How to use Qwaya for a beginner

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Information about How to use Qwaya for a beginner

Published on September 14, 2016

Author: divinebalubar



2. Qwaya? Who, where, what... is that?

3. Qwaya is a powerful self-service tool for any business!

4. It is a tool for any business who seeks to save time and increase performance when working with Facebook ad campaigns.

5. With Qwaya you can create, publish, track, optimize and organize any Facebook ad types with sophistication and usability

6. To start, go to your browser

7. For today, let us use Chrome and Google

8. In your browser type

9. Then click the ENTER key in your keyboard

10. You are now directed to this Qwaya site

11. Sign up and start a free trial

12. Before you proceed, take a look at the features

13. Ad scheduler, ad rotation, ad and campaign rules

14. Targeting, campaign organizer and split testing

15. And other features with Google analytics integration

16. Now click the Sign Up button

17. Fill up the sign up form

18. Start with your First Name

19. Followed by your Last Name

20. Then write your e-mail address

21. Provide your Password

22. Then re-type your password

23. Write also the name of your company

24. Followed by your company website

25. Write the name of your country too

26. Provide your phone number

27. Together with your location

28. Your Sign up form should be filled like this

29. Then click Create my account

30. Qwaya will now confirm if your sign up was a success

31. Open your email and copy the activation code that Qwaya sent

32. Paste the activation code that you copied from your e-mail into the box

33. Then click the Activate button

34. First thing, you are asked to connect to Facebook to get an account

35. Click the Connect Facebook account button

36. When Qwaya confirms, click the OK button

37. Click OK to allow Qwaya to manage your pages and insights

38. Then you will be directed to this dashboard

39. On the upper right corner you may check Updates anytime

40. Click Support as well if you need help

41. Now click the Settings button

42. Click Facebook connections under settings

43. Click the Reconnect account button

44. Next, click Qwaya users to connect with them

45. Hit the add button to start inviting your team

46. This time click Google Analytics

47. Your account is not connected so click Connect with Google Analytics

48. Click the Allow button when Qwaya would like to know your identity

49. Your Qwaya account is now connected with a google account

50. The rest are no longer urgent : plans & billing, company & profile

51. Incase you need to change password , go to the settings!

52. When done using Qwaya just click Log Out

53. Now click the Refresh button then start using Qwaya

54. Click Select ad account

55. And you are directed to your recent statistics

56. On the upper portion is the task bar

57. Click Create Ads on the task bar

58. Then you are being asked what do you want to advertise?

59. Choose Pages and Places then click on your existing FB page

60. Now you are to choose which ad format do you want to use

61. Choose one on the left side menu: you can

62. Decide on what kind of FB ad that you are going to create

63. Example, you may want to create a Page like ad format

64. Just Click on it

65. Then you are directed to this page

66. Now try creating a Link ad

67. On the next column choose your objective for this ad

68. Choose clicks to Website

69. Now add the display link in the next box

70. Next click the dropdown arrow in the call to action box

71. Choose Learn More as a Call to Action

72. Click Add post link to add a URL

73. Then Click Add post text

74. Then write the text of your ad

75. Now click the Add link headline

76. Then write your catchy Headline

77. Click Add description then write a short description of your link ad

78. Now click the Add images button

79. Then you will be directed to this blank page

80. Click the Choose File button

81. Now it’s time to edit placement of your ad

82. Click on the boxes for the preferred placement of your ad

83. Then click the Save as button

84. Write a Name for this ad to be able to reuse anytime

85. Then click Save to ad account

86. So here is your created Link ad

87. Now Click Set Targeting in the task bar

88. These are the categories that you may set for your target audience

89. Set your target Location

90. Choose the language of your target audience

91. Set the age and gender

92. You may click split to analyze the results later

93. For the age you may split it every ?th year

94. Now set the interests of your target client

95. You can also include their Demographics and Behaviors

96. Even their connections, relationships or education and occupation

97. Then click save after setting all the categories

98. Come up with a Template name so you may reuse or revise later

99. The summary of your target shows that you have 1 ad with 4 categories

100. Click Manage Custom audiences to edit or adjust your set target

101. Now click Publish ads on the task bar

102. Then click Generate Ads

103. Accomplish this basic and tracking settings

104. Click New Campaign then Write your campaign name

105. Click New Folder

106. Write the name for this folder

107. Then click OK

108. Set the time and date when you want your ad to start

109. Set also the time and date when you want to end it

110. Now set your budget for this ad also

111. Set page likes for optimization

112. Then pay for impressions

113. Set the Max bid to automatic

114. Now Click Tracking Settings

115. Click on Google Analytics

116. Click custom then write the key and value

117. Now click Generate Ads

118. So here is the summary of your ad

119. Then click Generate 4 ads

120. Just click OK when you see this message

121. With Basic Statistics you can visualize with graphical reporting

122. You may also schedule your campaigns to run at specific time period on specific days

123. You may automatically pause your ads based on predefined rules

124. You can rotate your ads to combat ad fatigue and distribute impressions

125. Now discover the features of Goal Statistics

126. With Goal Statistics you may analyze and copy your audience

127. You may edit and copy your ad content

128. You may edit your ad bidding too

129. And you can configure view through tracking

130. Do you want to advertise another ad? Just follow the same process

131. Then do the necessary adjustments based on your ad results and analysis! Need someone to assist you on this? Contact me and I will gladly help you grow your business.

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