How to use IFTTT for Beginners

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Information about How to use IFTTT for Beginners

Published on September 14, 2016

Author: divinebalubar


1. IFTTT ( “if this, then that” statement ) ( TUTORIAL )

2. Open your browser

3. Type in your browser

4. Click ENTER in your keyboard

5. Look for the SIGN UP button on the upper right corner

6. Click the SIGN UP button

7. Fill up the empty boxes with appropriate information

8. Enter your email address

9. Provide also your password


11. Click the word THIS to learn the basic format of IFTTT

12. This is a sample statement to get you started with IFTTT

13. Click the word “that” to complete the statement

14. This is a sample statement using IFTTT called recipe

15. Now click CONTINUE to learn more about the basic set up

16. This is an example of a recipe after connecting two channels

17. Click continue to discover more

18. Here are some of the channels that you can connect using IFTTT

19. Click the icons that interest you -example FB, GMAIL, TWITTER

20. Then click CONTINUE after choosing 3 channels

21. You are now presented the different recommended recipes

22. Let’s choose recipes for SBO by clicking on it

23. These are some of the recommended recipes

24. Click my recipes to create your own

25. Click Create a Recipe to make an “IF Recipe”

26. Click the highlighted word “this” in the IFTTT statement

27. Search for the channel that you would like to trigger

28. Scroll down your mouse to look for the Facebook icon

29. Click the Facebook icon

30. Click connect button

31. Click Not Now when IFTTT would like to post to facebook for you.

32. Click DONE to proceed to the next step

33. Click continue to the next step button

34. Click one among the triggers

35. Click “create trigger” button

36. Now click the word “that” in the IFTTT statement

37. Again, choose an action channel to connect

38. Scroll down and look for the twitter icon

39. Click the twitter icon

40. Click connect button to connect with twitter

41. Click “authorize app” for IFTTT to use your account

42. Click done button to proceed to the next step

43. Click “Create Action” to complete action fields

44. Click post a tweet with image

45. Write the caption that you want to be posted on twitter

46. Example: hey, take a look at this new image I have found

47. Click “create action” button

48. Just wait while your recipe is being processed

49. Here is the 2 channels linked together using IFTTT

50. Click “create recipe” to create and connect

51. Your RECIPE is already created with an ID No. 40415883

52. This recipe will connect your facebook and twitter accounts

53. Review the action to be done then click UPDATE button

54. So here is the recipe title that you have created

55. Click Turn Off if you no longer want IFTTT to post for you

56. Now let’s check if the new recipe works

57. Go to your facebook account then upload a new photo

58. Right Click on your profile picture to upload

59. Click on your chosen photo

60. So here is the new profile picture that you just uploaded

61. Now sign in to your twitter account to find out

62. Click “View File” to see your automatic post

63. Here it is posted automatically in your twitter account

64. Time to create a new RECIPE with IFTTTT

65. Go to again then Click My Recipes

66. Click Create a Recipe button

67. Click the highlighted word “this” in the IFTTT statement

68. Look at the channels and choose a trigger

69. Scroll down and look for the facebook icon

70. Click on the Facebook icon

71. Choose a trigger among the choices

72. Look for a trigger if you are tagged in a photo on facebook

73. Click on the trigger

74. Click Create Trigger button

75. CLICK the highlighted word “that”

76. This time look for dropbox as an action channel

77. Scroll down until you find the dropbox icon

78. Click on the dropbox icon

79. Click connect button

80. Click allow button for IFTTT to use your dropbox

81. Click Done Button

82. Click continue to the next step button

83. Now you have to choose an action again

84. Click one among the choices

85. So you are done with the 6th step -scroll down

86. Look for the Create Action button then click

87. Click Create Recipe button

88. So here is the recipe that you just created

89. Scroll down again then click Update button

90. Click the edit symbol if you want to change the action

91. Click the stop symbol if you no longer like IFTTT to do the task

92. And there are lots of other recipes that you may create based on your personal or business needs That is the awesome IFTTT

93. To name a few, check out the following sample recipes

94. It’s easy as long as you have accounts in these channels

95. Just go back to the tutorial and follow the same procedure

96. Whether you want to connect the social media

97. Or any internet platform i.e. google apps

98. You can automate saving or posting

99. Or sync all your devices

100. Automatically download attachments or back up any materials as needed

101. Most of all you may use IFTTT to thrive in your business

102. So, that’s IFTTT! Thank you for your time. Hope you learned something from me again. Remember, if you need a VA just contact me: ENTERPRISING DIVINE, YOUR E.V.P. ONLINE (enterprising virtual professional)

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