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Published on February 19, 2014

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How To Use Your God Power® - The Master's Course - Gallery - View & Download the Illustrations

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - How to Use Your GOD Power …To Get Everything You Ever Wanted and Live the Life of Your Dreams © 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. All Rights Reserved Contact: This Book is dedicated to my Brother Bob McKim Who Inspired me when I needed it, Who Advised me when I need it, and Who Supported me when I needed it. Thank You & I Love You Page 2

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - The Following Is A Complete List Of Course Illustrations With Download & Share Links Enjoy!! Richard Lee McKim Jr. Page 3

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - How To Use Your God Power Master's Course Special Book Sharing Features Word of Mouth has always been a key factor for making decisions. It's Human nature to want to share Great Ideas, Important Information, and Wonderful Experiences with Family, Friends and the others in our circle of influence, and at the same time, be interested in what others have to say as well. Today, the opportunity to share Your Insights, Thoughts, and Suggestions with your Family, Friends and the World, is greater than ever with the Social Sharing Options that are now available, such as Twitter, FaceBook, Stumbled Upon and Linked-In. These Social Platforms are the NEW way that Word of Mouth Recommendations, Opinions and Comments are Shared with Others and the World. This Book has been designed for "Ultra-Sharibility." Each segment of the Book has Share Links Built in so that You can Share that Information with a certain person you know by using the EMail Link, and/or share it with the entire World through one of the Social Media Platforms. Never Has there been a better time to spread the word and share Your Enlightenment with the ones You Love and those who need it. If something "Resonates" with You, It is worth Sharing. Sometimes the Help and Enlightenment that one needs can only come from the thoughtfulness of another. Maybe something that You choose to Share with Someone Else may be the difference between Success or Failure, Happiness or Despair. This YouTube Button Will Open Up and Play The YouTube Course Video which Covers The Topic and Information You are reading. This Gives You the opportunity To Watch and/or listen to The corresponding Video as You read the Book. This is especially Important when it comes to The Course Illustrations and Chapter Quizzes. Page 4

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - This PhotoBucket Link Will Automatically Open Up and Display Online Course Illustrations. You can then copy The Image from The PhotoBucket Website, to display on Your desktop, Send To Others, Post on Your Own Website or even Print It Out to hang it on your wall as a Poster. All of the Online Course Illustrations are Free To Download and Share With Anyone You Want. All of These Social Sharing Buttons Will Automatically Connect to the Internet and Post The Corresponding YouTube Video Link, Or PhotoBucket Illustration Link, Including The Subject Title of the Video Segment or Illustration. This way, you can immediately share the Illustrations and Course Videos that are important to You, right from the Book itself. The E-Mail Button Does The exact same thing as the Social Sharing Buttons Do, Except on an Individual Basis. When You click on the E-Mail Button, It will Open Your E-Mail Program and Automatically Insert The Link For The Corresponding Video or Illustration including the Subject Title. All You have To Do Is insert one or more Email Addresses where you want it to be sent. That Means that while you are reading the Book, if You think of Someone who would Benefit from the Information You are reading, you can immediately click on the E-Mail Button and send them the On-Line Link To the Video or Illustration so they can see it as well. Page 5

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - Master’s Course Illustrations & Gallery Many Of The Course Illustrations are Displayed Below. Click On The Picture To See The Full Size Illustration Posted On The Internet. You Can Right-Click Save To Down Load Them Into Your Computer. If You Would Like To Share These Illustrations With Your Friends And Family, Just Click On The Social Media Buttons Provided Or Just Use The Links Provided. All Of These Illustrations Are Free Of Charge And May Be Shared With Everyone, And Posted On Any Website That You Want. The "Share Illustration Button Group" Indicates That There Is A Course Illustration That Is Available For Sharing and/or Download By Clicking On The Buttons Listed Below It. Click The PhotoBucket Button To View and/or Download The Illustration. Click The E-Mail Button To Send The Illustration's Download Link To Someone. Or, Click The FaceBook, Linked-In, Stumble Upon or Twitter Buttons To Share The Illustration's Name and Download Link With Your Social Group. (Animated) (Animated) “Adversity Is A Sudden Change In Direction On A Need To Know Basis” Claris Giving Speech Standing in a Fire The Emotional Guidance Scale Every Element of a Situation Has Many Possible Outcomes How To Use Your God Power Cover (Animated) Elements of a Situation Can Have Good & Bad Results Everything Is Working Out For You If You Know It Is Affirmations & Confirmations are Seeds - Page 6 How to Analyze Situations Vibrationally What Is The Universe?

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - (Animated) (Animated) (Animated) (Animated) How To Activate A Frequency Vibration Man With Negative Thoughts Vibration Wave & Resonance Man With Positive Thoughts Vibration Wave & Resonance Woman’s Thoughts Creating Positive Wave & Resonance Aging is Not a Physical Process It is a Thought Process - (Animated) (Animated) (Animated) I Can Have Any and Every Experience That I Decide To Have No Resonance Being Activated - Unlike Frequencies Nothing in the Universe was ever created on the basis of Proof First The 1959 Getting Younger Experiment Opportunities And Solutions DO NOT Resonate With Worry Ageing Is A Thought Process The Beliefs & Meanings Level - Radio Illustration The Brain Map Is Like A Radio Dial The Four Sources Of Your Beliefs The Past Present & Future Are Changed in The Now - - (Animated) (Animated) (Animated) Opportunities Reality Go Round Our Energy Fields Surround Us Quantum Physics is the Science Of Observers Giving Meaning Reality By Personal Creation or By Default The Reality Go Round - Page 7

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - (Animated) (Animated) (Animated) (Animated) (Animated) Reality Go Round Bodies Always ReNew Themselves Reality Go Round I Can Have Any Experience I Want Reality Go Round I Feel Young Ageing Reality Go Round Resonance Being Activated - Like Frequencies (Animated) (Animated) (Animated) (Animated) Teach This Material To Someone & Learn More Yourself The Chamber Maids Experiment Explained The Power and Extreme Importance of Faith The Reality of Coincidence Accidents & Chance Change The Meaning & The Situation MUST Change - - The Two Main Resonant Groups Believe In Amazing Things! Thou Shall Not Judge Thine Own Point Of View We Have The Free Will To Decide Our Fates Whatever You Believe Is Possible Becomes Possible The Universe Will Change For You We Are Gods You Must Decide Illustration Your Body’s Representation as Marionettes Your Thoughts Are The Invitation - - Page 8

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - (Animated) (Animated) Your Thoughts Signal The Hypothalamus Into Action You Don’t Need Protection From Anything Things Are Not Good Reality Go Round Multiple Personalities Explained Bodies Can’t and Don’t Age Reality Go Round (Animated) - (Animated) (Animated) How To Use Your God Power - Philosophy Richard Lee McKim Jr Believe In The Extraordinary Bernadette’s Finger in Candle Flame For 10 minutes! The Physical Body & Its Sensations Are Separate Functions Life Is The Journey Between Point A to Point B - How To Use Your God Power - The Master's Course 40 CD Audio Book 18 DVD Video Collection. Click On The Picture For More Information. Page 9

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - Richard Lee McKim Jr. In The Media Click/Type This Link: SPIRITUALLY RAW TV “The Ass Whipping Truth” Where spirits meet skeptics and consciousness connects! We explore and expose controversial truths, myths, theories, and religious dogma surrounding the spirit world. Special guests range from Psychic Mediums to Catholic priests and everyone in between. Be prepared for a cataclysmic collision of energies! NO topic is TABOO! Page 10

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - How To Use Your God Power "The Master's Course" Book 1 20 Video Examples - 537 Links (Audio Book Download Included) Chapter 1 - Your GOD Power - This Chapter Explains what Your God Power is and Gives Several Real Life Examples of God Power In Action to Create Both Beneficial and Detrimental Results. Chapter 2 - The Meaning of Life (Your Life) - It Explains What Your Life Purpose Is and Why You Became A Physical Human Being Here on Planet Earth. Chapter 3 - The Most Powerful Formula in Your Life - This Chapter Sets Forth a Perfect Life Formula That Will Always Work To Keep Your Life Experience Happy, Successful, and Satisfying. Chapter 4 - Frequencies And Meaning - This Chapter Explains That Meanings Have Certain Frequencies. When These Frequencies Are Added Together, They Create Everything From an Atom, To Your Life Experience and Even The Entire Universe. Chapter 5 - Resonance, The Secret Match-Making Force Of The Universe - It Explains The Concept of "Resonance" which is the Basis of "The Law Of Attraction." Resonance is a Primary Force of The Universe, Second Only to Meaning. Paperback Edition: ( 6"x 9" - 228 Pages) Kindle Edition: (Read On ANY Device) Audio Book 12 CDs: (318 Tracks 11.2 Hours) Page 11

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - How To Use Your God Power "The Master's Course" Book 2 26 Video Examples - 852 Links (Audio Book Download Included) Chapter 6 - The Power of Labels - This Chapter Explains How Powerful Labels Are And How To Use Them in a Beneficial way To Create Your Reality You Want. Chapter 7 - You Must Decide - This Chapter Explains That Decision And The Subsequent Alignment With That Decision, Is One Of The Most Important Foundational Techniques Reality Creation. Make A Decision and Align with it. Chapter 8 - What is Reality? - This Chapter Explains The Concept Of “Reality.” What Is Reality? There is Not One Overall Reality. We Each Have Our Own Individual Realities That We Form and Shape Ourselves. No Reality can Interfere with another’s Reality. Chapter 9 - The Reality of Your Life Experience - This Chapter explains what part Religion Plays in Reality Creation and answers the Question whether our Lives are governed by our own Free Will or destined by Fate. Chapter 10 - The Reality of Your Body as a Representation - Our Bodies do not function like Machines, that they are in fact just a representation, a projection, a result of our thoughts. A change in our thoughts can and does result in an actual physical change in our body, good or bad. Paperback Edition: ( 6"x 9" - 336 Pages) Kindle Edition: (Read On ANY Device) Audio Book 17 CDs: (533 Tracks 16.1 Hours) Page 12

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - How To Use Your God Power "The Master's Course" Book 3 15 Video Examples - 552 Links (Audio Book Download Included) Chapter 11 - The Reality of Your Emotions - This Chapter explains that our Emotions are a Powerful Guidance System. While our Emotions do not create in themselves, they do indicate the power and direction of our creations. Chapter 12 - Changing Your Own Reality - This Chapter Explains the different ways that we can actually alter our Realities. It includes 10 Video examples that help to demonstrate the possibilities of Hypnosis, Psychedelic Drugs, as well as stories and examples of altered Realities. Chapter 13 - The Reality of The Skeptic And The Doubter - This Chapter Explains that while the “Skeptic” is a Master of Reality Maintenance, his opinions and points of view are only valid within his own Reality and have no basis in Yours. You have the ability to think and do things that the Skeptic cannot even imagine, and therefore outside his Reality. Chapter 14 - What Is Theoretically Possible in Your Own Reality - It sets forth amazing thoughts & ideas of what is possible. Learn directly from another’s mind, living or dead. Change your body to match the one you had in a 10 year old photo. Create a “Magical” Home Pharmacy that automatically turns candy into powerful medicines. Chapter 15 - Conclusion - This Chapter brings together all the powerful concepts taught in the course and clearly demonstrates that you can Use Your God Power to Get Everything You Ever Wanted and Live The Life Of Your Dreams. Paperback Edition: ( 6"x 9" - 244 Pages) Kindle Edition: (Read On ANY Device) Audio Book 13 CDs: (398 Tracks 12.4 Hours) Page 13

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - How To Use Your God Power Products How To Use Your God Power Master's Course DVD-ROM •555 Page Fully Integrated E-Book - Illustrations - Video Links •35+ Hour Audio Book – Fully Integrated with the E-Book •1,500 Slide Power Point Presentation Fully Integrated •51+ Hour Flash Movie Presentation - Fully Integrated •Over 100 Video Examples Referred to by Internet Links •Over 100 Illustrations and Animations - Fully Integrated •Links to over 100 Video Examples How To Use Your God Power Master's Course - 40 CD Audio Book •Entire Course Recorded on 40 Audio CDs •Each CD Has an Information Track That Explains What it Covers •The Course Is Recorded on 36 CDs and Includes 4 Bonus Review CDs! How To Use Your God Power Master's Course - 18 DVD (9 Box) Set •Entire Course in a 9-Box, 18 DVDs •The Course is Nearly 40 Hours Long •The 18 DVDs + Bonus Review DVD! •Course Chapters are Divided into Easy To Watch Segments Page 14

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - How To Use Your God Power Master's Course With The 30 Day, Habit Breaking, High Intensity Training/Coaching One on One Tired Of Not Getting Ahead? Confused By The Barrage Of Conflicting Advice? Do You Want To Be Able To Actually Collect Your Share From The Abundance of The Universe? Are You Ready To Take Action Right Now, and Be Creating The Life Of Your Dreams In 30 Days Or Less? If So, Then You Need This 30 Day High Intensity, God Power Training. This High Intensity Training Is The ONLY Way To Quickly And Effectively Change Your Life. You Will Have 30 Consecutive Days of One On One Coaching and Intensive Training Directly with Richard Lee McKim Jr. Himself. This Special Training is Designed to Break ALL of Your Old Ineffective Habits and Create New Powerful Habits that Will Automatically Transform Your Life. You Will Learn How To Use Your God Given Power, To Change Your Reality, On A Daily Basis, To Get Everything You Ever Wanted and Live The Life Of Your Dreams. Every Single Day Will Be Reviewed & Discussed To Insure Success. Expect To See Positive Results Fast. Most Start Seeing Positive Results With In Just A Few Days Of Starting This High Intensity Training. This Intensive Coaching Will Continue With Follow up Calls and Regular Contact to Insure That You Are Successfully Using Your New Skills. Home Study Materials: This is The Complete How To Use Your God Power Master's Course. It comes with 40 Hours of Video on 18 DVDs. It Includes The Complete Audio Book on 40 CDs. It also has the 1500 Slide Power Point Presentation of The Course and Another 40 Hours of Video in The SWF Interactive Format. NOTICE: Do To The Intense Nature Of This Powerful Training, There Will Only Be A Few Openings. This Training Is Success Driven and Designed To Create A Life Long Change In 30 Days Or Less. If You Really Want A Positive Change In Your Life Quickly, And Are Willing To Go The Distance And Do The Work, This Is The Program For You. Page 15

How To Use Your GOD Power - 2010 Richard Lee McKim Jr. - “The Only Book That A Human Being Needs On Planet Earth” RLM What is in This Amazing Book… We were created in the Image of God, and thus endowed with a Special “GOD Power,” that we do not share with the Animal Kingdom. This God Power, is not only the Basis of all Miracles, but, it is so Significant, that it is the Basis of the Entire Universe. Your GOD Power, Is the Unlimited Ability to “Change Your Own Reality.” Your “Individual Reality,” is not bound by the Laws of Nature or even the Laws of Physics. This Book covers Your Life’s Purpose, and how you planned it, since before you were even Born. It teaches you how to use Your “Reality Changing” GOD Power, to Become Healthy, Lose Weight, STOP Aging, find Your Perfect Mate, Develop Special Abilities, and Create Your Own Personal Reality the way You want it. With Your GOD Power, You Have the Unlimited Ability to Create, Attract, and Manifest anything and everything that You have ever wanted, easily and without effort. Special Features: This one of a kind “Audio-Video-Text Book” is a Complete Course which not only has the cited references, but it also has Video Examples, Video Demonstrations, a 35 Hour Audio Book (40 CDs), a 51 Hour Slide-Show Presentation, and a 51 Hour Flash Movie Presentation, which are all Integrated & activated from inside the Book itself. It also has hundreds of Pictures & illustrations, chapter review points, and a chapter review quiz at the end of every chapter, with the answers in the back. You can also Burn Your Own Audio Book CDs which you can listen to in your CD Player or Car. (It takes 40 CDs) Also included are all the Programs that you will need to read the Book, listen to the Audio & watch the Videos. Page 16

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