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Published on January 7, 2009

Author: aSGuest9557


:  How to optimise your site Leading Brand Search Engine Marketing Since 1996 Weboptimiser Overview : Weboptimiser Overview Founded in 1996 as a search engine optimisation company, Weboptimiser specialises in search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC) advertising services and Internet marketing strategy. A unique portfolio of ethical, benchmark-driven natural search engine marketing services and PPC, delivered through our unique and much-admired Managed SEM system. As well as having years of experience in online marketing, our founder David White represents the Internet Advertising bureau. The key objectives of the IAB Search Task Force are to communicate the effectiveness of “search” and to create web site search standards Companies that use search : Companies that use search Why Use Search Engine Marketing : Why Use Search Engine Marketing 600 million searches conducted each month in UK(Overture estimate) 70% of all e-commerce transactions originate from a search(Forrester / IAB) 60% of Web users visit search sites every month, more than for any other type of site(NOP) Over 75% of web users rely on search engines to find their way around the web(Real Names survey / IAB) Why Use Search Engine Marketing : Why Use Search Engine Marketing More and more people are using the internet People have been spending an extra 1 hour 16 minutes each month on the internet since 2001 in the UK 16-24 year olds spend 11 hours 20 minutes per month on the internet in the UK (average: 9 hours 56 minutes) What Makes Google Tick : What Makes Google Tick 10% Technical Spec - code, navigation, site map. 30% Content - relevant, accessible, keyword rich. 60% Link Popularity - quality, relevant, context. SEO, PPC and SEM : SEO, PPC and SEM SEO - Search Engine Optimisation PPC - Pay per click SEM - Search Engine Marketing Screen grabs of typical good positions : Screen grabs of typical good positions SEO Process : SEO Process SEO means engineering your site so that it’s search engine friendly (which means not only accessible to search engine spiders, but each page is relevant to the search terms your target audience is using so it ranks high on search engines against those searches). The main advantage of SEO is that traffic is effectively free (although you pay for the optimisation service). Another benefit is the process of optimising a site for search engines also makes it more visitor friendly. Your site can be faster to load, even during peak traffic times, such as immediately after an advertising campaign. Navigation of the site reflects the most popular search terms for your target audience. This also helps visitors to find what they are looking for and feel the site is relevant to their needs and expectations. PPC Process : PPC Process As a complement or, increasingly, as an alternative to SEO is Pay Per Click search engine marketing, commonly called PPC. With PPC search engine marketing, you pay a fee for every visitor you get from the search providers who offer the service. Therefore you pay per click. Unlike SEO, PPC is quick, its flexible, its measurable. You decide how much you want to pay for the position you want to be in for each search term or key phrase. You do not have to wait for your site to be spidered and included in the search engines index, you can start getting traffic to your site within a couple of days. Four Elements Of Optimisation : Four Elements Of Optimisation For a web site to succeed it needs to be search engine friendly in order to recruit qualified traffic from the search engines Visitor friendly - being accessible, credible and easy to use in order to retain visitors for as long as necessary. Customer friendly - building a rapport with your visitors. Offering privileges in return for information about them. Finance friendly - not only operating as cost effectively as possible, but by using the site as a revenue stream in its own right. Industry Participation : Industry Participation Thought Leadership : Thought Leadership Evaluation : Evaluation Three main factors to consider Firstly you need to consider how your optimisation needs to integrate with your overall e-business model and Internet marketing strategy. Secondly, you need to think about how you’re going to make the most of your online brand assets, whilst protecting your brand integrity. And thirdly, you need to decide how to deploy your strategy to minimise costs whilst maximising returns to give you the best possible return on investment. Therefore optimisation is no longer an expense but an investment and a revenue stream for your business Thanks for listening : Thanks for listening I am David White, thank you for listening You can contact me on 0800 614421 or email me on I suggest you look at

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