How you can gain your respect and acceptance in the team

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Information about How you can gain your respect and acceptance in the team

Published on April 6, 2014

Author: DebojiteBhowmick


Tips to Gain Your Acceptance in the Team By Debojite Chandra Bhowmick

Tips to gain your acceptance in team- First job of a leader is to gain his acceptance in the team; it is like a magical power which will assist you to attract your people, lead them and get their best. If you are well accepted by your team members they will be willing to follow your command. But if you are not accepted by them your leadership will be questionable. They will not follow you and they will be reluctant to execute your order. So don’t forget to concentrate to increase your acceptance in the team at the very first.

Keep yourself Honest and Transparent You have to be very careful as nobody can raise any question regarding your honesty and transparency. Exercise honesty in every aspect and keep everything transparent to your team. Being honest is important, it is equally important how people are thinking about you especially when you are leading a team. It is unfortunate when honesty become questionable because of poor communication. So be careful because nobody like a corrupt person, even a corrupted person doesn’t like to see others corrupted.

Update Your Job Knowledge and skills You should have thorough knowledge regarding technical aspect of your job. When your team members face any difficulties and ask you for your assistance, they expect you should answer properly. If you can’t satisfy them it is embarrassing for both of you. So you have to keep yourself updated regarding technical aspect of your job and different management skills.

Demonstrate instead of Giving Instructions Employees don’t like those leaders who give instructions one after another but don’t actively participate, like those who demonstrate how to do the work. In some crucial moment when employees fail to do their job despite giving their best effort or they are about to miss deadlines, if you join hands with them and help them to complete their job, they will be ever grateful to you.

Respect Your Team Members Treat your team members with respect because everybody like to be treated with respect. Besides, you can’t expect respect from your team members without respecting them. Ask for their suggestions in different issues, they will feel honored. Listen their concerns with genuine interest and accept their suggestions if possible. If they make any mistake don’t criticize them in public. These will help you to increase your acceptance in the team.

Be Supportive in the team It is our responsibility to help our team members. Help them when they are facing difficulties while doing their job or struggling to avoid personal difficulties. Help your team members as they can do their job precisely. Support them in the moment of their crisis. Make them understand that you are always ready to help them. They will feel secured to work with you. Remember a friend of need is a real friend. They will be ever grateful to you.

Take Initiative for Development of your team members Create a learning environment within your team and take initiative for development of your team members. Improve their knowledge and skill level, it will help them to build their confidence and to do their job more precisely. Change their attitude and thinking by regular coaching and counselling. People respect their mentor in every culture in the world and it is best way to gain your acceptance in the team.

Keep Your Promise If you promise to do something for your team members don’t forget to keep it. It will help you to gain trust in the team. Never give such assurance which you can’t meet. Before giving any commitment think twice but if you are committed; you must keep it. If you fail to keep your promise for any reason, explain it and regrets for that. Otherwise you will lose your respect and acceptance in the team.

Don’t irritate Your Team Members People don’t like those leaders who always irritate their team members, use harsh words while taking and behave roughly. Be courteous communicating your message to your team members. If they make any mistake don’t be excited, explain the matter to them with politeness as they can realize their fault and help them as they don’t do the same mistake twice. If you insult them, I am sure they will find the right way to teach you.

Ensure Judgment in the Team Treat everyone in the team with justice regardless of their background, gender and religious identity. Treat everyone based on their performance and let them understand that performance is the only criteria for their evaluation. Favoring one person means you are disfavoring others. If you have a special affection for any member of your team and you do special favor for him/her, you will lose your acceptance in the team.

Sacrifice for the People around You Life is not always pleasuring ourselves; sometimes we do things for others. It gives us a sense of satisfaction. But some leaders take the advantage of their position and deprive employees. Sometimes they try to be highlighted with the achievement of their team members instead of giving due credit to them. When a leader becomes selfish in the eye of his team members, he lose his acceptance and he lose everything.

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