How to write Excellent Explanations

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Information about How to write Excellent Explanations

Published on February 1, 2009

Author: sharpjacqui



How to write Excellent Explanations

The Purpose is to explain how something works or why something happens

Write in second person Write in third person using words like using words like She Her HeHisTheirHimThemTheyIt You










They ate crayfish last week at the birthday party. She is going to eat her lunch now. Games He was in the classroom yesterday. He is not here now.

Write a title Write an introduction Write a question or a brief description Use second or third person Use present tense Use technical language How does rain fall How does rain fall from the sky? Rain falls from clouds that are made of tiny droplets of water. Introduction

Important Points in order When the clouds get heavy the droplets are forced together and they get bigger and heavier and fall to the ground. The cool water droplets gather together and form clouds. Water droplets are formed when moisture evaporates from the earth. Water comes from warm air that rises from the ground.

So rain falls from the sky when the tiny droplets have become too heavyto stay as a cloud. Conclusion Could include… A summary A comment about its use A recommendation

Other words for ‘and’ Either Before After When While Until Although Since Even if Because Not only Nor But also once But Or So As As if As long as Neither Games

Learned Seeing Hopped Showed Replied raced Jumped Ran Talked Listened thought Game

Explanation rubric

Publishing Examples

Use Word, add a frame, WordArt heading and a graphic

Use the transfer Button in Inspiration

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