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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: InWithForward


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Hunch 5 Our ethnographic field work and story writing is predicated on spending loads of time with people in their homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces. But spending loads of time with people is darn expensive. Particularly if you use a consultancy business model - where you bill by the hour or by the day. We’re going to try a different business mod- Changing how organizations and agencies pay for this kind of work. Rather them paying for the process, they will pay to use what comes from the process. And rather than report to a single funder, we will try to have multiple buyers. We think this ensures that processes aren’t one-time events, but are made tangible enough to be replicated. Unusual suspects not just usual stakeholders Practically, this looks like…. No consultancy projects We start with people, not systems. From safety nets to trampolines

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tive devi of ce gaps, be a source making the momentum for es and with eld work in the plac e stories, and And publishing thes retation. We erent lenses of interp g experiences ries, and the learnin get at least 10%. hind the stories will ough partners e, we hope to find en projects. -ground. ies of people on-the stories of the people e deep ems. Using the sam or Not just interviews what really contextualize what they makers do. Not just is Hunch 5 k and story writing hnographic field wor Our et ople in loads of time with pe icated on spending pred s. But ods, and workplace r homes, neighborho thei le is darn expensive. s of time with peop spending load ss a consultancy busine rticularly if you use Pa ur or by the day. re you bill by the ho model - whe siness model. Where g to try a different bu We’re goin om the fieldwork to e stories and tools fr s to we sell th with apprenticeship organizations. Along multiple ocess. participate in the pr s like…. d of Practically, this look encies pay for this kin organizations and ag use Changing how ess, they will pay to paying for the proc single work. Rather them er than report to a e process. And rath ink this ensures what comes from th ultiple buyers. We th we will try to have m e tangible funder, events, but are mad ses aren’t one-time that proces ted. enough to be replica little book of hunches

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We mobilise & support team s understan d Do-Say gap challenge Say-Want g ap day ery e ev pl peo als sion fes pro ers mak cy poli

We mobilise & support teams understand Do-Say gap challenge Say-Want gap ay ryd eveople pe s nal sio fes pro s ker ma licy po generate ideas to close the Want-Do gap Build & test ideas to close Want-Do gap

e cha d for nge understand DoSay gap ’re Were! e h red sha ired s de come out f f sta challenge SayWant gap tion Immigra ice f & tax of in Werkple rules &ures proced Social wo practice rk training & Language course test ideas to close Want-Do gap generate ideas to close the Want-Do gap Here we’re looking for partners to take ideas further! test ideas to close Want-Do gap

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