How to Win At The Game of Life

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Information about How to Win At The Game of Life

Published on February 25, 2013

Author: Nigelsth



Check-list of the Things Needed to Succeed in Anything  

How to Win At The Game Of Life Presenter: Nigel D. St.HillLife and Money Management CoachFor more visit:

 You need to know exactly what you want. You must create a clear specific goal statement. Yourmind cannot help you create something unless it knows exactly what it’s supposed to create.

 You must create a plan of action and immediately begin working the plan, improving it as more information becomes available.

 Youmust know how to deal with adversity, “failure” and setbacks so as to turn them into opportunities.

 Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or great benefit, and you have to know how to find it.

 Decide what you don’t want in your life (debt, lack of money flow etc.) Getclarity on what you do want in your life.

 Enjoyhow good it feels to create what you deserve in life. Becauseif you don’t, the “old parts” will continue to create the same problems over and over again.

 Remember it’s not all about the money; it is about how you feel. This is your chance to finally end your struggle with not just earning more money in your life, but to feel free in all areas of your life as well.

 Whatwe think - we willcontinue to think - unless wetake action to change ourhabitual thinking.

 You can say something like this: I like the idea that I can be or do or have whatever I want.Ican if I wanted to. I can if I wanted to..

Ilike the idea of making decisions on what I want to do based on how it feels to do it rather than on whether I can afford to do it or not.

I like the opportunities that more money opens for me. I am excited about what it means to me and my family.

 What it means to those aroundme, what that means to the waythat I begin to view life, whatthat means to the way Iexperience life.

 Paya small commission for certain responsibilities carried out. Commission teaches the value of work. Work; get paid. No work; no pay.

 It is what you leave in your children and grand-children that matters.

Presenter: Nigel D. St.HillLife and Money Management Coach For more visit:

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