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Published on October 13, 2014

Author: ConorDevery



First Response Training, LLC is a privately owned business that teaches CPR, First Aid and other medical courses for the medical and non medical communities.

1. How to Use an AED Automated External Defibrillator First Response Training, LLC

2. How to use an AED 1. Turn on AED 2. Place pads on victim 3. Analyze the heart rhythm 4. Shock if prompted First Response Training, LLC

3. 1. Turn on the AED Follow the voice and / or visual commands AED’s can be turned on with either:- • A button • OR BY • Opening clear face plate First Response Training, LLC

4. 2. Expose chest • Remove any medication patches • Make sure chest is clean and dry First Response Training, LLC

5. 3. To Attach Pads • First: • Remove pads from packet • Remove backing, one at a time, from pads, then First Response Training, LLC

6. 3a. Attach Pads 1. One pad goes on the upper right chest below collarbone. 2. One pad goes on lower left side chest wall.

7. 4. Plug in Connector • If necessary plug in pad connector to unit. • There is a flashing light beside the slot. First Response Training, LLC

8. 5. Stay Clear • Make sure nobody , including yourself, is NOT touching the victim. Say “Everyone stand clear!” First Response Training, LLC

9. 6a. Analyze the Rhythm • Once the pads are in place the AED will “analyze” the heart rhythm. • Some AEDs require a button to be pressed to analyze. First Response Training, LLC

10. 6b. Analyze the Rhythm • There are 4 electrical rhythms that the heart can be in when the heart stops beating. • Only 2 of these rhythms are shockable. • If “shock advised”, shock victim and start CPR • The other 2 are non shockable. • If “No shock advised” then start CPR

11. 7. Deliver Shock If AED Prompts a Shock • Make sure no one is touching victim • Push the “shock” button • (some AEDs will shock automatically) First Response Training, LLC

12. 8. After Shock • Do not turn off AED…. • It is now safe to touch Pads and patient First Response Training, LLC

13. 9. Perform CPR • After shock, or if no shock is advised, continue CPR. • Every 2 minutes follow the AED prompts • Stop CPR if you see signs of life – (breathing, movement.) First Response Training, LLC

14. 10. Special Circumstances For: 1. AED and children 2. AED and wet person 3. AED and hairy chest 4. AED and pacemaker 5. AED and bras 6. AED and jewelry First Response Training, LLC

15. 11a. AED and Children • AEDs can be used on children as young as newborns • Some AEDs have child pads • Use child pads if child is younger than 8 and less than 55 lbs • If no child pads ,adult pads may be used First Response Training, LLC

16. 11b. AED and Children Pad Placement in Children • Follow manufacturer directions • One pad goes in center of chest and 2nd pad goes on center of victim’s upper back First Response Training, LLC

17. 12. AED and Wet Person • Dry off victims chest (and back if a child under age 8.) • Attach pads following manufacturer directions • The rest of the victim does not need to be dry. • AEDs can be used on wet surfaces and snow so long as patient is dry and not in a puddle of water. First Response Training, LLC

18. 13. AED and Hairy Chest • AED may not stick to victim with hairy chest. • Some AEDs a have a razor in the kit • Shave ONLY the area of chest that pads will attach to • Wipe off hair and attach pads • If no razor present attach pads to chest and see if AED will work • If AED does not work continue CPR First Response Training, LLC

19. 14. AED and pacemaker • Pacemakers are located under the collarbone on right or left side of chest • If located on right side place AED pad 1 inch below pacemaker • Continue with AED prompts First Response Training, LLC

20. 15. AED and Bras • Many bras contain metal (Clips, underwire) • Remove / cut bra if AED pads will touch the metal First Response Training, LLC

21. 16. AED and Jewelry • Ignore jewelry if it will not touch AED pad • If in the way push jewelry to side of neck away from AED pads. • Do not waste time removing jewelry First Response Training, LLC

22. First Response Training, LLC • First Response Training, LLC is a privately owned business that teaches CPR, First Aid and other medical courses for the medical and non medical communities. • Please visit us on the web at Conor Devery owner

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