How To Wear Myanmar Traditional Dresses

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Information about How To Wear Myanmar Traditional Dresses

Published on December 13, 2016

Author: BaganMart


1.  Among the increasing number of foreign tourists is very popular what kind of Myanmar traditional dress (Longyi), a sarong-like tube of fabric worn by both genders. This neutral term “Longyi” is called paso when worn by men and htamein by women.  Longyi structure also varies according to gender. Men’s longyi in the thin blanket and a woven strip snugly in the back of tightening, before concluding an elegant knot, women are colorful patterns: beautiful, picture bright batik, traditional woven zigzags called acheiq, stripes or flowers.

2.  Women connect Longyi, pulling all the fabric on one side, bending back over and tucking the hip to the opposite side of the waist, usually covered with a fitted blouse worn just to the waistband. A thin strip of black fabric in the Longyi Sewen waist useful as a liner around the waist pan as well as help figure out which side is up.

3.  Pull the 2 sides near the front  Moves on one side of the other, and on the inside and tucked firmly in the middle of the waist.  This part – at the end is not hidden in – then you can turn in the front

4.  Usually without underwear, so that the user can urinate or defecate squatting modestly (Burmese style: both feet on the floor, including the heel), with the bottom edge of the feet wrapped Longyi outside on the floor.  It can be washed in public places, and loosening the waist holding Longyi one hand while the other hand inside with soap and water. Naked upper body also washes. Clean the above, and in Longyi now wet, which is fastened to the waist as usual, while the dry Longyi pulled over his head and beyond Longyi wet, the latter then unloosened, fell on the feet, while the new Longyi linked to.

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