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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: TyrantMon



A brief resource, for teaching narrative writing to first or second grade class.

EN1-9B uses basic grammatical features, punctuation conventions and vocabulary appropriate to the type of text when responding to and composing texts

ACARA, (2013). Retrieved 18 January 2014 from,

A resource of grade 2 HOW TO WRITE A NARRATIVE

WHAT IS A NARRATIVE? A narrative is a story with an orientation, complication and conclusion.  A narrative can be long or short  It is usually based on a fictional event (imaginary)  Can you think of some narratives you have read? 

BEFORE WE START Brainstorming:  Make notes about what your story will be able  Key words, who, what, where, why  Be descriptive.  The red apple: Bad  The ruby red delicious apple :Good 

ORIENTATION The first part of a narrative is the orientation  The orientation is where we learn about:  Who is in the story ( the characters): Snow White and seven dwarves.  What they are doing: They are living together happily and safe.  Where the characters are: They are in the forest. 

COMPLICATION This is the middle portion of the story.  Where the event or problem occurs.  In our example : The evil queen poisons Snow White   Some narratives have multiple complications.

CONCLUSION The ending.  This is where a solution to the problem is found.  Usually the conclusion is happy.  For example: The Prince comes and kisses snow white freeing her of the poison and the live happily ever after. 

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