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Information about How To Use the PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM and Load Card | Telephone

Published on February 13, 2014

Author: ThomasOMercado



These are some easy instructions and how-tos on installing, activating, loading and using the PLDT Landline Prepaid Plus (Wireless Landline service) SIM and Load card from

How to use your PLP Prepaid service? b. Dial 101212 + the 12 digit card PIN then press call. To register to PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid Plan 300: Register via PLDT Load Card: 1. Buy a P300.00 PLDT Load Card at your nearest PLDT Sales and Service Center or any authorized retailer and follow the instructions at the back of the card: a. Lightly scratch off the protective ink to reveal the PIN. 1012121 1112345 6789 c. Wait for recording to confirm if load was successful. IVR confirmation spiels: You have successfully loaded P300 pesos to your e-wallet. It will expire on <load expiry date>. Your new e-wallet balance is <balance>. Once successful you can now register your desired plan.

Load via Smart / PLDT E-Load: 2. Go to any PLDT Sales and Service Centers or PLDTLoad / SMARTLoad retailer. There are more than 1 million outlets nationwide. a. For Metro Manila subscribers, ask the retailer to load to your account. The retailer should use 0632 + your 7 digit number when loading to your PLP prepaid account. b. For non-Metro Manila subscribers ,the retailer should use 63 + 2-digit area code + your 7-digit number when loading to your PLP prepaid account. 634612 34567 063212 34567 c. Note: It is important to ask your retailer to show you the confirmation message on his cell phone. You will also receive a confirmation message via text on your PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid service.

Sample SMS Notification to PLP Prepaid via Retailer: 06Feb 17:37:P300 loaded to 6323572488 from 09497003245. Consume by 4/21/14. Ref:00330010011 2 2. Register to PLP Prepaid Plan 300. Dial pound sign (#) one zero one asterisk (*) 300. Example(#101*300) then press call. #101*300 The system will then use the P300 load in your e-wallet to register your desired plan. 3. Wait for the recording to confirm if your registration was successful. IVR spiels: You have successfully registered to package P300 and which will expire on < MSF expiry date: 30 days >

After registering you can now make Local calls to any landline . You have 600 free minutes per month plus you will also have 30 days incoming calls on PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid service. Please note that for long distance calls, calls to mobile and for text messaging, you will need to have additional load in your e-wallet. Rates: The corresponding rates will be deducted from you e-wallet. Once the system detect that you do not have enough load to make long distance calls, it will advise you via recording that you do not have enough load to completer your call. To avoid this, please ensure that you have enough load in your e-wallet. You may buy additional load: Via e-load or PLDT Load Card at any PLDT Sales and Service Center or any SMART Retailer (over 1 Million Nationwide).

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