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Published on April 15, 2007

Author: prpoint



Dec 06 issue of Corporate ezine PR-e-Sense deals with HR branding. This ezine is published by Prime Point Foundation and edited by K. Srinivasan. Please visit

This ezine is also integrated with podcast

India’s first corporate PR ezine VOL 1 Issue 10 – December 06 Published by Prime Point Foundation (Supported by Chennai PR Club) PR-e-FACE: From the desk of Chief Editor “HR branding alone can help to identify and retain talents“ Presently, many maintain the day to day operations. Corporates in India are Many HR experts are unable to judge facing acute ‘talent crisis’. whether it would be in the long term On one side, few big interest of the companies, employees companies are recruiting and the country. even ‘trespassers’, with huge compensation, not Probably, in another few years, matching with the job compensation alone would not be the content. This has raised the main factor for the job seekers to expectations of the freshers and other prefer a company. It is going to be employees. On the other side, many beyond money. Corporates need to small and medium companies struggle seriously start working on ‘HR to hunt talents. branding’ internally and externally to attract and retain talents. They need Presently, HR departments in all the to communicate effectively as to how Corporates are sandwiched between they are offering opportunities for the expectations of the job seekers career growth in a long term and the ground reality. At this rate, perspective. many experts are worried about where are we leading to? and whether this Editorial team joins me in wishing all phenomenon is a bubble or a reality? the readers a very happy and prosperous New Year. Unfortunately, neither the Corporates nor the job seekers have understood the need for hiring quality and skilled K. Srinivasan talents, which can be sustained for a long time. The entire system seems to operate with a ‘short term vision’ to PR-e-CISE – Inside this ezine • An exclusive interview with Mr B (HR), Reliance Industries Ltd Suresh Kamath, Founder and Mg. (Retail business) • Director, Laser Soft Infosystems Expert views on HR branding • Ltd, National Award winner Survey on HR branding - report • • Exclusive interview with Mr B PR News Venkataramana, Vice President

2 PR-eXCLUSIVE “SMEs should project their strength amongst job seekers” Listen to the full interview through podcast at • Long term perspective is needed Mr B Suresh Kamath (49), for freshers. They should take up jobs Founder and which provide wide range of skills. • Anybody’s career is like a pyramid. Managing Director of Laser Soft Info They should start with wide base and systems Limited then specialize as they get ( experienced. was honoured with • Small and medium companies National Award by President of India in (SMEs) can provide end to end Dec 2005 for his unique HR Policies experience, adopt new technologies and for engaging large number of quickly and can give individual physically challenged persons in the attention to employees, when software industry. For the same compared to large companies. reason, IIT, Chennai also honoured him with ‘Distinguished Alumnus’ • SMEs are required to project these Award in 2001. In an exclusive advantages amongst freshers and interview with Mr K. Srinivasan of PR- make them to understand that they e-Sense, Mr Kamath spoke about the are required for their future career. need for “HR Branding” by small and • In a hurry to recruit people, many medium companies in India, to attract companies are hiring people without and retain talents. Full interview in capability, skills and right attitude. audio may be listened from the link After 5 years, they will realise that, it above. Excerpts from his interview: is expensive to do so. • Giving 30 to 40 % salary hike • Lot of jobs is outsourced to India. annually may not be sustainable in the Many MNCs have started opening their long term. offices. This has resulted in • Hiring would become ‘matured’ competition to hire and retain talents. after 5 years. They will attract people This has become a challenge. with job content, rather than • It’s an employees market. They compensation. should feel that they are working for • SMEs should focus on giving right good company. HR branding is job content. They should important today communicate with freshers that SMEs provide wide range of experience when • Companies expect Productivity, they start the career. staying in the company for a minimum period of time. good skills (technical • Social Vision is also needed. and domain), ability to learn and right People will identify and work for the attitude from the employees. company. This can also be projected • Due to scarcity of people, as HR brand, both internally and attracting people has become difficult. externally. Employees should look for Companies should think differently to ‘right fit’ for their skills. attract talents, rather than giving • Software industry should combine salary hike. social initiatives with commercial • Trend of salary and compensation initiative. This will ensure ‘lower is not healthy. It may lead to India attrition’. becoming ‘uncompetitive’ in the Mr Kamath may be reached at International market.

3 PR-eXCLUSIVE “Rolling stone gathers no mass – develop strong fundamentals” Listen to the full interview through podcast at Mr B Venkataramana, Vice President contributing to the bottom-line. Most (HR) Retail Industries Ltd (Retail of the business today is HR centric. • Regular feedback of the employees Business), hundred thousand is needed at different stages, (1) at crore venture. Mr the time of recruitment (2) on board Ramana has nearly and (3) at the time of exit. 25 years of • At the time of exit, relieving order experience in HR and related is to be handed over to the employee functions in different and then feedback is to be taken. To Indian and MNC organisations. In an get the views correctly. • HR departments should give right exclusive interview with K. Srinivasan of PR-e-Sense, Mr Ramana speaks kind of message to the Management. • HR should be strategic planners. about the various HR challenges and the need for HR branding. Full Implementation can be done by the interview in audio may be listened line managers. from the link above. Excerpts from his • If any machine goes wrong, you interview: can change the part and run. If there • India has become a land of is a problem with a human being, it opportunities for youngsters. HR has takes lot of time. Many experts are gained lot of importance. involved to keep them motivated. • Demand for people has lead to • Loyalty and commitment is lacking expectations of job seekers. amongst the employees. They are Compensation seems to be the prime looking at short term level. If they factor, vis-à-vis contribution, don’t have strong foundation, it will relationship and growth of the not be good for them in the long run. organisations. It is a sad thing. • All industries would stabilize within • HR should manage the 10 years. • Internal expectations of the youngsters. communication is • When youngsters join the important to retain the employees and organisation, they should look at external communication is needed to overall growth, beyond monetary attract good talents. growth. • Youngsters should not frequently • HR is now focusing on huge volume jump jobs. ‘Rolling stone gathers no of recruitment, but not able to mass’. Foundation needs to be strong. concentrate on putting in processes, They should understand the basics. If systems in places to retain the talents. they develop the fundamentals they Hence there is a large gap and the can dictate terms. It would help them attrition rate is high. in long term • HR should be pro-active. Cost of recruitment is very high. HR is directly Mr Vankataramana may be reached at

4 PR –e- STIGE – Expert views Dr B M Sundaram, Chairman, Hexagon Group, Bangalore “Employees join any company because they want, not because they are called” Performance of the company, realistic good bye). Presently many persons projected want jobs purely on monetary performance and packages. This will not work in long proper vision are the term. Normally in any Non IT prime factors for HR industry, like mechanical, automobile, branding. People join etc. Any performing stable company any company not will show a net profit of 7 to 20% of because they are the turnover. But in IT industry, it called, but because they want. Human ranges from 300 to 5000% depending touch is lacking in many companies. on the technology. The rate of change HR should provide a level of comfort to of technology in IT industry is very their employees. high. This is highly unstable and will have impact on HR policies in the long I find that HR policies of Tata Group run. are excellent. In Tata group nobody wants to say ‘tata’ (meaning Ms Rajeswari Iyer, PR Consultant, Hyderabad “An employee is the spokesperson of any organisation” As far my knowledge environment, companies that want to goes, 'Employee remain competitive must adopt a more ownership and strategic approach to employee corporate retention, instead of fresh stocks 'IN'. performance' are 'Employee' is the spokesperson' of an correlated. There is organization. If he is able to pass on no more space for mouth –mouth message being desired profession. Campus associated with the company for long recruitment, immediate attractive and his personal experiences working money and facilities that matters most with the company, work environment, to them. growth of the company and himself…that's is going to stand out as It is becoming increasingly clear that, credential to the company in today's dynamic business . Mr Manish Kumar, young HR professional, Kolkata “Many organisation consider HR departments as expense centres” I think my real appreciation would be over there; my observations, then only when we all will collectively experimentations and researches have augment the values of HR. Because I shown that we, HR Professionals are generally see that in most of the known as lazy, obsolete, and pay with organizations HR Departments are no work department (I may be wrong considered to be an Expense Center in this or your case may be different). and HR Professionals are looked as supportive staff, while they are the However, I am very much committed line staff. Since I do not have much to my goals and objectives and experience in corporate life even determined to make this HR Dept. though whatever time I have spent reach the peak.

5 PR –e- STIGE – Expert views Mr Thyagraj Sharma, Senior Journalist, The Statesman, Bangalore “Media should highlight the good HR practices of small and medium companies” There is always a can easily enable the more feeling that media enthusiastic and committed among the does not highlight journalists to do justice to their job. the good HR practices of small I can say for sure that if one and medium (journalist) were to be in regular companies. They touch with the chambers of commerce are only after large and related industry bodies , it would companies. The first and foremost not be difficult to learn about the new thing for the media professionals is to and path breaking work which a large keep tabs on the developments in and number of small and medium around a particular sector, if not all. enterprises are doing. All one has to The reason why the small and medium do is to highlight the outstanding work companies get left out is the rush for done by a few of these companies. catching only the prominent people Other firms will automatically take the and companies. A little bit of lead and they will get in touch with researching, updating and exploring of you (journalist) to talk about their available industry contacts, however, achievements. Mr R Saikumar, Reservation In charge, Hotel Sangam, Tiruchy “Employees are the mirrors, reflecting the image of the organisation” An organisation does need fresh and for employee retention. As old saying energetic young people for new ideas. is still very relevant - "If I have 8 It has to be well balanced team with hours to cut a tree, I will spend 6 veteran employees with young hours to sharpen my axe. TRAIN energetic people. Veterans can help PEOPLE!!" young bloods, as mentors and share their experience. An employee is the mirror of an organisation which reflects the image Recognition, better working of the company environment, rewards and Training are various means adopted by companies ‘Perception study’ precedes ‘HR branding’ - What is Image Audit? Image Audit is made by the organisations the research tool themselves. They tend to become to study the frank when they are in groups and ‘hidden when they are asked to respond perception’ of the anonymously by reliable third persons. stakeholders, particularly Image Audit has helped many employees. organistions to identify their ‘hidden ‘Hidden problems’ and to take corrective perceptions’ of the employees are the measures. basis for HR branding. Normally, employees have hesitation to give Visit or their views frankly, when the study is email to

6 PR –e- Survey – Survey on HR challenges Recommendations • The prime expectations of the employees are more on compensation and career growth. Career growth A quick survey was conducted by depends on the opportunities available Prime Point Foundation, as part of in the company and the right attitude December 06 issue of Corporate e- of the employees to develop the skills. zine PR-e-Sense. The survey was to While the large companies may be get the perception of various able to provide good compensation, segments on the ‘various HR they may not be able to provide challenges’. different opportunities for sharpening skills. While small and medium A set of questionnaire was prepared companies may be able to provide and were uploaded in our site. The good opportunity for sharpening the information was circulated in the skills, they may not be able to provide various groups, inviting the responses huge compensation, as compared to anonymously. 148 respondents from large companies. across the country participated in this • In view of the large volume of survey. recruitment and heavy expectations of the employees, HR Managers and the CEOs are in a confused state. To Conclusions bridge the gap, the Corporates need to understand the ‘perception of the • Freshers seem to consider employees’ and internally compensation and growth opportunity communicate effectively with them, as the prime factors for joining any the ground reality and giving them the organisation. Even after joining the ways to sharpen their skills for long organisation, these two factors seem term benefit. to dominate as prime factors for them • Small and Medium companies to ‘stay back’ in the organisations. do not give much importance to Expectations on ‘human treatment’ internal and external communication. seem to increase. They need to project externally the • The employees seem to take pride strength and opportunities they based on the Company’s performance provide to the young talents in shaping and on the quality of their career. This would attract young products/services. (More than 77%) talents, in spite of the huge • Attrition and bad attitude of the compensation provided by large employees seem to be the major companies. challenges facing the Corporates. • HR Departments need to reorient (More than 85%) themselves to the changing • Nearly two-third of the environment and closely work with the respondents feel that HR Departments Communicators in working out internal are only ‘Re-active’ and not ‘Pro- and external communication active’ strategies. They should • Nearly three-fourth of the professionalise the feedback system to respondents feel that the ‘feedback get the real views of the employees, system’ is only moderate or below instead of resorting to compliance of average. ISO and other formalities. • Youngsters, who are seeking employment and those who are

7 employed, should understand the offered to few people. They need to ground reality and strike a balance in project the ground reality and guide their expectations. They should the youngsters to shape their career realise that the current trends of ‘huge path, by developing skills. Many small compensation not matching with the and medium companies have good HR skills’ is only a bubble and they should practices and they contribute a lot in start developing the fundamentals and shaping up the talents. They need to basics to develop their career be highlighted to educate the young systematically. They should not fall talents. • There is an urgent need for ‘prey’ for such hypes, in the larger interest of young talents, Corporates addressing the HR Challenges by the and the Nation. Corporates, HR Managers, young • Media has a greater role to play. employees and the Media in the larger Presently, media looks for big names interest of youngsters, Corporates and and create an ‘un-natural hype’ by that of the country. publishing the huge compensations Download the full report from the following link PR – e- Groups – Have you joined discussion groups? Image Management Group – Second largest yahoo group on PR with 1400 plus global members. Click here PRpoint Group - The largest Indian group for PR/CorpComm /academic professionals with 650 plus members. Click here New Media Forum Group – A group for Indian journalists with around 350 members. Click here PR eNews –Mr M B Jayaram gets ‘Global Man 2006 Award Mr M B Jayaram, GM, the World Kannada Karnataka Power Cultural Convention 2006 held at Bahrain on 16th Corporation, Bangalore and Chairman of December 2006. Mr National Council, PRCI Jayaram may be reached was awarded “Global at Man 2006’ by Kannada Sangha, Bahrain for his contribution to PR Industry in India at

8 PR eNews –‘PR Voice‘enters 10th year of publication ‘PR Voice’ a quarterly magazine one of the Founders devoted to Public Relations and of Public Relations Corporate Movement in India Communication enters three decades back. 10th year of He has authored publication. ‘PR Voice’, many books on started in October Public Relations. 1997 by Dr C V Narasimha Reddi has For details visit published 32 issues so and far, covering various themes. Dr he may be reached at Narasimha Reddi (70), a veteran Public Relations professional of India is PR eTTY - Relax - Focus on ‘solutions’ and not on ‘problems’ Case 1: When NASA worked hard to devise an X-ray began the launch of machine with high-resolution monitors astronauts into space, they manned by two people to watch all the found out soapboxes that passed through the that the pens wouldn't work at zero line to make sure they were not gravity (ink won't flow down to empty. No doubt, they worked hard the writing surface). To solve this and they worked fast but they spent a problem, it took them one decade humungous amount to do so. and $12 million. They developed a pen that worked at zero gravity, upside However, when a rank-and-file down, underwater, in practically any employee in a small company was surface including crystal and in a posed with the same problem, he did temperature range from below not get into complications freezing to over 300 degrees C. of X-ray, etc, but came out with another solution Here's what the Russians did. They instead. used a pencil. He bought a strong Case 2: One of the most memorable industrial electric fan and case studies on Japanese management pointed it at the assembly was the case of the empty soapbox, line. He switched the fan on, and as which happened in one of Japan's each soapbox passed the fan, it simply biggest cosmetics companies. The blew the empty boxes out of the line. company received a complaint that a consumer had bought a soapbox that Moral: Always look for simple was empty. Immediately the solutions. Devise the simplest possible authorities isolated the problem to the solution that solves the problems. assembly line, which transported all Always focus on solutions and not the packaged boxes of soap to the on problems. So at the end of the day delivery department. For some reason, the thing that really matters is one soapbox went through the HOW ONE LOOKS INTO THE PROBLEM assembly line empty. Management and resolves it early. asked its engineers to solve the problem. Post-haste, the engineers (Source : unknown)

9 PResentors of PReSENSE Chief Editor and Publisher: Podcast K. Srinivasan (Prime Point) M M Selva Kumar, Sr. Web Consultant Consulting Editor Editorial Advisors U ma G M B Jayaram, (Chairman, National Editor: Council, PRCI) P A Narrendiran (Blue Lotus PR) T N Ashok (Corporate consultant) Associate Editor: Arun Arora (GMR-DIAL) S. Sakthi Prasanna (Hanmer & Uma Bhushan (SIMSR) ) Partners PR) R. Jai Krishna (Senior Journalist) Editorial Board: Veena Vinod (PR Executive) Feedback and contributions to: Satish N (Anna University) All the earlier issues may be downloaded from

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