How to use Google Form

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Information about How to use Google Form

Published on September 14, 2016

Author: divinebalubar



2. Maximize the use of GOOGLE FORM

3. Go to your browser

4. On your browser type

5. Then click ENTER in your keyboard

6. Then log in to your gmail account

7. Now look for the Google apps icon on the upper right corner

8. Click on the Google apps icon to find out what’s with Google

9. This time focus only on the Google Form, within Google Drive

10. So click the Google Drive icon

11. Then you are directed to this dashboard

12. On the left side of your screen is the Google Drive menu

13. It contains files in the drive that has been saved, shared or edited recently

14. On the lowest portion you will see the updated storage

15. For a FREE account you enjoy 15 GB drive storage

16. There is an option to upgrade to avail up to 1 TB

17. My account shows that I have used 42 MB of the free 15GB

18. Now click the NEW button on top

19. In the dropdown menu you see some of the Google features

20. Together with the Google Docs, Gogle Sheets & Google Slides

21. Click folder to create a new one

22. Or click upload file if you need to

23. You may upload a whole folder also!

24. Click Google Docs if you want to work on a word pad

25. Click Google Sheets if you are to work on an excel file

26. Click Google Slides if you need to prepare a ppt. presentation

27. This time click More then click Google Forms

28. An untitled form like this will appear on your screen

29. On the upper right part of your screen click the color palette icon

30. Now you see the different colors

31. Click orange to change your violet header

32. Click the color palette icon again to change it with an image or picture

33. This time click the image icon

34. Now you may select a theme

35. Click on the image chosen

36. Then click the select button

37. Now it’s time to work on the Untitled Form

38. Click on it then overwrite with VAP SURVEY as a new title

39. Change the header with a new uploaded image

40. Click upload photo in the menu bar

41. Choose an image in your photo album then click Open

42. Click the Select button

43. So there is your new header

44. Under the title VAP SURVEY -write a short description

45. Then click on the +sign button

46. Click on the word Question then overwrite with a word Name

47. Click the dropdown arrow at the far end

48. Then select “Short answer”

49. Slide to the right the required button under it

50. Then click the +sign button again for the next line

51. This time change the word Question with E-mail

52. Then change the answer into “short answer”

53. Now click the preview icon

54. And your VAP SURVEY FORM should look like this

55. Now it’s time to Formulate the questions

56. Click on the +sign button then write your Question

57. Type: Have you heard about VAs in the Philippines?

58. This time choose multiple choice for the response

59. Then slide to the right the required button again

60. Next question: If YES, what are the tasks of a Virtual Assistant that you know?

61. Then for the response choose checkboxes

62. Slide to the right the required button again

63. Follow the same procedure until you have written all your questions

64. You may also choose “paragraph” for the response

65. For the Responses: dropdown, multiple choice, short answer, checkbox & paragraph could be used

66. So when you preview your questionnaire it should look like this

67. Now click the preview button

68. The preview of your questionnaire

69. The Preview of your questionnaire

70. The preview of your questionnaire

71. The preview of your questionnaire

72. Now if you want to add another section click the last button

73. Then click the +sign button

74. Then write a title again: Find out more about

75. Just leave the response option as is

76. This time insert a video in your questionnaire

77. Click the video icon on the right side

78. Click on the video that you have uploaded

79. Then click Center align

80. Click on the +sign again to add a comment option

81. Then choose Long Answer Text for the response

82. Don’t forget to slide the required button

83. Then add another one to be able to capture the email

84. At the same time to show sincerity about your promise

85. Then choose short answer for the response

86. Again, turn the required button to green

87. The recipient should be able to watch the uploaded video

88. Have the option to write a comment below

89. And write all your requirements with ease

90. For them to be able to SUBMIT the survey form back to you!

91. Once submitted it is automatically recorded

92. Monitoring of responses is done with ease if you use Google form for surveys

93. You can look at the summary or at the individual responses

94. The responses are automatically translated into a pie or bar graph

95. Every detail is being accounted for

96. Whether long , short or a mere click response is given equal attention

97. What else can you do with Google form?

98. You can actually send right away to your respondents

99. You can make a copy of it

100. You can move and save to a folder

101. You can move to trash if it has already served its purpose

102. You can get a pre-filled link

103. You can also make a hard copy by printing it

104. You can share it with collaborators

105. You may share it to the public on the web, or anyone with the link

106. Or share with a specific person only

107. That’s it! Is Google Form great? Maybe it’s time to maximize it If you don’t have time to use it, may I apply to help you with it? Yours truly, enterprising Divine your E.V.P. online!

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