HP Envy 5052 Setup

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Information about HP Envy 5052 Setup

Published on October 23, 2020

Author: Michealjohn17

Source: authorstream.com

PowerPoint 演示文稿: HP Envy 5052 Setup PowerPoint 演示文稿: HP Envy 5052 Printer The HP Envy 5052 Setup delivers high-quality printouts. This printer suits both homes and offices. Once you buy the HP Envy 5052 printer from the manufacturer, set it up. Find easy and quick guidelines on this page to configure the hardware and software of your printer. This site also includes the troubleshooting methods to fix the printer problems. PowerPoint 演示文稿: How To Install HP Envy 5052 Printer ? Once you get the HP Envy 5052 printer from the manufacturer, check if it is sealed properly. Unbox the printer box and ensure the printer components are provided in it. Take the Envy printer from the box and keep it on a flat surface . Peel off the blue-colored tapes from the printer. Also, remove the packing materials. Unpack the power cord provided in the printer box and link the cable to the respective port of the printer & electrical outlet. PowerPoint 演示文稿: Power up the Envy 5052 printer by force pressing its power button. Configure the preferences on the control panel of the printer. Lift the top access door. Unpack the ink cartridges enclosed with the printer package. Peel off the tapes on the cartridges. Insert the cartridges into the corresponding slots. Load the input tray with suitable papers. Arrange the cartridges utilizing the alignment sheet. Install the printer software on your computer and complete the first time printer setup. PowerPoint 演示文稿: HP Envy 5052 Driver Installation Do uble-click on the downloaded driver file . Extract the driver file if it is in the .zip format. Go through the instructions on the display of your computer. Enable the checkbox of terms and conditions. Configure the connection between your printer and computer. The installation procedure varies depending on the operating system version of your computer or laptop. For more instructions to install the printer software on your computer or laptop, get in touch with our technical support team. PowerPoint 演示文稿: Reference Click Here -> HP Envy 5052 Driver & Manual Download For More -> “https://printer-setup.us/how-to-install/envy/5052” PowerPoint 演示文稿: Thank You!!!

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