How to sell your product when you don't like selling!

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Information about How to sell your product when you don't like selling!

Published on February 25, 2014

Author: KayFranklin



How to sell your product when you don't like selling! Stop trying - be natural.

How to sell your product when you don't like selling

I have heard so many people say that they hate selling and therefore do not want to start an online business that involves them trying to sell something. Of course the truth is that unless something is sold you won't make any money and therefore the process of selling is very important. I am going to discuss how you can sell your products in a non-sales way.

First of all I will make some assumptions: -you are in a niche that you enjoy and are passionate about -you are creating your own information products -you know exactly the kind of problems your ideal customer has -you know exactly what the benefits are to those who purchase your product

In order to be able to sell your product effectively you need to have the above in place. This is even more important if you are going to be able to sell in a way that perhaps you feel more comfortable with.

Helping other people Imagine that you are talking to a friend and they ask you something about your particular niche. Maybe they want help with something or they want to understand why they should do something in order to improve an area of their life.

I am sure that you would quite happily help them out and offer to share your knowledge with them knowing that it will be of benefit to them and that they will be able to solve the particular issues that they have.

You are helping your friend because you are qualified to do so.

So the question is why should it be any different if it is a customer who has the same issue? You are also qualified to help them. In fact it would be mean of you if you didn't help them or at least offer to help.

Therefore offering a product that you have created that solves a specific problem and you know will help someone is a good thing to do. I am sure you would have no problem with that so where does the problem lie?

Charging for it In the example above if you are talking to your friend and helping them then I guess you would not charge them because they have a specific relationship with you that means you are happy to offer them that help for free.

However, if you are running your business to generate income so that you can provide for your family then you need to charge for your help.

Just as your solicitor would charge for their service, just as an optician would charge for their service, just as a tutor would charge for their teaching, it is the same with your business.

You are quite entitled to charge for the help that you are able to provide because you are qualified and have the knowledge that someone else wants to have.

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