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Published on March 14, 2014

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Discover how to raise healthy pigs in your livestock farm. Pigs are very profitable livestock to raise but you have to know how to raise them.

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Raising Pigs Raising pigs for a living is a very rewarding experience for many reasons, and there are many aspects of pig farming that can make you earn hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately, it depends on your creativity, knowledge on breeding, marketing, and social skills to make your stuff known. It is only when you have mastered the necessary skills that you can control the field of raising pigs for a living at the palm of your hands. Farmers highly profit from pigs for they can help them on many ways. Aside from providing necessary companionship (Contrary to popular belief, pigs can equate as endearing pets just like dogs. Remember the well-loved movie pig Babe?), pigs help farmers a lot when it comes to natural fertilizers. Pigs supply them with the manure they needed for their plants. Pigs aren't choosy animals as they can feed even on household scraps, solving the problem of additional expenses. Though the most valuable investment a farmer or you for this matter will have to undertake will be the construction of a sturdy pig house. Once you have build your pigs a sturdy home that is free from pests that can potentially harm them, plus a steady supply of fresh water, hay, and a mixture of scraps and commercial feeds, you can free yourself from the worry of looking over these animals closely. It will be a different story once you decide to take pig farming to the next level. Feeding your pigs extensively and making them plump can increase their marketability as long as you ensure their health during their stay at your farm. It can take a minimum of three months, so you can just imagine how many pigs whose meat you may have sold in a year. Furthermore, their manure can be also processed as fertilizers and be sold to other farmers at a price. Or you can go organic instead by making your pigs feed only on natural foods and take care of them under conditions highly approved of animal welfare organizations. Licensing is needed on this, but the income will be highly rewarding once you've done it. These are endearing creatures, so endearing that farmers often grow too attached to them and forget that they are raising pigs for a living. It is in your utmost creativity and decision to find ways to make your pet keeping a profitable one. Steps To Raising Pigs Breeding and raising pigs, especially for their meat, is a very lucrative business. If you have the land, the equipment, and the resources to raise pigs, the next step for you is to learn how to rear pigs properly and correctly. Learning how to raise pigs is important because not only will you be investing on these animals but doing so incorrectly will result to weak and sickly pigs that will produce only mediocre meat for the market. So, to begin, here are a few ideal steps to starting out with pig farming:

o The first thing that any pig farmer should do when learning how to raise pigs is to set up a well- ventilated house with roomy pig pens for your pigs. You can do this by buying hog wire and materials for fencing the pigs in. Before installing the hog wire though, make sure that you bury the fences at least six inches below the ground to secure it well. o Next, buy materials needed to keep your pigs healthy such as pig feeds and hay. Hay is especially essential because pigs are nesting animals and will need it to keep themselves warm and happy. Never neglect your responsibility of supplying hay for your pigs. o The most important step when learning how to raise pigs is to know where to look for the pigs and how to pick out the good ones from the mediocre ones. You will find information for this in many websites as well as stores that sell pig feeds and equipment for rearing pigs. Some of these sellers will refer you to well-known pig breeders who are reputable, trustworthy, and who are known by many for breeding good pigs and selling delicious pig meat. o When feeding pigs, make sure that you do not overfeed them as this will make them sickly and overweight. Depending on the breed of the pig you have purchased, especially if it is a breed ideal for slaughter, you may have to feed those more aggressively to speed up growth and weight gain. Take some time to research on these breeds and ask around for advice on feeding before purchasing feeds and deciding how much to feed. o When learning how to raise pigs, it is important that you take note of how to secure them within their areas as well. Make sure that you allot a certain period of time to let the pigs roam around, but not too long that they would roam on their own and destroy whatever property or areas that come their way. How to Raise Pigs For Profit Raising pigs for a profit is a highly enjoyable and rewarding hobby that can give you lots of profit if done properly. This article will delve on the topic of how to raise pigs for profit as simple as possible. The primary step will be thorough planning before venturing on this business. You have to know if you are not violating any rule when taking care of livestock. Next to consider will be your focus: what kind of business do you want to start? Listen to sound advice from the knowledgeable people to acquire tips, and the common income they receive from such a venture. Always be realistic, considering your finances and time constraints every step of the way to prevent further losses. If you plan on profiting from your pigs' meats, search for a trustworthy butcher or seller who will determine the pig's breed you should get. You should go with him on picking you piglets, for he is experienced enough to know the high quality pigs from the average or weak ones. Now that you have your piglets, you have to supply them the necessities. Like humans and most animals, pigs need a strong and organized shelter, abundant supply of food, exercise, and hay. A strong pen preferably with well-built framework for the fences and hog wire is highly necessary so the pigs will be kept in a safe and secure environment. Abundant hay is vital as this provides them comfort, will decrease the odors of their manure, and will provide easy cleaning on your part. Concrete slabs on the flooring will ensure stability.

Providing specific areas for specific pig activities is recommended as pigs are organized animals. Use vermin-proof containers and water dispensers with fresh water to ensure their health and nutrition. You may also inquire about pig vaccinations available on your locale. Once you have accomplished supplying them what your pigs need, you can go to the next step, which is taking measures to fatten them up for butchering, or collecting their manure for reselling, or mating them up to produce piglets for auctions. This may be a hard part as you may have become attached to your pets along the way, but stick to your aim. There is no specific formula for success on how to raise pigs for profit. Just remember that the efforts you exert in taking good care of them will equate to the income you will reap in the end. How to Raise Pigs For Meat Consider how many people eat meat and the vast assortment of fast foods chains in need of high quality meat: you can enter this highly profitable business, provided that you have equipped yourself with proper knowledge, skills and the equipment to keep your pigs in tip-top marketable shape. May this simple guide on how to raise pigs for meat show the ropes. Tip#1 on How To Raise Pigs For Meat The first basic thing is to know if there are rules within location that prohibit taking care of livestock. If there isn't, you can safely proceed. Begin by planning, just like any other business. How many pigs do you have to take care of? Consider expenses that will follow. The most financially-exhausting part will be the construction of a pig pen or a house. Ensure that you have invested on a pig pen with high quality materials to ensure its sturdiness. The fence and the flooring should be sturdy enough, with a strong roof overhead to protect the pigs from harsh weather conditions Hay should be abundant as it makes the pen more comfortable and prevents mess and hard cleanup. Tip#2 on How To Raise Pigs For Meat Next will be the source of the piglet for your business. Sellers will be highly helpful for this as they can determine the breed and they have the eye to determine high quality piglets from the otherwise weak-selling ones. Other pig farmers highly recommend getting piglets from auctions and farm fairs, as these pigs are well taken care of prior to auctioning. Tip#3 on How To Raise Pigs For Meat Nutrition will be another prime consideration. Pigs are basically omnivores and are not selective. You can feed them household scraps which can save you a lot of money especially if you collect scraps from neighbors. Pet pigs are usually fed twice a day, but you can increase the frequency to fatten your pet faster. Ensure enough hydration by providing constant clean water supply. Once it is plump enough, feed it with corn shorts as it can affect the sweetness and tenderness of the meat. As funny as it may seem, there are some farmers who forget the reason why they have purchased their piglet.

No wonder this happens, since pig raising can be a fun hobby, and like any other pets, a farmer can grow attached to his pet. You can avoid this situation by naming your pet after a food name to constantly remind you of your aim. Building the Best Pig House The best way of obtaining a pig house is to provide your pigs with a house, which can keep them comfortable in various seasons. The best ones are built from either concrete or bricks since you can clean them easily. However, there are also some which are made of wood surrounded with a wire mesh. The purpose of the mesh is to keep the pigs from gnawing the wood. Apart from the structure, accessibility to shallow ponds or mud is of equal importance since this would enable them to cool-off during hot days. Moreover, in raising swine, you must ensure that food and water are available within the vicinity. However, since swine or pigs are considered strong creatures, they need to be secured in strong enclosures all the time. The ideal length of a pig house is around 4 feet tall. An average swine weighs around 150 pounds; however some would weigh enormously up to 700 pounds, eight feet by sixteen feet area for every pig would be sufficient to enable them to move around their shelter with real comfort. Before building their house, initially secure a blueprint with instructions. In constructing a pig house, getting a good guide and executing your ideal house very well is important to save from expenses caused by repair. Usually the materials needed are bricks or concrete, with 6 metal posts, wire mesh, hog panels, plywood and straw. Various designs and accessories that you could place in your swine house can be found in various web sites. The roof is usually made of wood and is built with good ventilation if you raise the roof eight to twelve inches above its wall, while the floor is usually composed of either bricks or concrete. It is also advisable to place straws all over the floor for adequate bedding. In addition, the walls could be composed of bricks, wood, mesh and concrete. Obtaining a well- constructed shelter is a great start in building your own pig house. In creating a pig house, the location should also be planned very well. It should be within an area with enough water supplies such that it contains an outdoor well or constructed near a pond. It is common practice that pig farmers do dig a foot or so into the ground prior to building the house. This is beneficial in insulating and cooling the inside of the swine house to enable them to feel comfortable the whole year round. Overall, obtaining a pig house is not really difficult as long as your desire is to provide your pigs with comfortable dwelling. Investing on good construction materials, providing adequate area and installing it in a good location would definitely help in raising your pigs very well.

What's Next? 1 - => Pig Farming Facebook Page 2 - => Livestock Farming Free eBook 3 - => Pig Farming Website Best Regards, Gerard Dawn.

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