How Will Android L and iOS 8 Impact Retailers?

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Information about How Will Android L and iOS 8 Impact Retailers?

Published on July 22, 2014

Author: LaurenHand



GPShopper presented a webinar on July 22, 2014, preparing retailers for the upcoming Apple and Android updates, including:

iOS 8 Touch ID: How ease-of-checkout will increase your conversion rates
iOS 8 Widgets: Users can access Wish Lists and Price Alerts directly from their Notification Center
iOS 8 Actionable Notifications: Add interactivity to your current Push system
Android Wear: Does your smartphone app have a wearable counterpart?
Android Material Design: New tools for customized typography, grid and color changes
Android One: Will your app change as other smartphone manufacturers design for Android?
Restricted Wi-Fi Tracking: Retailers can no longer sniff MAC addresses. GPShopper recommends using other options for honing in on your customers' in-store behavior, like proximity marketing with the use of beacons.

Maya  Mikhailov,  Cofounder  GPShopper,  Adjunct  Professor  NYU   HOW WILL ANDROID L AND IOS 8 IMPACT RETAILERS? Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#    Submit  ques@ons:  

ABOUT GPSHOPPER 2   Connec@ng   with  mobile   consumers  to   revoluConize   retail.   CreaCng   award   winning  apps   Cloud  Based,   enterprise-­‐ class  mobile   plaLorm   GPShopper  is  an  integrated  mobile  plaLorm  enabling   retailers  &  brands  to  launch  large  scale  mobile   solu@ons  driving  loyalty,  commerce  and  engagement.       •  SDK  with  over  200+  Features:  Including  Push   NoCficaCons,  Banners,  commerce  and  loyalty     •  Mobile  CMS  and  ReporCng  tools  for  complete  mobile   operaConalizaCon     •  End-­‐to-­‐end  beacon  soluCon  integraCng  campaigns,   reporCng  and  management   Trusted  by:  EXPRESS,  Estee  Lauder,  bebe,  Best  Buy,     The  North  Face  and  more   ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

3  ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  (Learn  more  at:      ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED   IOS 8 What’s  great  for  retail  marketers  in  this  new  release  

4   IOS 8: FEATURE OVERVIEW ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

5   Swii  Ÿ  New  messaging  (WhatsApp  meets  Snapchat)  Ÿ  Tap  to  Talk  Ÿ  Find  My   Friends  Ÿ  New  Keyboards  Ÿ  Time-­‐Lapse  Camera  Ÿ  Family  Sharing  Ÿ   Customizable  Control  Center  Ÿ  Mapping  Updates  Ÿ  Points  of  Interest  Ÿ  Find-­‐ your-­‐car  Ÿ  Split  Street  MulC-­‐Tasking  Ÿ  Siri  Improvements  Ÿ  Metal  API  Ÿ  Quick   Access  Contacts  Ÿ  PredicCve  Search  Ÿ  Weather  Channel  Ÿ  Spotlight   improvements  Ÿ  iCloud  Drive  Ÿ  Home  SDK  Ÿ  Instant  Hotspot    Ÿ  Accessibility  Ÿ   Healthkit  Ÿ  Send  My  Last  LocaCon  Ÿ  Ask  to  Buy  Ÿ  Split  Screen  Ÿ     SOME OF THE NEW FEATURES OF IOS8 ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

6   WAIT…DON’T HANG UP ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

7   ü  InteracCve  NoCficaCons   ü  Extensions  (including  Widgets)   ü  Touch  ID   ü  LocaCon-­‐based  lock  screen  apps   ü  New  Privacy  Selngs   WHAT’S NEW IN IOS8? ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

8   NoCficaCons  have  improved.  No  longer  require  leaving   current  app  or  lock-­‐screen.  Plus  new  acCons!     What  does  this  mean  for  Marketers?   ü  NoCficaCons  less  intrusive  to  users     ü  Messages  no  longer  auto-­‐open  apps     ü  No  longer  showing  “all  messages  missed”     ü  LocaCon  NoCficaCons   INTERACTIVE NOTIFICATIONS ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

9   Allow  third-­‐party  apps  to  communicate  with  other  apps   including:  Today  (aka  Widget),  Share,  Ac@on,  Photo,  Storage   and  Keyboard.       What  does  this  mean  for  Marketers?   ü  Widgets:  Quick  access  to  Cmely  informaCon     ü  Share:  New  networks  –  not  just  Facebook  and  Twiqer   ü  AcCon:  Manipulate  Content  within  an  app   EXTENSIONS Widget  Example   ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

10   3rd  party  apps  may  use  Apple's  biometric  fingerprint   authenCcaCon  technology  (TouchID)     What  does  this  mean  for  Marketers?   ü  No  more  forgoqen  passwords   ü  Fast  access  to  payments!   TOUCH ID ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

11   3rd  party  apps  may  appear  on  the  lock  screen  as   they  are  contextually  relevant  to  a  users  locaCon.       What  does  this  mean  for  Marketers?   ü  Quick  access  to  in-­‐store  apps   ü  Get  discovered  –  used  your  physical  store   footprint   LOCATION AWARE APPLICATIONS ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

12   1)  MAC  address  rotaCon!     2)  LocaCon  permissions   3)  Contacts  RestricCons   4)  New  privacy  Policies  Required:  Apps  for  Kids,     HomeKit  and  Healthkit     IOS8 NEW PRIVACY SETTINGS ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

13  ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  (Learn  more  at:      ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED   ANDROID L Candy  coated  Android  OS  with  chewy  API  center  

14   ANDROID L: FEATURE OVERVIEW ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

15   ü  Material  design   ü  NoCficaCons  on  lock  screen   ü  Interlocking  applicaCons     ü  Wear  and  Android  TV  –  Pushing  into  new  fields   ü  Speed  &  Ba)ery  Life  Performance  (ART   run9me,  no  decompressing  apps  =  less  ba)ery)   WHAT’S NEW IN ANDROID L? Credit:  Phandroid   ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

16   Flat  design  with  a  Cle  like  feel.  Simplified  icons,  bright   colors  and  focus  on  clearner  nav.       What  does  this  mean  for  Marketers?   ü  UI  UnificaCon  starCng  between  IOS  and  Android   ü  Top  “hamburger”  nav  seems  to  be  becoming  a   accepted  navigaCon  element   MATERIAL DESIGN ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

17   Apps  which  can  talk  to  other  apps…sound  familiar?       What  does  this  mean  for  Marketers?   ü  Apps  can  open  other  apps  –  extend  your  app  features   into  3rd  party  applicaCons   ü  Convert  mobile  web  users  into  app  users!     INTERLOCKING APPS “…those  who  have  our  app  are  making  twice  as  many   trips  to  Walmart,  and  their  spend  is  40  percent   more.”   Wanda  Young,  Vice  President  of  Digital  MarkeCng  Walmart   ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

18   No  more  liqle  icons  appearing  in  the  status  bar,   now  lock-­‐screen  prominence  or  drop-­‐in  from   top.     What  does  this  mean  for  Marketers?   ü  NoCficaCons  will  get  more  aqenCons   ü  However,  now  users  can  turn  off  individual   app  noCficaCons     NOTIFICATIONS ON LOCK SCREEN BEFORE:  Two  step  process  –   first  alert  on  status  bar  and   then  pull-­‐down  to  see  alert   AFTER:  IOS-­‐like  alerts  on   lock  screen  with  images   ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

19   Android  L  is  opCmized  for  a  variety  of  devices   including  Watches,  TVs  and  automobiles.       What  does  this  mean  for  Marketers?   ü  Looking  at  our  smartphones  125  per  day,     future  focus  on  snackable  content   ü  App  strategy  alerts  will  maqer  more  in  the   long  run     WEAR(ABLES) FOR EVERYONE! ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

20   SUMMARY ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

21   IOS  8   Release  date:  Fall  2014,  Mul9ple  betas  available  for  Devs   ü  Take  advantage  of  Widgets  and  TouchID   ü  Be  aware  of  new  privacy  selngs  and  user  customizaCons   ü  Get  ready  for  a  flood  of  upgraded  users…except  iPhone  4  users     Android  L     Release  date:  TBD,  Betas  for  Devs  and  Nexus  users  out  now   ü  More  prominent  Push  NoCficaCons   ü  Expect  faster  app  performance  speed   ü  Material  Theme:  Flat  Design   SUMMARY ©  GPSHOPPER  2014  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED       Dial-­‐in:  1.805.309.5900    PIN:  421-­‐779-­‐166#                            Submit  quesCons:  

©  GPSHOPPER  2014      ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED   QUESTIONS? Email  your  quesCons  to  

23   THANK YOU!   584  Broadway,  Suite  904   New  York,  NY  10012       123  W  Madison,  19th  Floor   Chicago,  IL  60602     Maya  Mikhailov   Co-­‐Founder,  EVP   Email:     @gpshopper  

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