How To Troubleshoot Most Common Email Issue On Apple iPad?

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Information about How To Troubleshoot Most Common Email Issue On Apple iPad?

Published on February 23, 2018

Author: bellsouthemaillogin


How To Troubleshoot Most Common Email Issue On Apple iPad?: How To Troubleshoot Most Common Email Issue On Apple iPad? 1(800)-322-2590 Slide2: Emails work just fine on Apple iPad unless there is some seriously wrong with the iPad. Bellsouth email is like any other email service, which has the same kind of features that you would find in Gmail, Yahoo, MS Outlook or any other email. You can log-in to your Bellsouth email address by easily entering your username and password. Problems don’t usually arise in Bellsouth email, but when they do, there is always a solution for each one of those problems. Slide4: Sometimes, Bellsouth email can go down due to email server error while at other times, connectivity issues can cause disruption in the service of Bellsouth email. I have also seen people facing email related issues related to account setup. Slide6: Your emails aren’t received on your Apple iPad Many times, people find that they will start up Bellsouth email app and receive an error message in which it is mentioned that email can’t be retrieved. If you face this issue, then the first thing that you will have to do is check whether you are connected to the internet or not. Pay attention to the Wi-Fi logo that you see on the home screen or 3g/4G indicator or LTE indicator. The type of indication that you see is going to depict the type of connection and its signal strength. Slide8: If you don’t see any kind of indication or signal strength, then here is what you are going to do: Go to ‘Settings’ menu on your iPad. Tap ‘Wi-Fi’ option and make sure that the slider corresponding to ‘Wi-Fi’ is turned on. You also have to make sure that there is a check mark available on the Wi-Fi network. Slide10: If you see no checkmark on the Wi-Fi network, then tap that Wi-Fi network, which is available for you to join. Enter the password for that network. If you are using 4G iPad, then tap ‘settings’ option followed by ‘cellular data’. Tap ‘view account’ option to check whether the login information that you’ve entered is correct. Slide12: If you are still getting problems in getting an email or receiving an error message, then you can go to actual email settings for your Bellsouth email account. Go to ‘settings’ menu. Tap ‘mail, contacts and calendars’ tab. Tap your Bellsouth email account or the one that is problematic. Tap ‘account’ tab on the next screen. Check if the email ID and password that you have entered are correct. Slide14: When you enter your Bellsouth email and password again, then you will see ‘verifying’ word at the top of the screen. Your account will start to work after that. In case, you get another error message or the screen gets hung on the ‘verifying’ option, then here are the steps that you can perform: Slide15: Go to ‘mail, contacts, calendar’ tab. Tap on that email account, which is giving you problems. You need to check that your email account is listed as ‘ON’ if the same is a POP3 email account. Also, make sure that the email is turned on in IMAP accounts. Slide16: In case, you are still not able to get the email, then try deleting the account and set it up again. If you are using an IMAP account, then the emails will be saved on the server and after that, they are going to be reloaded when the account has been set up. After setting up the account again, you will see ‘verified’ check marks during set up. If you see these check marks, then everything is fine.

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