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Published on January 12, 2009

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How to Teach the Management of Pediatric Emergencies Using Medical Simulation : How to Teach the Management of Pediatric Emergencies Using Medical Simulation Frank L. Overly MD, FAAP Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Co-Director, Rhode Island Hospital Medical Simulation Center Overview : Overview - Medical simulation - Goals of the workshop - Introduction of the speakers Medical Simulation : Medical Simulation Definition: High fidelity medical simulation is the utilization of technology to create a lifelike situation where an individual can suspend disbelief and practice both procedural and decision making skills in an environment safe for both the trainee and the patient. Manikin based simulation Standardized Patients Task Trainers PC based/gaming Virtual Reality Gordon JA, Oriol NE, Cooper JB Bringing good teaching cases “to life”: A simulator-based medical education service. Academic Medicine. 2004; 79:23-27. What this workshop is NOT about: : What this workshop is NOT about: Not a sales pitch for specific pediatric simulation equipment Not about how to program a high fidelity simulator Not about the evidence behind medical simulation as a teaching modality although Current Literature : Current Literature Issenberg SB, et al “Features and uses of high-fidelity medical simulations that lead to effective learning: a BEME systematic review.” Med Teach 2005, 27(1): 10-28. Wayne DB, et al “Simulation-Based Training of Internal Medicine Residents in Advanced Cardiac Life Support Protocols: A Randomized Trial.” Teaching and Learning in Medicine 2005, 17(3): 210-216. Wayne DB, et al “Simulation-Based education improves quality of care during cardiac arrest team responses at an academic teaching hospital: a case-control study.” Chest 2008, 133(1): 56-61. Mayo PH, et al “Achieving house staff competence in emergency airway management: Results of a teaching program using computerized patient simulation.” Crit Care Med 2004 32(12):2422-2427. Overly F, Sudikoff S, Shapiro MJ. “High fidelity medical simulation as an assessment tool for pediatric residents' airway management skills.” Pediatr Emerg Care 2007, 23(1): 11-15. And More… What this workshop IS about: : What this workshop IS about: How to incorporate medical simulation into a CME course to teach management of pediatric emergencies How to utilize medical simulation to teach communication skills when dealing with pediatric deaths or abuse How to incorporate pediatric simulation into an EM residency curriculum for teaching and assessment How to make it all work beyond the purchasing of a manikin Meet the Speakers : Meet the Speakers Angela Anderson, MD FAAP…. Linda Brown, MD …… Susan Duffy, MD ….. Stephanie Sudikoff, MD …… Agenda : Agenda 10:00-10:10 Introduction Divide into three groups (approx 15/group) Session A: CME w/ Anderson & Overly Session B: Difficult Discussions w/Duffy Session C: GME w/ Brown & Sudikoff 10:10-10:35 1st rotation (Session A,B or C) 10:40-11:05 2nd rotation(Session A,B or C) 11:10-11:35 3rd rotation (Session A,B or C) 11:40-12:00 Session D operations issues w/ Overly and wrap-up w/ panel

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