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Published on May 9, 2009

Author: ylerman



Architect Paul Murrain's Presentation at the Movement for Israeli Urbanism Density Workshop

How urbanism learns -and what that teaches us Paul Murrain Shenkar College of Engineering and Design Thursday May 7th 2009

There is no such thing as ‘good design’

“The measure of any great civilisation is in its towns and cities and a measure of a city‟s greatness is to be found in the quality of its public spaces, its parks and its squares” John Ruskin. Atlanta The death of a collective consciousness

Urbanism. ‘The design and construction of setting meant to support a civic realm’ William Westfall Civic origin from civis ( citizen) City origin from civis (citizen) Civil origin from civis (citizen) Civilise. Bring to an advanced stage of social development Citizen an inhabitant of a Town or City Based on the latin civitas paul murrain

“We have tried to make the fact of being in private alone with ourselves and family an end in itself. To know oneself has become and end in itself instead of a means through which one knows the world.” Richard Sennett. The Fall of Public Man

‘The current crisis of disorder’ Jack Robertson, „ Such is the residue of modern design in a culture that does not provide a larger and governing vision in which to fit all the objects it produces; a culture gripped by a devastating schizophrenia that finds no mediation between specific things and their real or implied framework. We make very few successful places, only things.‟

What on earth is this? Utter desperation to be original A combination of arrogance and ignorance paul murrain

„Cafes and bars will no longer be the fungus that eats up the pavements of Paris‟ Corbusier 1923 „To have a new vision of the future it has always first been necessary to have a new vision of the past. „ Theodore Zeldin paul murrain

Beware the new dinosaurs. Gigantic and virtually extinct already Urbanism is not giganticism. How many are better than what was there before?

Dense, tall, corporate In the city but not of the city Urban location yet anti-urban in every way

paul murrain

Melrose Arch Johannesburg SA paul murrain

Melrose Arch Phase One

paul murrain

Melrose Arch. Apartments over offices over shops


Characteristics of the Industrial Economy Derek Kemp

EMPLOYMENT AND URBAN FORM. THE RISE OF THE POST INDUSTRIAL ECONOMY . Derek Kemp WE ARE WHERE WE ARE What’s our agenda for one planet living? It must form the basis for assessing our strategic urban design. If not, scrap the whole idea.

Skills, Risk and Certainty Certainty lies in anti-urbanism. The skills lie there too. We have condemned the traditional City as chaos and trained all those who built its constituent parts, to fragment and isolate. Each profession has become its own audience. We have lost the knowledge What is even worse ? So many of those engaged in ‘Town Making’ don’t even know they’ve lost the knowledge Why has that knowledge gone? Because we refuse to engage the past How cities are.

All we did was change the rules So change them back ! But they have to be RULES Not sympathetic magic Charleston S.C.

Industrialisation and Urbanisation are NOT the same thing

‘Nothing Gained From Overcrowding’ Confusion between density and overcrowding? 1872 Seven Dials London 2009

DENSITY AND AMENITY GO TOGETHER Density makes the amenity successful The amenity makes the density irrelevant

Town or Country? Town and Country “Along with the preservation of the countryside the redemption of the town must be attempted. The two are interdependent; one rises to beauty or falls to ruin with the other. It is true to say that only through the rehabilitation of the town can the countryside be truly saved, thqt the true way to save the countryside is to build true urban towns” Thomas Sharp Thomas Sharp

Sherford paul murrain

BRE Sustainable Assessment

BRE Sustainable Assessment

UK Urban Task Force „Towards an Urban Renaissance‟ A mixed use integrated neighbourhood.

Workplaces as good neighbours

Why do we build? “Neighbourhoods towns and cities were invented to facilitate exchange. Exchange of information, friendship, material goods, culture, insights, skills and also the exchange of emotional, psychological and spiritual support For a truly sustainable environment we must maximise this exchange while minimising the travel necessary to do it.” David Engwicht. Towards an Eco-city paul murrain

‘To the Vitruvian triad of commodity, firmness and delight we postulate the addition of a fourth ideal: restituitas or restitution, restoration, reinstatement; where the act of building enhances its immediate and the global environment in an ecological as well as a visual sense’ Green Vitruvius

Layers of change Urban Assembly Kit Stewart Brand Ray Gindroz paul murrain

Piazza Navona. Rome

The social logic of space. How settlements ARE. (the deformed wheel)

“The grid is the fundamental element of the urban buzz” Oxford Street average of 9.8 changes of direction to arrive there.

The Traditional Structure of settlements. It is as natural as a sand dune ecosystem. How Cities Are as opposed to half baked „innovative theories.‟

Spatial Integration. Connecting space Natural movement of the human species

paul murrain

Local places -punctuations in the global system. Harlow North paul murrain

Time, Grain and incremental change. Making the grain of adaptation small enough The places where economies Hoxton Square innovate, thrive, live, work and play.

The grain of adaptation; a living city

The grain of adaptation

The Grain of adaptation ?

‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.’ -Aristotle paul murrain

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