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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: sivapp2000



Tutorial on How to type in different known languages in different applications like word processors, worksheets, social media etc. .

•Just one time installation only. •Always available in the background. •Works Off-Line also. •Easy method to type in our known languages. •One solution to type in various text input area in applications like; MSWord, • MSExcel, • MSPowerpoint, • MSAcess, • Naming/Renaming Files, • E-mail, • Google Search Window, • Web Pages, • Face book, Twitter etc. •

Type DIRECTLY in the applications. • No need to Cut/Copy & Paste from other software. • Easy to ‘Print’ as displayed. • No need to download FONTS separately. • No need to learn keyboard layout of languages. • Easy Phonetic Key input. •

Easy to select the words from the suggestion list. • Easy to correct. • Multiple language input in the same document. • Easy to switch between languages by ALT+SHIFT keys. • Can display On-Screen Keyboard, enabling selection of letters. • Abbreviated words input by creating ‘MACROS’. •

Windows XP users to click & read the steps. Select the desired languages Tick ‘I agree …’ check box (after reading Terms ……) & click ‘Download’ button. Run the installer after the download is complete, following the on screen instructions.

HOW TO USE? 1.After installation is successful open a MSWORD new document. 2.Save it giving a name. 3.Start typing & the letters appear in English. 4.To switch the language, press ALT+RIGHT-SHIFT. 5.Observe that a Language tool bar appears at the Bottom-Right corner of display. (Also ‘TA’ appears in the task bar near the clock.) 6.Start typing using PHONETIC Keystrokes. 7.Observe the Tamil letters & words appearing in the SUGGESTION LIST. 8.Select the appropriate word.

1. To switch to next language (Hindi), press ALT+RIGHT_SHIFT again. 2. Observe that the Language tool bar at the Bottom-Right corner of display changes to Hindi . (Also ‘HI’ appears in the task bar near the clock.) 3. Continue typing & observe that the Hindi words appear in the suggestion list. 4. Select the appropriate word. 5. To Switch back to English font, press ALT+RIGHT_SHIFT till EN appears in the Task Bar. (Language Tool Bar disappears). 6. Pressing ALT+LEFT_SHIFT invokes previous Language font. 7. When other language is active CTRL+G toggles between ENGLISH & the Language. 8. When language tool bar is active, language can be switched by clicking on the Font and selecting.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Try the various language input in other applications like Excel, Powerpoint etc. It has to be invoked for each application. In a particular application, works with all files of that application, till the application is closed. It works fine at any area where text input is accepted (except PASSWORD accepting area), like File Name, Webpage’s Addressbar, Search bar, email, Chat Window, Note-Pad, Sticky notes etc. Text Formatting, including WORDART works well with all language texts. More options are available, including MACROS (shortcuts for frequently used words). Pl. Go through the Help Document by clicking on the last (menu) Icon/Help.

Type Directly in Tamil instead of ‘TANGLISH’

1. Open a Word File & save it giving a name. 2. Press Alt+Right_Shift to invoke the Language tool bar. 3. Click on the Gear (Menu) Icon . 4. Context Menu opens. 5. Click on ‘Manage Macros’ & its dialogue box opens. 6. It is empty for the first time. (Already created macros are shown). 7. Click on ‘ADD’ button. 8. Double click in the text box under ‘Macro Text’ & type the shortcut tv. [only English letters are accepted]. 9. Under the ‘Macro Target’, double click and type the Tamil word திரவளளவர். 10. We cannot store a sentence as spaces are not allowed. 11. Click ADD and create one more macro. (tk for திரககறள்). 12. Click Save button & close the Dialogue box.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Start typing the body of the Word file. Ensure that the Tamil input is active. Type ‘tv’ & observe that the suggestion list appears with Tamil words. The stored word in Macro Target, appears as the first suggestion in the list. When Spacebar/Enter Key/any Special Character is pressed after ‘tv’, the word திரவளளவர் appears in the Document.

1. 2. Similarly when the letters ‘tk’ is typed, the word திரககறள் appears…. This way the frequently used words could be stored in macros & used.

Click here to display more suggestions. Click here to open Google search for the highlighted word.

1. 2. 3. More than one Macro Target can be stored for a Macro Text. E-g, for the text ‘tv’, திரவளளவர் as well as திரவளளவம் are stored as Macro Targets. When the shortcut ‘tv’ is typed, both words appear in the Suggestion List. (pl. see next slide)

The appropriate word can be selected.

      Macro created in one application works with other applications also. Macros are ‘Case Sensitive’. Macros created in one language, does not work when the other language input is ‘Active’. Macro Text should consist of only alpha-numeric characters and the length should not exceed 100 characters. Macro Target should not contain any spaces and the length should not exceed 50 characters. (There are methods for inserting sentences [50 Characters]). Send me e-mail to learn.

Modifying and Saving Macro Entries:      Any cell in Macro can be edited by double-clicking on it (or selecting the cell and pressing the F2 key). The edit can be cancelled at any time by pressing the 'Esc' key or clicking outside the cell. To complete the edit, press the 'Enter' key. After completing all edits, click on the 'Save' button to save your changes. Click on the 'Discard' button at any time to discard all the changes made so far (since the previous save action). Removing a Macro entry:   Select the cells you want to delete (use Shift + Click to select a range or Ctrl + Click to select multiple disconnected cells), then click on the 'Delete' button. Note that you cannot delete a single cell. If you delete a cell, the full row will be deleted.

      This Presentation is done purely for tutorial purpose only & for no commercial gain. Pl. share this with others. Author does not intend to violate any copyright. For full features and setup issues, pl. refer to the ‘Help’ of the software. Users are advised to go through the Google Terms of Service & Privacy policy before using. Author is not responsible for any loss/damages, infringement of copyright etc.

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