How To Update Your LinkedIn Profile and Add Connections on LinkedIn

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Information about How To Update Your LinkedIn Profile and Add Connections on LinkedIn

Published on October 23, 2014

Author: virginiagins



Are you still dragging your feet on LinkedIn? Are you wondering whether you should create a company profile and encourage your employees to have their profiles linked to yours? While some companies avoid, and even blogck employees from using LinkedIn, many others find that it can be a valuable tool in finding new customers and employees.

If you haven't updated your LinkedIn profile for a while, here are some reasons to do so now:

- 300 million people use LinkedIn
- There are 2 million new LinkedIn members per second
- There are 100 million U.S. LinkedIn users
- 40% of LinkedIn users check LinkedIn daily
- 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn
- Most LinkedIn users have between 500-999 connections
- Most LinkedIn users are members of 1-9 groups
41.5% successfully use LinkedIn to build new relationships with customers

Digital Marketing Ramblings

1. 8swellstrategies Getting Started on LinkedIn Virginia Ginsburg President & Chief Consultant Swell Strategies

2. LinkedIn UPDATING YOUR PROFILE 8swellstrategies

3. Go to Profile > Edit Profile 8swellstrategies

4. 1. Update your photo with your new one 2. Update your title to match the website 3. Edit your location and expertise if needed 4. Edit your contact info if needed 5. Edit your link so that it is easy to remember 8swellstrategies

5. Update your Background Summary with your new bio 8swellstrategies

6. 1. Click “Edit” for Skills 2. Enable endorsements as shown 3. Add areas of expertise 8swellstrategies

7. Add your educational background 8swellstrategies

8. LinkedIn FINDING CONNECTIONS 8swellstrategies

9. When you go to “Edit Profile,” LinkedIn will recommend people for you to follow 8swellstrategies

10. LinkedIn will suggest people with whom you might want to connect – just click the “Add Connections” icon at the top 8swellstrategies

11. Search for specific people using the search tool 8swellstrategies

12. Go to Connections > Find Alumni and search for people based on your alma mater 8swellstrategies

13. Use the search tool to search for companies that might be of interest to you 8swellstrategies

14. Go to Connections > Add Connections and search for contacts based on your email address 8swellstrategies

15. LinkedIn USING GROUPS 8swellstrategies

16. 1. Go to Interests > Groups and search for relevant groups 2. Join groups that seem interesting to you 8swellstrategies

17. 1. Go to Interests > Groups and search for groups relevant to Bonafide 2. Look at people who are members of the group, and ask to connect with them 8swellstrategies

18. LinkedIn MAKING CONNECTIONS 8swellstrategies

19. People have different privacy settings on LinkedIn. Most of the time, when you click “connect,” you will get this pop-up box. 8swellstrategies

20. 1. Sometimes an invite is sent automatically without you needing to fill out information. 2. Note that in this case, LinkedIn recommends similar people with whom you could connect 8swellstrategies

21. People with high security settings require you to know their email address in order to connect with them 8swellstrategies

22. LinkedIn MANAGING YOUR CONNECTIONS 8swellstrategies

23. 1. Monitor the “add connections” icon for new invitations 2. You can easily accept invitations to connect by scrolling over the invitation 8swellstrategies

24. LinkedIn ACCOUNT SETTINGS 8swellstrategies

25. Make it easy for people to connect with you! 1. Go to your profile picture and select “Review” for Privacy & Settings 2. Go to “Communications” and select “Select who can send you invitations” 3. Use the settings shown 8swellstrategies

26. You may want to adjust the frequency of your notifications 8swellstrategies

27. Good Luck! 8swellstrategies Virginia Ginsburg President & Chief Consultant Swell Strategies

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