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Published on February 5, 2009

Author: notebuyi689


Description No-nonsense Note Buying Information. Up-to-date! Hours of FREE Note Buying Training Videos, Free 1-on-1 Coaching Session! Click or Call 718-783-7605

Week 7: The 4 Sources for Bank Notes The 8 – Week Roadmap to Launching into Notes 1

Agenda Following the Roadmap Step by Step: Step-by-Step: • Note Buyer Info Form – STRATEGIZE • The 4 Sources • Unsolicited • Other Investors • Brokers Bk • Banks • Finding Notes – the Checklist 2

First – Licensing – a Revisit • 2 Primary Sources for Advice / Legal • “Smallest Client” for one of them? • $500M • Large Specialty Servicer – 30+ clients – any of them licensed? • No • A number of states have regulatory guidelines for “acquiring” or “buying” security instruments • Future PAC session – “what’s the issue w/ licensing?” – w/one of the 2 key sources 3

Note Buyer Info Form • Take a step back and think about your capabilities Secured Un-Secured Un Secured $$$ 1sts Low-Touch Low Touch 2nds $$ $$ High Touch High-Touch Baseball Bat 4

Note Buyer Info Form • Take a step back and think about your capabilities Secured Performing Non-Performing Non Performing $$$ $$$$ 1sts Refi? Yield Yield? $$ $ 2nds Returns Multiples Refi? Returns 5

4 Sources: Unsolicited Offers • Pro’s: • Take a minute – write down 3 • Con’s: • Take a minute – write down 3 6

Other Investors • Pro’s: • More loans available in smaller bundles (e g (e.g. trickle-down effect) • More forgiving (sometimes less forgiving Newport forgiving, Beach example) • Co-bid / simultaneous bid • Con’s: • See Newport Beach example • Less time to “get out of deals” always focused on “getting into” deals • Price-gouging 7

Brokers • A Helpful Guide Bad Good Knowledge Exclusivity Timing Type Good YES or NO The Bad NO The Ugly Usually YES 8

Brokers – the “Ugly” Ugly • A typical week with the “Ugly” Brokers Ugly DAY 1 - Tuesday ERIC “Represents” Seller “R t ” S ll FRANK “Represents” Seller p Seller? 9

Brokers – the “Ugly” Ugly • A typical week with the “Ugly” Brokers Ugly DAY 3 - Thursday ERIC “Represents” Seller FRANK “Represents” Seller CRAIG For “proofing up” and The “Attorney” y as “paymaster” py Seller? 10

Brokers – the “Ugly” Ugly • A typical week with the “Ugly” Brokers Ugly DAY 4 – Friday PETER ERIC “Seller’s Mandate” “Represents” Seller JOHN S FRANK “Seller’s Rep” “Represents” Seller 18 Hours of “Work” CRAIG MUHAMMAD with No The “Attorney” y “Seller” Seller In Sight 11

Banks • The 4 keys to success … y • Go direct • Be persistent (weekly) • It doesn’t matter how you get through the door … • Just know where you’re going once you get in! 12

Finding Notes – the Checklist • Use the one in the Roadmap! p • The John example • “I made it through!” I through! • So what do they sell? • “Gee, I don’t know …” 13

What We Covered • Note Buyer Info Form y • 4 Exits • Finding Notes – the Checklist 14

Next – Tips from a Broker February 11: 5pm PT 8pm ET PT, “Brokering: 4 Tips to Get it Right” – from a “Good” Broker February 18:Week 8 of the Roadmap – Buying Putting it Buying. all together! 15

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