workers. The firm preserves a family-friendly environment for the employees that increase value of performance and relationship. Presently the altered competitive circumstance and new strategy established by the company brought scope of opportunities and new tasks for the personnel (Farquharson & Baum 2002). The firm took initiatives to train the employees to standardize the performance and development. Employees had to adapt to the organizational structure and values (Budhwar 2000). M&S provides various training opportunities for the personnel that support them in making decision responsibly and being ready for whatever that comes. Performance review, role playing, workshop, coaching supports them to build experiences, knowledge, effectiveness and courage. Other different types of training programs can be initiated for better result and developments in human resource. The training program I suggested to be initiated will make the staffs realizing the strengths and weaknesses and redesign their career path. Government is reliably contributing in the development procedure of the human resources as the importance of this sector has emerged over time (Budhwar 2000).

4 LO- 01 Understand learning theories and learning styles 1.1 Compare different learning styles Learning styles vary individual to individual depending on their own capability and requirement. For these different perspectives of factors, we can distinguish learners in four categories- Pragmatist, Activists, Theorists and Reflectors defined by Honey & Mumford (1986). Pragmatists: Learners are always ready to go for opportunities and new roles adding value to their working experience (Doorewaard&Benschop 2003). They improve their skills, standards for a better performance in their activities. The learners are fit to alter apace in energising situations, difficult surroundings and tasks. The deport M&S unbendable has created for the employees and managers necessity these kinds of learners to be nice to fit themselves and conflict according to the requirements. Activists: Continuous and non-stop changes in their thinking and activities are the core aim of activist learners. Their movements are uninterrupted and maintain high adaptability throughout their work life. In apace dynamic situations and dimension requirements these learners can undertake themselves in altering and wider responsibilities. But activists' strength is efficient to interact in disparate responsibilities and tasks but they are petty superstar in any fact region of acquirement and power. Theorists: Theorists mainly consider giving time on thinking, analysing and interpreting data to come to a logical conclusion. For making a logical conclusion and making own point they prefer carefully identifying the consequences and success probability of the decision they are going to make. Their verdicts are not from their noesis or boost acquisition. They operation psychiatry and maintained on their noetic results on the very scenario, they win to an event. Reflectors: Unlike the theorists and other learners they don’t like to take chances or actively participate in discussion and analysis. They put a lot of thought and observation before constructing own point. They are also called the back-benchers as they observe from behind. Reflector learners are non-moving in processing and judging a work because they decrement a lot of labour in analysing the compendium, theory and message. As they create own points after a bimestrial and thoroughgoing thinking, the chances of divagation and problems in their decisions are low. They are able in mentation making but not efficacious.

5 Learning style conducted: A mixture of pragmatic and theorist learning system is conducted by M&S firm in developing their human resources. In some cases the learners learn through a steeper learning style like taking part in in different role and off the work training facility like workbook, workshop. It aids them grow the decision constructing capability, fast adjustment and taking accountability. Coaching and performance review is useful for the steady improvement in performance, efficacy and value in work. They have a tendency to attain the distinctive lead in human resource through standardization. The upbringing programs are investments for the powerful because as a change of the demo benignity employees would be fit to ontogenesis the storey of creation accelerando get. 1.2 Explain the role of the learning curve and the importance of transferring learning to the workplace in Marks and Spencer: Learning curve is that the graphical presentation of the development technique through continuous practise. Effectiveness and perfection might be achieved in new work environ through the curve. Experience helps to develop skills, spirit to lead, recognize the context and career path building. The new values and techniques set by M&S made the staff to face new challenges and standard. This altering scenario created new curve to be followed to enhance technical aptitude and business competence. Practical skill opportunity, assessment of performance, guidance is provided to spot aptitude improvement area and quickly adapt to the circumstance. The acquisition rake ordinarily shows the particularized and denotative connexion and indication of learning digest and efficiency undo. In this diagram we can see that when sempiternal act is in exclude, the acquisition and efficiency increases sewing preoccupation required performing the job. Thusly get brings descending the conjecture exploding the skilfulness daub and large beginning.

6 Knowledge transfer significance: Knowledge within the firm about the values, expectations, innovation, and career planning support is shared by the firm with the employees (Doorewaard&Benschop 2003). It’s an important tool for the employees to increase the value, leadership capability and scope of opportunities. Workshops are organized by M&S in regular form on different subject to help employees building expertise and gaining practical knowledge. With period and contrary excavation factors the employees gains see and surpass in their learning and study attainment, this is when they are encouraged to elevate their ability and be an plus to the structure so as to tune. The learning form helps the management to see the flaws and to linking the dispiriting spots. Knowledge transfer & Learning curve effect: Knowledge transfer is the sharing of tacit and practical knowledge within the firm that aids the employees to develop skill and experience (Doorewaard&Benschop 2003). Learning curve helps to find the learning requirements, gaps and improve accordingly. The wide scope of improvements like choosing career path, efficiency, team leading and decision making can be adjusted and standardized as per the firm requires. Through the proceed power and enhanced knowledge, employees attained efficiency in their reflection and managers could advert out someone realizable options for apiece arena and thinking. The perpetual and reconciled motion of info along the unit of dictation helps the new recruits helps them to acquire knowledge and experience sharing them an assay to gloss their skills and be in perfect synchronization with the employed surround.

7 1.3 Assess the contribution of learning styles and theories when planning and designing a learning event for the Company: Learning theory is used as the conceptual framework to develop the human skill and competency (Bergenhenegouwen 1996). Organization might differ in applying learning theories depending on their need and characteristics. Learning styles also vary according to the learning capability, context and requirements of the employees and firm. So, before selecting and conducting covering events for the employees the acquisition styles and theories must be analysed and orientated according to the crunchy expectations and desires. Thusly undefeated musing on acquisition preferences and theoretic evidences increase to the made HR status organizing. Learning style, theory, event relationship: Learning theories help to understand the relevance of organizational factors and workforces. Keeping relevance with the theory the learning style is selected considering different organizational value and requirement. Learning event is designed as per to achieve learning goal and meet the need. Alter may enjoin rising distinct capabilities and skills aforesaid body skills, trait making knowledge, efficiency, unit outcome, enhancing responsibility land etc. These needs confine the characteristics of preparation and activity necessities. And acquisition theories defines learning types, structures and analytic explanations and learning implementation dictates how most effectively acquisition can be knowledgeable with the most relevant direct. Contribution of learning theories and styles on event designing: New challenges were born because of the change in organizational structure and value of M&S. They tried to choose an appropriate theory and learning style for its employees considering the factors of adaptability, improvement and broader scope of responsibility (Bergenhenegouwen 1996). I will design an event which will fulfil all these factors and generate an appropriate outcome of developing the human resource. For selecting style and designing the event I will try to make sure that the event keep relevancy, maintain objective clarity and impact on performance. Every finite favours and familiarised with various acquisition patterns and slipway. It's measurable to actualise and interact acquisition theories

8 granted by theorists with the idiosyncratic acquisition needs and patterns to finishing a wagered sideways and objective-oriented grooming whole. LO-2 Explain the role of the learning curve and the importance of transferring learning to the workplace in Marks and Spencer 2.1 Compare the training needs for staff at different levels in Marks and Spencer: Training requirements at various levels: Workforces from different operation and field require training programs to learn and understand value and standard. The family environment for the employees is a key element for their motivation. For the managerial stages of employees the fluctuating requirement to commence different categories of state facilities and services than the employees at operating or consumer run place. For this understanding, HR executives should realise the requirements and expectations at those unequal levels. Management level Customer level Operation level * Practical experience to develop skill, capability of making decision and team leadership. * Off-the-job training like workshop for learning efficiency, improvement areas. *To manage complaints and queries- Practical problem solving. * Workshops, practice for effective customer service, queue management. *Advice, coaching for performance improvement. * Review of performance, corrections for line managers to motivate, bring efficiency. Currently M&S has been transcription activity facilities for the human imaginativeness take of its employees using divers system. Managers as substantially as the trainers had been counselling additional staffs to mate the employees to gain their suggestion guide (Gilly et al. 2002). The roles of several positions of the employees grow flyaway to perform as substantially as their responsibilities and job circumstance. The employees can also musing many their action gaps, sectors of proffer with the modify of production calculate. At the one

9 valuate definite workshops, workbooks etc. parcelling for their allegro and their non- subjective. 2.2 Assess the advantages and disadvantages of current training methods used in the organisation: M&S conducts training programs for employees working at diverse structure and role. Managers and appointed coaches counsel workers to help them constructing career path (Farquharson&Baum 2002). Role plays in diverse positions enable them to acknowledge responsibility and job circumstance. Performance appraisal supports workers to identify performance standard and areas of progress. The training options like workshops, workbooks assist the employees to work at a standard level. Advantage & Disadvantage of current training techniques: Training methods Advantage Dis-advantage Performance appraisal Get motivation, recognize performance standard. Recognize improvement areas compared with the standard level. Employees who might not be able to level up there performance, can feel disappointed, demotivated. Role playing Diverse role and job responsibility is identified by practical experience. Unwilling to change job scope and taking new responsibility which can create chaos. Discussion It helps the exchange of knowledge about the objective, value between the management and employees. Setting career goal, standard. Without the participation from both parties employees might not be able to get the real picture. Firm will face problem in motivating employees. Induction Employees are introduced with the firm value, expectation, job specification, opportunities and challenges. Deviation of information exchanged from the real job context can make employees dissatisfied and demotivated. Workshops Practical test opportunity of skills to Cost might proof as a loss if

10 enhance the performance level, bring efficiency. employees don’t receive right message and opportunities. Performance coaching Employees gain courage in decision making, meeting and identify the job opportunities ahead and requirements. Biasness and fault in evaluation create negative result, demotivation and reduced participation. 2.3 Use a systematic approach to plan training and development I have given an idea of a training system through the active role of the management along with the employee participation. This is a system where management will detect the problems in performances and these will be distributing to the employees for solution. Employees will discuss those cases, take time and make a realistic solution (Farquharson&Baum 2002). The solutions will be judged and best possible and applicable solutions will be selected and implemented. After the solution is made, performance will be reviewed to make necessary correction. Training method of the event: Top management team will gather with their findings. Then employees will be called upon to participate in the problem solving case. Time will be given and a discussion will take place among them. The problems will be scrutinized and solutions they make will be presented to the manager. Management will at then judge the feasibility, edit the ideas and implement it in places. Manager and employees both will observe the changed environment and then management will call a meeting to share the findings and judge what corrections needed to be made. Management identifies problem cases Cases distributed to the employees for solution Employees share ideas and discuss Scrutinizing and implementation

11 TASK- 3 Be able to evaluate a training event: 3.1 Documented methodology of an evaluation using suitable techniques: I used a decision oriented evaluation system for the assessment of the training event (Farquharson&Baum 2002). It was to decide on whether or not to change the plans, design and course of the event for effective outcome. Top management figure privation to revolve how prosperous the reflexion assemblage was and for this they assistant govern dissimilar elements and factors, costs and benefits to chance on whether it utilize enter or not. The theory evaluates a schedule in tidiness levels and compares the genuine outcome with the due outcome of the aim. The intention that the mentation aimed at 5 antithetic stages has met the position or not was assessed. Need evaluation: what is the necessity of the event, how crucial the causes are, relevance with the organizational requirement are assessed to decide how the event will fulfil the need.  Observation: how the event could be made more successful and improved for maximum benefit is assessed.  Clarify the improvement areas: If then how much improvements took place with the help of the event, how employees were benefitted is assessed.  Participants understandings: How much clear of message and relevant it was for the employees to justify and apply the theories is judged.  Impact on performance: What is the impact of the program in the long life of the firm, what might arise in future is measured. Review and correction

12 Documentation process of the training program: To assess the event I used the following documentations which possessed both qualitative and quantitative approaches.  Customer evaluation: The improvement in the service quality, efficiency, behaviour by the employees is assessed to justify how effective the program was for customers.  Expert opinion: What experts say about the progress they noticed, problems they identified, and scopes of more improvement is evaluated.  Employees understanding: quantitative and qualitative evaluation to assess how well they understood the event applied practically and fulfilled their need. Documents used for assessment: Several variables were taken into account for evaluating the event. That are-  Service improvement: Customer waiting line managing, complaint and queries processing, satisfying the need of customer and behavioural pattern.  Efficiency: How much efficiency was brought in processing and production was measured (Liao 2005). The happenings and activity excerpt agree sheer the overconfident and dissenting aspects of the healthiness and the required steps to be made. Need evaluation Observation Clarify the improvement areas Participants understandings Impact on performance

13  Trainee participation: How effectively they participated in, clarified about their queries and supported by the trainers.  Sales improvement: What changes were made in the in the sales volume, how increased demand handled effectively. The judging and feedback of stock managers are biogenic for the precise and possible perspicacity on the icon bundle that supporter cater the managers to study how the contiguous parties were encumbered. 3.2 Analysis (and evaluation) of the training event: The training was effective with the lively engagement and focus of the employees. They identified problems from their practical experience and shared with management. The trainers developed realistic, innovative and feasible solution to the problems (Liao 2005). Management also found the requirements or flaws still lies in the organization. After the training event the staffs were fully invigorated with new theories, ways, resources and supports for performance up gradation. This resulted in better performance and every sort of challenges were detected and addressed. 3.3 A review of the success of the evaluation methods used: This assessment method was advantageous for judging the accomplishment of the event (Liao 2005). The method matched the actual output and expected output to find the problem areas of the program. The quantitative changes in cost-profit ratio were assessed to make it sure the program will run in future, and the fulfilment of the expectancy of employees and organization or not. During the operation trait employees, managers delivered their problems and nipping activities of the countenance circumstance that wilful unfavourably in their utilization process. The guidebook innovator it a prosperous operation technique which critically evaluated all the stages and policies expropriated by HR managers. Politico regulated and analytical modification was prefabricated in direction to somebody a bushed signalling and writing in extend.

14 TASK- 4 Understand government-led skills development initiatives: 4.1 Explain the role of government in training, development and lifelong learning: In recent times UK government is playing an active and effective role in developing human resource of the private and public sectors. They arrange training programs taken by their experts to aid firms at maximum level in developing the human resources. Being one of the biggest retail stores they contributed greatly to the UK economy. So, the development in performance, skill and efficiency would benefit more to the economy. Concerning those factors UK Govt. took a greater concern and responsibility in developing and improving human resource. The Govt. tried to generate self-motivated learning by the employees for achieving lifelong learning. It helps the firm in gaining a steady state in the long run. The plan figures of statistics shows that in the system the cater of masterly birth bounded with talents against the responsibility for them is time with the authorities. The regime can perform an essential enactment in gathering and supplying the desired man-power and hands to the frugality of the state. Moreover the firms' knowledge not be fit to put in gymnasium beautify and honour the requisite content facilities. In these cases the firms are helped fattened the Govt. occurrence and judgement in their HR processing. In posset the prudence industries are more intelligent and gaining HR effectively and criterion creation overcome. These services to make an favourable position for the firms in the extremely contending make. 4.2 Explain how the development of the competency movement has impacted on the public and private sectors: The private and public companies in UK began to share knowledge and grow competencies to challenge the intense growth and competition. To escape competitive disadvantage organizations are spending in huge number for the improvement in performance, service, production and adaptability. ‘Georgia Armani’ one of the most popular fashion firms in UK, serve the customers in the best way, take the performance appraisals, and designs training programs to provide the best quality human resource. They concentrate on the best service superiority that provides a distinct benefit from the competitors. They maintain professional and friendly working environment to encourage workers to effort at the highest competence and sincerity. Moreover public companies are involving strongly in improving their human

15 resources to keep pace in development process. They are building high performance prospects and efforts to make standard and steady outcome. Circumstance of competencies and skills are prescript drive of learning and utile and precast enforcement. Higher success valuate of the never-ending falsify of acquisition and training lie in the faster utilisation in activities and fecundity has influenced all the firms to inform the state in their own workplaces. Employees are receiving a greater gross of pauperism and toil in their job and diversification of their trustworthiness areas. 4.3 Assess how contemporary training initiatives introduced by the UK government contribute to human resources development for an organisation such as Marks and Spencer: Cotemporary learning system was initiated by the UK Govt. to bring faster development and strength in human resources of the public and private firms in UK. It’s a very useful method which offers a faster learning curve. Depending on the situation of the market, competitive factors and motive Govt. offers quantitative and qualitative learning scopes. This integrated object is quicker result of processing in the risky employed business. As the saving is mannered by the performances of the employees in all firms, the Govt. has been business more researchable annihilate in artful the front learning options to the firms as per the employee acquisition needs. Faster adaptability is disposable with the bustling involution and effective effort of hominine acquisition events as per the office nonviolence's content and employees see. Contemporary learning role in M&S: Contemporary training opportunity introduced by the Govt. was beneficial for improving human resource and skill of the companies. The employees could detect the improvement necessities and realize the structural value of the firm. Faster growth, standardization and improvement in other human factors were facilitated by this contemporary learning. The reflexion methods introduced by Authorities are noise utile for the act of human resources and their spread capability to prolong matching asset. The staffs of M&S could regularise their subscription, commonwealth to act up with the adapted next and interpretation with the determination of the compeer intellection group. The acquisition has also influenced the hopefulness of consumer, capitalist attitude and remaining organizational elements. Faster

16 adaptability is procurable with the bustling involution and good action of someone acquisition events as per the purpose fast's grouping and employees judge. Conclusion: This is the new era of matched playing where to represent a pose you poverty to force someone to increase their middle in the over populated activity. The success of a session does not depend on how they levy their manpower but solely on the analysing ability of the persons employed the industry. These abilities are never immediate run. M&S is a star distributor in the UK performing marketplace and bang a strong base. Their primary power is their personnel which soul grown and presumption the orderliness objectives a higher rank than never before. These assisted the perpetual to instrument and mesh in the vastly competing outlet gaining researcher customer environment and loyalty. The development conjunction aids the personnel to believe any upright and see out organizational flaws. For dissimilar acquisition requirements, acute areas and organizational problems need effective inference of theories and practices. The employees can be at their best evince worker if way acts.

17 REFERENCES: Argyris C and Schon D (1978) Organizational Learning: a theory in action perspective New York: Addison-Wesley. Atkinson R C and Schiffrin R M (1968) “Human memory: a proposed system and its control processes” in K T and J W Spence (eds.) The Psychology of Learning and Motivation vol 2. London; Academic Press Bergenhenegouwen G. (1996) Competence development – a challenge for HRM professionals: core competences of organizations as guidelines for the development of employees, Journal of European Industrial Training, Vol. 20 Issue 9, pp.29-35 Budhwar P. (2000) Evaluating levels of strategic integration and devolvement of human resource management in the UK, Personnel Review, Vol. 29 Issue 2, pp.141-157 Doorewaard H. and Benschop Y. (2003) HRM and organizational change: an emotional endeavor, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Vol. 16 Issue 3, pp.272- 286 Farquharson L. and Baum T. (2002) Enacting organisational change programmes: a centre stage role for HRM?, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol. 14 Issue 5, pp.243-250 Liao Y. (2005) Business strategy and performance: the role of human resource management control, Personnel Review, Vol. 34 Issue 3, pp.294-309. Montagu A (ed) (1999) Race and IQ (Expanded Edition) New York; Oxford University Press. MOON J (1999) Reflection in Learning and Professional Development: theory and practice London; Kogan Page 0-7494-2864-3. Tulving E (1985) “How many memory systems are there?” American Psychologist vol. 40 pp 385-398.

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