How to travel more when you work a 9 5 job

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Information about How to travel more when you work a 9 5 job

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: Wale7



It may be your dream to spend every minute travelling. Learn How to travel more when you work a 9 5 job.

How to Travel More When You Work a 9 – 5 Job /691/how-to-travel-more-when-you-work-a-9-5-job/ It may be your dream to spend every minute travelling but the reality is that most people just don’t want to leave a steady job. So what can you do? Well it is possible to do quite a bit of travelling even if you maintain your 9 to 5 job if you follow the steps below: Make use of weekends, leave as soon as your work weekends and return in time for Monday morning. Extend your weekend by taking a personal day or one of your vacation days together with the two day weekend. Travel to destinations that are a short flight away. Map out public and national holidays on a calendar for the year and see where there are reasonably short gaps between the holiday and the weekend so that you can take vacation days and bridge the gap. For example if Wednesday is a national holiday take Thursday and Friday as vacation days and travel from the end of the work day on Tuesday until Monday when you need to be back at work. Negotiate unpaid leave with your employer. See if there is any part of your job you could do online, allowing you to work away from the office for a couple of days. Then take your trip. Negotiate taking a month off work instead of the standard annual vacation time. Do this by offering to work on the road, make up the missed time in overtime, take some of the time as unpaid leave or save up vacation days until you have a month due. Work longer hours during the week to make up for getting Fridays off so that you can have long weekends to travel. Get a job that involves travel - These days there are many travel related jobs, and the world has become a global village so language and long distances are not as big an obstacle as they have been in the past. Become an international journalist, an air hostess, travel guide, courier or international sales person. Work elseware – You can get a job working in your chosen field but just in an exotic or far-flung location. Even if you clean houses, baby sit, work in hi-tech, theatre or the food industry whatever you do you could be doing it in any city in the world. Once you base yourself in a part of the world that interests you you can then take side trips to the surrounding countries. Remember that before approaching your boss about time off you should have established yourself as a valuable

employee, have a good relationship with them and assure them that you will be back. Another important point is that travel destinations can be just around the corner. Make the most of the interesting sites in your own country and even in your own city. What is your opinion on how to travel more when you work a 9 – 5 job? Share it in the comment box below. By: Adewale Adelani Travel enthusiast with a passion for Social Media and Travel Manager at DAHLA TRAVEL, a travel, tours and activities company in Dubai, UAE. Circle on GooglePlus Like on Facebook

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