How To Use The Lottery, To Attract Wealth & Prosperity By Richard Lee McKim Jr

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Published on February 19, 2014

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The State Lottery provides a wonderful and effective tool for manifesting wealth using the Law of Attraction. For a few Dollars, you can attract Millions of Dollars without winning a single Dime. The Lottery is one of the few tools that can easily leverage the power, of the Law Of Attraction, to make you wealthy.

How To Use The Lottery, To Attract Wealth & Prosperity The State Lottery provides a wonderful and effective tool for manifesting wealth using the Law of Attraction. For a few Dollars, you can attract Millions of Dollars without winning a single Dime. The Lottery is one of the few tools that can easily leverage the power, of the Law Of Attraction, to make you wealthy. Law Of Attraction The Law Of Attraction states that what you think about, and have strong feelings about, you will attract into your life. This law simply means that, if you think you are poor and you constantly think of poverty, you will attract poverty. If you think of wealth and prosperity, you will attract wealth. The Bible says: “He who hath, shall hath more, and he who hath not, even that which he hath shall be taken away.” How do you know whether He “hath” or “hath not?” It doesn’t come from an outsiders point of view. To understand this you must view it from the first person’s point of view. Whether he hath or hath not comes from the person himself. He thinks and feels that he has or he thinks and feels that he has not. If he thinks that he has (Hath) and he feels abundant and will resonate with Abundance. Then by the law of attraction, he will attract more and he “shall hath more.” If he thinks that he Hath not, he is broke, then by the law of attraction, he will attract circumstances that match that feeling and thought, and even that which he hath, will be taken away. He will attract more lack and more poverty. It’s The Meaning The power of the Law Of Attraction comes from the Meanings that you attach to your Circumstances. Your Feelings indicate the type of Meanings that you have about your Life and circumstances. If you could really feel rich and prosperous, even though you are really broke, you would attract opportunities and circumstances to become rich and prosperous. The problem with this is that when you say and think that you are rich when you are not, you feel like you are lying and you just don’t feel that it is true. This commendable effort may even make it worse for you, because, by trying to think something that is not true, it can make you feel even more broke and hopeless. This attention to that fact that you really are broke can attract even more poverty to you. So, how can you get a REAL feeling that you are rich when you are not? By using your State Lottery.

How The Lottery Makes You Feel Rich Studies that have been done on lottery players, found that, moments before the purchase of a Lottery Ticket, the “Buyer” feels skeptical about the possibility of winning. However, moments after buying the Lottery Ticket, they Feel Lucky and they feel like there is a possibility that they could actually win. They get excited about it. Since having a Lottery Ticket gives you the REAL feeling of being Rich because it MEANS that you have the REAL Possibility of Getting Rich, then it has the power to attract wealth into your life. You don’t have to work so hard to Fake the Feeling of becoming wealthy, because you know that there is a VERY-REAL chance and FACTUAL basis for your optimism. You can really feel it. It is exciting. You Don’t Have To Win, To Win Since we are focused on the Law Of Attraction, we don’t care if you win or not. We only care that you get, and maintain, the feeling of possible riches. This is where the attraction comes in. If you maintain the feeling of being rich or possibly getting rich, you will attract prosperity into your life, even if you never win the Lottery. How To Get The Most From Your Purchase Most people waste the potential power of their ticket purchase by buying it at the “wrong time.” Most people see the Lottery amount going up and up, and then suddenly run down to the store, on the eve of the drawing, and buy several tickets. This is a total waste of their money and effort. Doing it this way, you will only have the Good Feeling for a couple of hours, from the time you bought the ticket, to the time the drawing is held. And, since we are only shooting for the feeling and excitement of possibly winning, buying more than one ticket is not necessary. The best way to get the most benefit from the State Lottery is to extend the time that you are feeling like a possible winner. Buy your ticket as early as possible before the drawing. Having that Lottery Ticket in Your Pocket MEANS that You REALLY Could Get Rich! This way, you have the great feeling all day, every day until the drawing. The most powerful system is this. Buy many drawings in advance for the same number. You pick the number and then check off how many consecutive drawings you want to play that number. This way, your same exact ticket is still “Good” even if you didn’t win the drawing just now. There is no “Failure action” of having a no-good ticket that you now have to throw into the trash. Like the “Every-Ready Bunny,” the ticket just keeps on going and going, it is still good for the next drawing, and the next, etc. You always have that constant feeling of possibly becoming rich at ALL TIMES.

The Economy System. I know that money can be short sometimes and you may not be able to buy so many tickets (plays). So what you do is, buy only one ticket for as much time in advance as you can. This way you have just one ticket that is for a drawing that is for several weeks (If Possible) from now. This way you can still have the feeling that you have the winning ticket, week after week, for only one Dollar. An Alternative to The Lotto Drawing Buy a scratch off ticket that has the highest possible “Prize” that is available. Keep it for a Month or more on Your Dresser or in your car in sight or where it best catches Your attention most of the time. Keep thinking about it and the Amazing Possibilities that it represents. Before You actually scratch it off, buy another Scratch off ticket for the next Month. This way when You scratch it off, and it is not the Grand Prize Winner, You still have a “Dog in the Race.” You still have a chance of winning! The Other “Unknown Winners” We know exactly how many Lottery winners there are because they are announced in the paper and TV. etc. But, how many people have succeeded because of the Lottery, even though they never won? There is no way to keep track of this, but they far outnumber the actual cash winners. When people play the Lottery regularly, they maintain that underlying feeling of prosperity and success. These other “winners,” got raises and promotions at work. They received an unexpected inheritance, or large gifts. They got an idea for a new business or invention. Or they attracted countless other opportunities and benefits because they kept feeling like they were on the verge of becoming wealthy. Could You Get The “Feeling” Another Way? Could you get the same Feeling from a slot machine? Sure you could. But, the feeling would only last for about 30 seconds, from the time you dropped the coin in the slot and pulled the lever until the time that the last wheel stopped spinning and you realized there was no chance of winning. Can you feel prosperous anyway, in the face of poverty without the Lottery? Yes you can, and that is the way you use the Law of Attraction to do it. But, if it is hard for you to get the REAL feeling that you really could become rich, then you can buy the REAL feeling for one Dollar per week. How great is that? “May You Have The Life Of Your Dreams.” Richard Lee McKim Jr. Author How To Use Your God Power, “The Master’s Course” © 2013 Richard Lee McKim Jr.

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