How to Terminate a Frozen Program in Microsoft Windows

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Information about How to Terminate a Frozen Program in Microsoft Windows

Published on January 19, 2018

Author: Julian7Springer


How to Terminate a Frozen Program in Microsoft Windows?: How to Terminate a Frozen Program in Microsoft Windows? Hotmail.SupportNumberIreland.Com Slide2: Windows is a flagship operating system (OS) of Microsoft. With multiple application support and versatility, the OS is able to endeavor high-end features that deliver a friendly environment to the users. If you are a Windows’ user you better know this OS. Using it you can do many things at once. Over time, due to generic software, heavy usage or old patches, it starts to freeze, slow down the computer performance and consumes the entire memory of the PC. In that case, process killing is necessary. Therefore, Microsoft Support is stating a few steps to get you rid of such circumstances. If this sounds good means you are reading the worthy one. So what are waiting for? Go through the list steps and fix your computer in no time: Slide3: First of all, try to close all the running programs. Using the mouse cursor, navigate to the close button and click it. If this doesn’t work, then follow the next ones to continue. Right-click on the desktop, and choose the Start Task Manager tab from the menu that appears. Now, the Task Manager utility will open up. Here, in the Application tab, you will see a list of programs/software/application that consume the memory. Slide4: Select a one. To that end, click your desired one. After making a selection, see right below at the current window. There should be three buttons: End Task, Switch To and New Task. Click the End Task button to terminate the chosen. This may take a few seconds, but will surely close that. Now, you can restart your computer. Slide5: Follow the above procedure and if you face hurdles or have more queries about it or other matters, then call us. To reach us effortlessly, dial our toll-free Microsoft Support Ireland Number +353-766042738 here, our troubleshooting techniques will help you out. Source: Website:

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