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Published on February 25, 2014

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Learn how a well designed website can effect your SEO by lowering bounce rate, increasing page views and increasing the time spent on your site.

How Your Website Design Effects Your SEO /blog/website-design-effects-seo/ Adys Lynn Dill Design Is 50% Of The Battle In the Moz Blog, Cyrus Shepard mentions in part of his 25 step SEO Master Blueprint that Design is 50% of the Battle. This is only too true and we have seen many well designed sites fail due to a lack of certain SEO elements, and vice versa. Let’s expand on the three ways in which a website or blog can ensure that all aspects of the site are up to par (including the design). A company c an have important information or relevant products for the visitor but if the design fails them, masked in clutter or heavy loading images then they are lost at the door and the rest is null. A Good Design Can lower bounce rate: B Is the time spent on a site and it reflects how effectively your brand resonates with your visitors. A high bounce rate is when your visitors leave after one page. P Let’s say your visitor views the home page and it is taking too long to load (the majority will leave after 3 seconds), they will more than likely press the back button and go to the next ranked website listed. Let’s face it, with the vast information available on the web and the need for instant access to it, a slow loading page is not worth the visitor’s time if they can simply find it somewhere else. A few factors that impact page loading time are: heavy bearing widgets, third party content and large size images. N If the navigation is not clear, confusing, or leads to dead ends the visitor will without hesitation end site navigation and return to the previous search results, especially if the Information they are searching for is not even there- How frustration would that be? Have you ever gone into a site only to discover that it is not even on the topic you were looking for? S How can you decrease the load time you ask? You can start by making sure your image sizes are as small as they can be without altering quality. 1. Optimize your JPEGs by using JPEG Mini 2. Optimize your PNGS by using TinyPNG 3. Scale your graphics using a graphics program such as GIMP or Adobe Photoshop. 4. Use thumbnails in blog posts versus full images, and then link the thumbnails to the full sized image. To limit widget weight: The more the widget does, the heavier it is. For example, a twitter widget that displays feed will be low bearing versus a widget that searches keywords and displays people tweeting a hashtag. Another example of a heavy bearing widget is one that pulls a Pinterest board into widget, every time the page load, it will load 15 thumbnails from Pinterest, scripts and iframe’s included. A Good Design Can

increase page views: C O I If you design your blog well and cleverly use images it can increase your traffic, user experience and increase visitor’s retention. A well written blog with accompanying images will spread like wildfire through Pinterest, Facebook, twitter, etc. because the visitor can share the information throughout their social media profiles successfully, and accompanying images enhance the value of the link. When flipping through Craigslist looking for that new bike, are you more or less likely to contact a seller if they have a picture attached to their post? I U E A captivating or useful blog can satisfy a visitors’ need, isn’t that the point anyway? The ”visual communication explores the idea that a visual message accompanying text has a greater power to inform, educate, or persuade a person or audience” (Wikipedia). I V Retention Info graphics are great. They display complex data in an easy to read manner. Our brains can dissect and retain images better than long paragraphs. Would you rather read numbers in a paragraph form or a cute little bird with a percentage data written on the body? A Good Design Can Increase time on site: A Site that is easily navigable will allow your visitor’s ease of information received and therefore more time spent. With smarter designs, easy navigation and interesting content will invite the visitor to continue to explore different features and services your website offers because they now trust and believe in your brand. A web designer can introduce supplemental formats such as multimedia to graphically illustrate points. …Wrapping up All of the above factors are commonly overlooked areas of web design which can have a great impact on your websites effectiveness. By paying close attention to page speed, image size, and navigational structure a web designer can ensure the website will receive positive marks by Google. This will increase retention rates among your audience, lower bounce rates, and certainly improve the user experience. If you would like to discuss some of these options, goals, or problems about your own site we can offer you a site audit which will diagnose all of these items. Feel free to drop us a line to discuss! Sources: Moz Blog Wikipedia About Latest Posts

Adys Lynn Dill SEO Consultant at Virginia SEO Adys Lynn Dillis a mother of one and really enjoys spending time with her family. Besides taking care of her husband (the other baby), she spends her time doing graphic design as a part of the family business. The Dill Design is a local web design company in Virginia, and they specialize in small business websites. Lynn also participates heavily with Virginia SEO, and is head of social media marketing, and a key member of the content generation team. Lynn enjoys social media so much that she is on it more than a normal person should be some days. Latest posts by Adys Lynn Dill (see all) How Your Website Design Effects Your SEO - February 24, 2014 Small Business SEO – Does Your Business Need SEO? - December 7, 2013 Powered by Starbox

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