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Information about How_to_Get_Your_Child_Excited_about_Going_to_a_Private_Elementary_Scho

Published on November 21, 2017

Author: eastlakeacademy


slide 1: How to Get Your Child Excited about Going to a Private Elementary School Making the decision to move your child from a traditional public-school setting to a private elementary school is a sound one but even though you may feel as if your child will get a better education in a well-rounded environment changing schools can be scary for children. Here are some tips for helping your child get excited about attending a private elementary school in the Lake Bluff Lake Forest and Libertyville area. 1 – More Teacher Interaction Though kids may feel intimidated when it is time to go to a new school – or any school for that matter if they are in preschool or pre-K – there are a few ways to help ease the transition from one school or home to a private elementary school. One of the biggest benefits that even very young children can understand is that their teachers will have more time to spend with them one-on-one because there are not as many kids in the classroom. This means that if your child has a problem with curriculum or even if your child is just having a bad day his or her teacher is readily available to provide the assistance he or she needs that day. In public schools which are much larger classroom sizes are also much larger. In some cases there are as many as 40 children per one teacher. Though these teachers rely on aides to help them keep the classroom occupied there are simply too many students for teachers to take a little time out of every day to spend with each student one-on-one. That is not the case in small private elementary schools in Libertyville Lake Bluff Lake Forest and the surrounding area. 2 – More Creative Arts Public schools rely on things like fundraisers and grants to provide extracurricular activities to children and in many cases public schools across the country are cutting out access to music to art and to other creative arts programs because they simply lack the funding. In fact more public schools across the country than ever before are doing away with athletics too for the very same reasons. The programs are simply not in the school’s budget. One of the biggest benefits of attending a private elementary school is that children have access to more of these opportunities. Tuitions and other sources of funding give the school more options from which to choose and this means slide 2: students can participate in music and other creative arts classes regularly. For creative kids who enjoy learning how to paint draw or even play a musical instrument this is a huge benefit – and one of the best ways to help get them more excited about their transition to private school. If you have a child going into preschool pre-K or any grade up to grade 8 and your family is located in the Lake Bluff Libertyville or Lake Forest area considering a private school over a public school is a great decision. Not only does it give you peace of mind as a parent by exposing your children to the very best education possible but it provides more one- on-one time for your kids and it gives them access to more and better opportunities.

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