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Published on March 26, 2019

Author: HRSolutionHongkong


slide 1: HR Digital Transformation - Alight Hong Kong The business advantages of Human Resource Digital transformation are obvious. It can overturn HR tasks in approaches we have never seen. Nonetheless acclimating to this change isnt simple and several organizations faces several challenges while incorporating this transformation. HR team has the double call of changing HR operations from one perspective and changing the workforce and the current working approach on the other. Digital transformation and HR Solution is based on experimentation and innovation. New methodologies are required in every HR domain. Here in this blog we will cover overview stages and best practices of HR digital transformation. Why an organization needs digital transformation HR digital transformation is more than just incorporating innovative technology and self-service platforms. It carries the potential of HR Solutions and operations in a new approach. It helps in enhancing employee performance and streamlining various HR operations including: 1. Employee Training 2. Monitoring employee performance 3. Engagement and innovation 4. The transformation involves 5. New methods for working 6. Filling knowledge gaps 7. Motivating employee engagement 8. Solve business issues Digital transformation is highly essential for the organization growth as it helps in the understanding the workforce and proactively makes use of the HR data to make organization decision. slide 2: Try answering the below questions to assess if your organization needs HR digital transformation 1. Can present all the data in a dashboard pattern in an organization meeting 2. How efficiently can you manage and analyze the salary hikes you offer to your employees 3. Can you measure the efficiency of your recruitments in terms of cost or value perspective 4. How efficiently can you recognize the talents of your workforce 5. Can you access the master data with consultants and workers The stages of HR transformation There are various stages involved in an HR digital transformation because any transformation cannot happen in a day or two. Especially the operations and HR services takes its own time. 1. Present and experiment with several approaches to drive transformation and creativity. 2. Strategies related to transformation and brainstorm with individuals to share their insights and efforts to new roadmaps. Brainstorm helps to understand the power of collaboration 3. Form a dedicated team for incorporating digital transformation to guide with organization operation and strategy. 4. The final stage is the implementation of the new approach and has been established as the usual business slide 3: Best practices Here are a few critical factors for establishing a successful HR digital Transformation: 1.Clear objective: Establish a clearly defined objective from a business perspective 2. Strategic planning: Develop an in-depth level of technical knowledge and know- how to make the transition feasible and less complicated. 3. stakeholders: Consider all stakeholders from employees to partners 4. Start simple: Start with small sections and less complicated things 5. Communication: Establish proper communication framework across teams. 6. Prioritize: Start with the ideas that create high impact and low effort. 7. Performance monitoring: Identify key indicators of success and appreciate the success of each milestone. 8. Set up Governance: Set up a governance framework to handle change requests related to HR operations.

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