How to setup your own dropping web site

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Information about How to setup your own dropping web site

Published on August 28, 2012

Author: cheehowan


Creating your own dropshippingbusiness (got a free £5k free?) Road to millions (one day!) Chee Ho Wan #seobarcamp

What do I need?• E-commerce platform• Dropshipper suppliers• Design• Content customisation• E-commerce platform customisation – Stock management – Reviews• Marketing• Costs

E-commerce platform 3rd party solutions Customised e-commerce platforms– Advantages – Advantages • Easy to use • Fully customisable • Cheap to start up (year • Availability of apps suite 1 - £500) – Disadvantages– Disadvantages • High start up costs • Lack of filtering options • More difficult to • SEO poor out of the box manage • All Shopify sites on • Can require own single IP (not a big issue) hardware

Dropshipper suppliers – where to find? Caution: There are lots of dodgy dropshippers out there. Be wary!

Design• None of the standard themes in Shopify we found met our requirements Subsequent designs are cheaper to produce. Design 1 + branding = £1200. Design 2 + branding = £300

Content customisationOnsite product descriptions Affiliate feeds Important to have different feed content to the content onsite

e-commerce platform customisation• Stock management – Product commonly change stock quickly • Ability add new stock • Ability to remove out of stock items• Reviews – Google compliant review system (there were none on Shopify) • Microformats

Marketing Community building!

Costs Tasks Site build 1 Site build 2 Site build £1200 £300 Content – £1000 £1000 product descriptions Marketing and How much How much link building you got! you got! Shopify and £70 per £70 per month credit card month supplier costs

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