How to use picmonkey for a beginner

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Information about How to use picmonkey for a beginner

Published on September 14, 2016

Author: divinebalubar


1. Tutorial Picmonkey

2. Hi! Here is my tutorial lesson on how to use

3. First, What is ? ?

4. … is essentially an online tool that allows you to do basic photo editing

5. … it is used to create Logos, Edit Images & Social Media Graphics

6. ...this online app is free to use but you have to pay for the premium version to maximize its functions.

7. Let’s Get Started

8. In your browser type

9. Here you see the different function icons

10. You may edit, touch up, design or make a collage.

11. Edit and Touch Up ...these two menus go together in manipulating your photo.

12. You may crop, resize, add text, change the colors etc.

13. Edit and Touch Up You may upload your own picture or image and apply the necessary edit too

14. So here is a photo sent to me me which I downloaded from facebook

15. What’s wrong with this picture?... It is too dark that you can’t barely see the face

16. Let’s Do the Application Using the Free Trial Version

17. Click Touch Up to edit the photo...

18. Click computer to choose a photo to touch up

19. Look for the downloaded picture from your files

20. Click the picture that you have chosen...

21. This automatically pops out in the file name box

22. Then click OPEN!

23. Your screen automatically goes back where you left

24. Picmonkey is now ready with its Basic Edit Functions.

25. It gives you the freedom to CROP your photo

26. Basic Edits give you the freedom to change the Canvas Color

27. Basic Edits give you the freedom to Rotate...

28. Basic Edits give you the freedom to edit its Exposure...

29. Basic Edits give you the freedom to edit Colors...

30. Basic Edits give you the freedom to edit the Sharpness

31. Basic Edits give you the freedom to Resize

32. Start editing this photo by Clicking Exposure

33. Adjust the brightness and there you see!

34. Adjust also the highlights, sharpness and contrast until you get the desired look of the photo

35. Go back to the basic edits then click CROP

36. Adjust the line guide on what to crop to remove unnecessary parts or spaces

37. Drag the line guide then Click Apply when done

38. On the left is the original photo- see the difference!

39. Now click RESIZE to come up with your desired photo size

40. Fill the boxes under resize

41. Then Click Apply!

42. Now Save your RESIZED photo

43. How to edit a photo using TOUCH UP function

44. Click the girl icon on the left

45. Click Blush Boost

46. Choose the color that you wish to apply on the photo

47. Adjust the brush size so that it’s easy to apply the imaginary blush on.

48. Right click and hold as you apply blush boost on the face

49. With a slight blush on, you should see the difference

50. How to add text to a photo or image using picMonkey?

51. Click Tt icon on the left to add text to an image

52. Choose your desired font

53. Type the word or text in the box that popped out

54. Right click then drag to highlight the text

55. After highlighting the text select your preferred color on the right

56. Highlight the text again then adjust the size

57. You may change the color, font or size of your text anytime

58. How to add FRAME to your Photo or Image?

59. Click the square icon on the left side to add frame

60. Example choose POLAROID frames

61. Click to choose your border design

62. Click your chosen design

63. This will give you a photo with a frame

64. Change the background color after adding your frame

65. You can add background color or leave it transparent then click apply.

66. Always click apply when done

67. Try other possible options like this museum matte design

68. Or use craft scissor for your border design like this

69. You can apply all the functions and come up with your desired design and better quality of photo like this...

70. Design Function It allows you to start with a blank canvas so you can easily create images from scratch.

71. How to use design function in making a Website header ?

72. Hover your mouse over the design icon

73. Click custom to modify the size of your canvas

74. Change the pixels required by the theme of your website

75. Click Make it to create a customized canvas

76. Now you have the blank canvas with the required pixels

77. Click the butterfly icon at the left to add an overlay

78. Choose among the overlays

79. Choose Banners then click engraved banners

80. Pick one among the designs like this

81. Then change the size and color of your chosen design

82. Drag the four corners to adjust the size of the design

83. Change the color based on your personal preference

84. Click Tt icon on the left to add text to your banner

85. Write the word or words on the text box

86. Adjust the font size to make it bigger or smaller based on your need

87. Right click, hold and drag the text to the Center of the design

88. Highlight the text then change color

89. Click “add text” to write another word or words

90. Adjust the size or color based on your artistic imagination

91. Click the uppermost icon on the left to go back to the basic edits

92. Then click Canvas Color to make it transparent

93. Click transparent canvas

94. Click apply to attain a transparent background

95. Click the butterfly icon for another overlay

96. Click Graphic Blooms to grab a flower design

97. Choose a flower with a hole to create a logo later

98. Drag the box guide to adjust the size based on your need

99. Change the color based on your desire

100. Click a geometric figure as another overlay

101. Move the black circle over the flower

102. Add another circle over the black circle

103. Adjust the color of the last circle into white or yellow

104. Add another text to be used for the logo

105. Adjust its size based on your desired concept

106. Right click, hold and drag the two initials on top of the white circle

107. Adjust the color of your new logo based on your desired outcome

108. Go back to the Basic Edits then click CROP

109. Adjust the sides until you are satisfied

110. Click apply when you are done adjusting

111. So here is the logo that we have created

112. Click save to make a copy for future use

113. Write a file name with .png so that your logo will remain transparent

114. Click Save in my computer

115. Go back to your working area, click the butterfly icon for another overlay

116. Click “add your own” to retrieve the logo that you saved with .png

117. So here is your own overlay-the logo or design that you have saved

118. Adjust the size of the logo to fit in the banner design

119. Adjust the size and color depending on your choice and design

120. Change the color of the banner into pink by changing color 1 in the overlay tray

121. Change the color until your satisfied based on your website theme or design

122. Save your work again in dot PNG ( .png)

123. Then upload it as your website HEADER

124. Watch out for my next tutorial to teach you how to design your website

125. How to Create Watermarks using Picmonkey

126. Choose any of the canvas design from the picmonkey site

127. Click facebook cover for your canvas design

128. Change the canvas color to transparent

129. After checking transparent canvas click APPLY !

130. Click Add text to your blank transparent canvas

131. Write your text in the box

132. Go back to overlay icon then click “add your own”

133. Retrieve the logo that you saved with.png

134. Adjust the size of the logo then put it besides your text or name like this

135. Adjust the size of the design and the fonts of your text

136. Go back to the basic edits then CROP the logo together with the text

137. Click APPLY

138. Then SAVE your cropped logo design to serve as your watermark later

139. Go back to the blank canvas and choose one

140. Click overlay to add your own photo

141. Click “add your own” to retrieve any photo or file of yours.

142. With this picture, it’s now ready to apply a watermark

143. Click overlay , click “add your own” then retrieve the logo design

144. Adjust the color exposure of your text to make it transparent

145. Move the logo design across the image to serve as watermarks

146. These are just some of the things you can make with PICMONKEY Hope you learned something from me Thank You!

147. That’s the awesome PICMONKEY, That is free to use for you and me. Thanks to the creators of picmonkey, Because Our job is now easy. Pictures, logos, or graphic designs are now happy, We are already able to enhance their beauty. Thank you for reaching this far… I hope my effort, time and sacrifice are worthy so far! Always remember my name divine-your enterprising virtual professional online!

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