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Published on July 11, 2016

Author: AntonniKendallPrades


1. How we made Minecraft Part II: The creation of the game

2. How Notch created the game Minecraft • Since May 13 2009 minecraft was originallycreated as cavegame, and it was a test only until the next update • This time the game only had few other options, placing and destroying. The controls are reversed • In some dates of notch how he updates the video game it would take many days for it the game to be minecraft • The period ended within 6 days in progress, pre classic is the shortest known estimate for updating the game Minecraft

3. Screenshot (May 13, 2009) Notch posted this photo for first time for Minecraft. He saw a mob that is looking ants and at me, the background is blue The player is 1.5 m tall while blocks are 1 m tall and wide This player has a smiling-like feature, the beard Crosshair is visible when you point the player He wears blue pants, light blue shirt, brown hair, blue eyes, and a pale brown skin

4. When minecraft is further updated • New blocks include wood, stone, and dirt. Wood planks is light brown, stone is gray and dirt is brown. When dirt grows in sunlight it has a light green tuft at the top • This takes only a few seconds to grow its tuft • A player can be pressed by pressing G to spawn humans • They’res no limit the player can spawn mobs, it is infinite • Watch the video on YouTube May 16, 20095 notes

5. Screenshot (May 15 2009) The back of the house. Notch posted it again The top right corner uses blocks that the player uses. Switching with nubia number keys changes the block Place with right mouse button, destroy with left mouse button The dirt blocks are able to grow into grass when lit with sunlight But dies when there’s no sunlight Since Infiniminer, this game was free to play with no payment method In new launcher 4 of the available versions are free to play

6. Things in the game They are 7 things in the game version so far

7. Infiniminer Reliquary Game Reviews: Infiniminer – YouTube Infiniminer was released on year April 2009 and ended on May 2009, its was the best known resources on the internet with Minecraft style graphics This was free to play

8. How Minecraft versions in the past are not free to play anymrnotchpersson at all • Markus Persson removed all the features of minecraft Classic, which did not exist in the resources file • Sprites can be found

9. Sprites In classic sprites from other versions all never exist due to deletion by the creator

10. May 156 2009 • Between 15th and 16th of may 2009, the game is playable in the new launcher • The colors of cobblestone and wood planks are changed, allowing it a more improved texture • The lava and water textures do exist, but not in the game • The sapling first appeared in this version

11. Ver pre 0.0.9a (last version) itself The wood plank texture is changed to give the block a darker shade The sapling texture looks like in c 0. 0. 13a

12. Thank you for using PowerPoint • Part III is called the c0.0.11a

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