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Published on February 4, 2009

Author: luisgarciall



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How To Style Punk Hair So you want to get yourself a punk haircut and don't know where to begin? Don't worry, we'll show you several easy to attain styles that you can try out on yourself. Step 1: Mohawk First up is the traditional Mohawk. You'll need to ________ both sides of the head all the way round to the back and then leave a long _______ of hair in the centre of the head. Then you gel this upwards into a fan shape, and add some _________ if you want a more individual look. Step 2: Death Hawk A variation of the mohawk is the death hawk. The difference compared to a mohawk is that the strip of hair in the middle is back combed and not shaped into __________. This is usually associated more with _______ and death rocker communities so is sometimes known as the Goth hawk. Step 3: Chelsea Hawk A more popular style amongst women is the Chelsea-hawk. This allows you to keep a _________ and side bangs but to still have a mohawk through the middle of the head. A few colours here and there can also give you a more individual look. Step 4: Liberty Spikes Finally there's the Liberty Spikes, so named due to the resemblance of those present on the __________ of the Statue of Liberty. Basically shave the sides of the head and then form the strip of central hair into evenly spaced spikes. In order to achieve the strength needed to make the spikes stay rigid you could try using _____ ________ rather than gel. Yeah they can stink but you're a punk so you shouldn't give a _______, plus a bit of hairspray should mask any smell. And there you have it, Anarchy in the UK, well in the Barber Shop at least. Shit crown fringe egg strip spikes shave whites colour Goth

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