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Published on May 20, 2008

Author: cyberpoetry



If you like computers and poetry, this presentation is for you on how to start writing Cyberpoetry.


1. Definition: Poetry & Cyberpoetry 2. The Marriage of Technology and Art 3. What Came First the Chicken or the Egg? 4. Examples of Cyberpoetry 5. Tip No. 1: Read, read, read! 6. Tip No. 2: Write, write, write! INDEX

Poetry (n): is a form of art in which language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities in addition to, or in lieu of, its ostensible meaning. (Wikipedia) Now let´s define Cyberpoetry based on the above: Cyberpoetry (n): is a type of poetry that utilizes technological terms and concepts, especially related to computers, programming languages and operating systems. DEFINITION OF POETRY & CYBERPOETRY

Since Cyberpoetry is a type of poetry, the same structure and rules of poetry apply. • Cyberpoetry is also written in verses which have a beat and rhythm . Yet as a Cyberpoet myself, I feel that Cyberpoetry expands the possibilities of rhythm and beat beyond those of poetry — who can argue with the fact that “binary poetry” and its sequence of 0’s and 1’s have intrinsic rhythm? SIMILARITIES BETWEEN POETRY & CYBERPOETRY

• Use of irony , metaphors , symbolism , simile are tools of the trade of the two of them: Poetry and Cyberpoetry. • Cyberpoetry and poetry both have a “ layering of meanings ”, yet, according to my experience, Cyberpoetry draws from a source of inspiration which is vaster, because it adds the digital dimension to that of the poetic muses. SIMILARITIES BETWEEN POETRY & CYBERPOETRY

Cyberpoetry can be seen as an exponent of the marriage of art and technology.   But, which one came first of these two, art or technology, the chicken or the egg?     Well, sometimes technology drags art, and at other times, it´s the other way around.   Leonardo DaVinci drew on paper the helicopter centuries before technology made it possible. ART & TECHNOLOGY: THE CHICKEN & EGG DILEMMA

Jules Verne wrote about space travel and submarines many decades before they became a reality. But on the other hand, sometimes technology is the inspiration for art-- George Gershwin incubated in his heart and head the idea for Rhapsody in Blue while on the train journey to Boston: “ It was on the train, with its steely rhythms, its rattle-ty bang, that is so often so stimulating to a composer... I heard it as a sort of musical kaleidoscope of America, of our vast melting pot, of our unduplicated national pep, of our blues, our metropolitan madness” ART & TECHNOLOGY: THE CHICKEN & EGG DILEMMA

These examples were taken from the e-book “Cyberpoetry & Cyberhumor” ( ) Example #1 REEBOOTING IS LOVING YOU A LITTLE BIT MORE   Every time I think of you, my system reboots, magically putting me in your HOME directory. CYBERPOETRY EXAMPLES

Example #2 OPTIC-MOUSE LOVE   You´re the red guiding light of an optic mouse, gliding across the unconditional grid of my heart CYBERPOETRY EXAMPLES

THE FOR LOOP OF A BLENDER   $ cat blender for i do Take those red tomatoes rip them apart mix them with the peppers disjointing them both, the onions & garlic had no other choice but to blend in fast and for good round ‘n round all of them go screeching to ears that pretend to be deaf hurriedly orbiting around my shiny stainless steel blade till all that´s left of them is a thick, yummy sauce!! done CYBERPOETRY EXAMPLES Example #3

A LOVE FOR HACKER   Hacker, hacker, access freely all my paths, “ vi” into my most intimate files, and “more” my .login script, or “ed” my password file. Nobody knows me, as well as you do. I´ve sworn I´ll write no permissions to bar you, from being who you are a hacker at heart, roaming my CPU with fondling curiosity. Can´t but love your hacking around! because you know whoami and whereIwannabe, Hacker, hacker, “ chdir” about, to the obscure depths of my hierarchical system, till you find that long encrypted love file to which I´m positively sure you hold the only <key> that can decode it! CYBERPOETRY EXAMPLES Example #4

Like with everything else in life, mastery is achieved only through practice. So my first advice if you want to write Cyberpoetry is: WRITE, WRITE AND WRITE !!! ADVICE No. 1

Read, read and read . Read everything you can, from Beowulf to... And I really do mean everything: Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Sylvia Plath, e.e. cummings, etc. so you learn about poetry and have the tools to become a CYBERPOET ! ADVICE No. 2


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