How to verify a domain in MailChimp

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Information about How to verify a domain in MailChimp

Published on July 13, 2016

Author: yogeshsingh57


1. How To Verify a domain in MailChimp By Makitweb

2. Intro

3. ● You have a MailChimp account, if you haven’t then you can signup for it. ● A website, and ● Cpanel.

4. Steps 1. Verification 2. Authentication

5. Verification Login to your MailChimp account and Open your Profile and go to Settings and select Verified Domains. You will see a screen following like in right side, which shows You havent’t verified a domain yet message and Verify a Domain Button.

6. Verification Click on Verify a Domain Button then, a popup box will be open which ask you to Enter your email address, in this enter your email address from which you want to send newsletters and click Send Verification Email Button. It will send you email with a Verification Code.

7. Verification Copy your Verification Code and paste it in Enter verification code section and Press Verify Button. An email address and domain has been verified successfully, but we need to perform one more step Authentication. It is required because by this step MailChimp detects it is actually your domain, not a spammer. Currently, it will show cross icon in front of Authentication.

8. Verification Click on View setup Instructions link its popup an instruction box of Domain Authentication.

9. Authentication It has two steps- 1. Create a CNAME record, 2. SPF record

10. Authentication (Create a CNAME Record) Login to your Cpanel Account and Go to Domain section and click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor. Here, create a new record with your values and click on Add Record Button.

11. Authentication (SPF record) Go to Cpanel Home and navigate to the Mail section and click on Email Authentication. Within Email Authentication make sure that DKIM is enabled if not then enable it and also enable SPF if not. In SPF go to the Include List (INCLUDE) and click on Add button and in the popup enter and click on Update Button.

12. You have setup all required values for authentication. Go to your MailChimp and Click on Authenticate Domain Button. It will authenticate successfully now MailChimp able to send emails from your given email address.

13. Thanks! @yssyogesh_singh on Twitter

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