How warp and working titles films are distributed

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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: sampsonrachael1190



distribution of warp and working titles

How Warp and Working Titles films are distributed Rachael Sampson

Warp distribution Warp usually use digital distribution techniques to get their new films out into the world. Things such as trailers and interviews with the cast and director are published online and in magazines with ‘exclusive’ interviews. DVD’s are released online and in stores with adverts advertising the trailer. They also use methods such as billboards, posters and they hire other companies to create merchandise on a small scale.

Working Titles distribution Their distribution techniques are similar to Warp but they are on a much larger scale. The films are publicised worldwide with a bigger budget spent on adverts online, tv, billboards etc. With a much larger budget on merchandise. Their films are on a much wider scale therefore the advertisements and distribution is bigger. The use of Netflix and ordering the films on sites such as Amazon allow people in other countries to order the films on DVD and BLUray

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