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Information about how to use herbal wood glass

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: shivdixit4


PowerPoint Presentation: Guidelines For the use Herbal Wood Glass PowerPoint Presentation: What is Herbal Wood Glass- Herbal wood glass is a Herbal treatment for Diabetes. It’s created by the wood of Vijaysar tree. Vijaysar is known as Indian Kino tree. It helps to reduce the Blood Sugar from Body. There is no side effects of the Herbal Wood Glass. It also have many extra Benefits. Like Controlling B.P., Curing Ulcer ,etc.. PowerPoint Presentation: It’s the holy tree,Vijaysar (Indian Kino Tree).The Herbal Wood Glass is created with the wood of this holy tree. This Tree is the good blessing of the god for Diabetics. PowerPoint Presentation: How Herbal Wood Glass is created Herbal wood glass is made of the wood of the vijaysar tree.And vijaysar is the proved herbal treatment for Diabetes.It is also known as Vijaysar . PowerPoint Presentation: How Herbal Wood Glass helps to control Diabetes- It improves the efficiency of the pancreas. And it helps to maintain the ratio of Blood sugar and insulin in our Body. It contains the polyphenolic Compounds. It helps to improve the Efficiency of the pancreas. PowerPoint Presentation: How to use Herbal Wood Glass- It’s the Natural Process that helps to improves the efficiency of the pancreas. PowerPoint Presentation: The steps for using Herbal Wood, Glass- 1. Fill the glass with water at night. 2. Keep the water in the Wooden Glass for 8-10 hrs..And you will see the change in color of the water. It changes to the Wooden or Brown color 3. Pour the water into the normal glass from the Wooden Glass. PowerPoint Presentation: 4. And drink this water in early in the morning. 5. Repeat these steps for at least 1 month. 6. Wash the glass every day. And scratch inside the glass. And use again it for 10- 15 days. 7. Change the glass when the color changing stops. Or change the glass after use of 45 Days. Extra Benefits of Herbal Wood Glass- PowerPoint Presentation: It’s not only helps in Diabetes But it has many extra benefits. Like- 1.Diabetes-It’s mainly the cure for Diabetes. 2.Ulcer-using the herbal wood water prevents you from the Ulcer. 3.High B.P.-It helps you to maintain the B.P. level on the average level. 4.Obesity-It helps to prevent you from the obesity. 5.Joint Pains- Vijaysar is also the proven treatment for the Joint Pains. 6.Improve your Digestion-It helps to improve the efficiency of the Digestion System. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You For Patience Contact Us- HERBAL WOOD GLASS # 41, First Floor , Khamdhenu Shopping Center, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur -302016 Rajasthan – India Website-

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