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Published on February 28, 2014

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The Enterprise Social Network (ESN) meets a desired set of target features that's believed to be desired within the organisation, such as employee profiles, document sharing, microblogging, news feeds, file syncing, or mobile knowledge access, along with supporting technical capabilities like application integration, search, administration consoles, and governance features.

Enterprise Social Network Comprehensive study

“… this process, which goes to the heart of much IT adoption and optimization, means that we only have a rough idea of what we’re really doing and we need full contact with reality — namely actual business processes — to see if we’re on the right track. Unfortunately, our internal stakeholders are usually uncomfortable being the subjects of such experimentation.” The Value of Social Business: Exploring the ROI Question Dion Hinchcliffe April 2012

KINSHIP enterprise Overview Empower, collaborate and transform into a successful social business.   KINSHIP  enterprise  empowers  you  and  your  employees  to:     •  Listen  to  and  be,er  engage  internal  audiences   •  Easily  and  openly  communicate  with  people  up,  down  and  across  your   organisa9on  for  produc9ve  collabora9on  and  engagement  with  business  goals   •  Improve  agility  by  connec9ng  with  the  right  people  to  share  informa9on,   reducing  costs  and  9me  to  value   •  Tailor,  scale  and  enhance  pla>orm  func9onality  to  con9nue  to  evolve  with   business  needs  and  social  opportuni9es     The  result?  An  agile,  insigh>ul  and  collabora9ve  organisa9on.  

Executive Summary 1.  Objective - Engagement at Scale 2.  Business results are driven by process simplification, collaboration, integration, and change management 3.  Enablement of Future of Work 4.  Notion of social everywhere 5.  Business enablement through Centre Of Excellence (repeatable platform, processes & governance) 4

Talk doesn’t cook rice. Chinese proverb

ESN Two Selection Lenses “Target  Features"  Lens   “Business  Requirements”  Lens   The  ESN  meets  a  desired  set  of   target  features  that's  believed  to  be   desired  within  the  organisa9on,  such  as   employee  profiles,  document   sharing,  microblogging,  news  feeds,  file   syncing,  or  mobile  knowledge  access,   along  with  suppor9ng  technical   capabili9es  like  applica9on  integra9on,   search,  administra9on  consoles,  and   governance  features.     The  ESN  meets  a  more  abstract  set   of  business  requirements,  selected  to   address  a  list  of  long-­‐standing  func9onal   challenges,  e.g.  increasing  employee   engagement,  enhancing  collabora9on,   be,er  access  to  knowledge,  reducing   travel  costs,  speeding  up  business   processes,  or  enabling  the  future  of  work.        

Overview of Business Benefits ESN provides tangible and intangible business benefits, under 3 main categories: v  Improved Efficiency and Business Culture via: 1  2  3  4  5  Leveraging knowledge across Business Units, Locations, Age and Experience* Increasing communication speed* Increasing Employee / Stakeholder engagement and work satisfaction* Simplification of processes Breaking down silos v  Increased Revenue via: 6  7  8  9  Improving speed to market Solving problems quicker (customers / providers)* Increasing innovation* Increasing productivity v  Minimising variable Costs such as: 10  Training / On-Boarding* 11  Printing / Emailing / File sharing *refer Sandy Carter IBM VP Social Business Sales & Evangelism July 1 2013 7

Team Business Benefits social inside can help on these counts : v  Talent on-boarding and induction 1.  Continue induction experience beyond formal group sessions 2.  Help bond and form relationships in workgroup 3.  v  v  v  Highlight relevant people and knowledge groups – “crack the knowledge networks” Cross Sales 1.  Finding expertise 2.  Knowledge exchange 3.  Training e.g. repository of voice calls Cross Departments Connection 1.  Finding knowledge and expertise 2.  More efficiently communicating with other teams 3.  Innovation Corporate Communications 1.  Share and connect effectively across time zones 2.  Management of issues across time zones 3.  Better document and media sharing & management

Corporate Business Benefits In addition to the Team Business Benefits there is an important “horizontal” or Corporate Business Benefit: v  Wide executive adoption and engagement is a key success factor v  Success stories which are relayed by executives are a powerful motivator v  All staff need to have a “minimum standard” profile v  With all staff enrolled the seeds for emergent collaboration are sewn v  Changing culture requires mind-numbing repetition – the system provides an avenue for this For example, based on employees’ roles and place in the corporate hierarchy, people could be automatically enrolled in particular
 groups with recommendations on people to follow, documents to 
 read, training courses to take, etc.

Leading Vendor Solutions 
 - ability to deliver business benefits Knowledge Sharing Comms Speed Engage -ment at Scale Simplifi -cation Breaking down Silos Speed to Market Problem Solving Innovation Producti -vity Onboarding Email / Print/ File Sharing Jive Google + tibbr Chatter/ Jam/ OSN Yammer Social cast Open Text News Gator Telligent IBM Connect. 1

Overview of ESN Functions (1/2) FuncCons Details AdopCon Applica9ons   (forums,  blogs,  wikis,   files,  calendars,  etc.)   Beyond  micro  blogging  and  ac9vity  streams,  specific  applica9ons   to  support  diverse  ac9vi9es. Func9onality  matches  users’  needs  and  ac9vi9es   more  closely.   Not  9me  wasted  using  yet  another  tool. Authen9ca9on  &   Membership   (login,  permissions,  )   Integra9on  into  iden9ty  management  systems  and  fine  grained   permissions.   Rich  user  profile  (details,  roles,  points,  connec9ons,  teams,  own   contribu9ons)  and  personalisa9on  of  layout,  content,  language. Ease  of  access  via  single  sign  on,  simple  and   unclu,ered  naviga9on  and  content  due  to  data   segrega9on  and  permissions.   A  rich  profile  for  users  to  present  themselves  and  a   personal  space  for  them  to  work  from. Customisa9on   Branding,  naming  conven9ons,  naviga9on  and  layout.   Easy  customisa9on  and  extension  using  scrip9ng  languages  and   administra9on  console.   Create  new  applica9ons  using  a  pla>orm  API. Looking  good  +  branded  =  enjoyable  &  familiar.   Familiar  terms,  not  imposed  by  the  solu9on.   Simplicity  and  UX  consistency  of  screens.   Create  new  func9onality  and  don’t  mul9ply  tools. Integra9on  &     Add-­‐Ons   Mail  gateway  and  integra9on  with  enterprise  solu9ons  (e.g.   Lync,  SharePoint,  Fast,  ..).   Mobility.   API  available  to  build  more  integra9ons. Users  can  follow  conversa9ons  and  even  contribute   via  email  or  in  a  mobile  applica9on.   Useful  integra9ons  with  other  Enterprise  Apps  (e.g.   Ac9vity  Stream  or  Related  Content  in  CRM) Search   Advanced  search  for  content,  people,  place,  etc.   Integra9on  with  enterprise  search  solu9ons  (e.g.  Fast). Finding  everything  and  anything  easily  via  keywords   (topics),  authors,  places,  and  more. 1

Overview of ESN Functions (2/2) FuncCons Details AdopCon Security   Permissions  to  access  (view)  or  contribute  to  the   community  and  specific  areas  (teams),  applica9ons  within   teams,  and  documents  in  applica9ons.   Defence  against  intrusion  (solid  authen9ca9on,  SSL,   banning  of  IP  addresses  or  users),  spam,  and  offensive   content.   Logging  of  events.  Legal  discovery. Simplified  view  of  a  poten9ally  complex   community  structure.   Reliable  confiden9ality  of  informa9on  both   within  the  collabora9on  pla>orms  (members   permissions)  and  externally  (non  members).   Safe  and  clean  environment  free  of  spam  and   other  offensive  content. Social  Engagement   Micro  Blogging  and  Ac9vity  Streams,  @men9ons,  #tags,   files,  conversa9ons,  friends/connec9ons.   Comments,  Ra9ngs,  Like,  Report.   Reputa9on,  author  and  content  scorings. Familiar  and  very  up-­‐to-­‐date  experience  inspired   by  social  web  solu9ons  (online  forums,  blogs,   wikis  and  social  networks  we  already  use  in  both   our  personal  and  professional  lives. Teams   Structuring  collabora9on  /  conversa9ons  in  teams  (groups)   and  sub  teams  =  by  areas  /  depts.,  topics,  projects,  or   other.   Allowing  to  join  teams  (and  sub-­‐teams)  freely,  or  with   valida9on  or  even  invita9on  only. Content  is  organised  and  can  be  subscribed  to   selec9vely.   Private  or  open  groups  can  be  established  to  suit   organisa9on.  Mul9ple  levels  a  plus. Tools  /  Deployment   Administra9on  and  developer  tools  including  licenses,  site   permissions,  naviga9on  and  content  customisa9on,  event   logs  and  excep9on  reports,  jobs  scheduling,  emailing.. Admin  users  or  power  users  without  technical   knowledge  can  easily  deploy  &  configure  without   the  need  for  IT  or  vendor  support. 1

Leading Vendor Solutions

Ability to deliver key functions Applications richness Social features Customisation ability Integration capabilities Teams structure Security & confidentiality Tools / Deployment ease Authentication & membership 1

TCO versus Application richness Applications richness Vendor Pricing Models: •  By seat •  By CPU •  By Functional segmentation •  ULA 3yr TCO 1

User Adoption and Business Value at Scale Integration to file sharing, conferencing Business Teams Customization – UX Applications – Wiki, Blogs Integration to horizontal processes – HR, Finance Integrated Deployment – Future of work/Mobile Integrated Analytics & reputation (people & media) Gamification Enterprise search integration Enablement of Future of work/Mobile Base Integration – SSO, Security, AD Vertical Integrated Social – e.g. business process Social Engagement – e.g. Microblogging External Communities – e.g. broker 1 16

Key Decision Criteria What  decision Why RecommendaCon Data  privacy Patriot  Act  and  PRISM  have  clear  implica9ons  on  the  privacy/ confiden9ality  of  company  data  with  most  cloud  solu9ons  hosted  in   USA Either  restrict  Company  business  use  to  non  confiden9al   data  OR  implement    a  company-­‐controlled  ESN IntegraCon,  incl.  SSO,   social  everywhere ESN  could  either  be  a  des9na9on  or  an  experience  delivered  within   business  processes  from  basic  SSO  to  crea9ng  engagement  related  to   business  processes  (business  benefits) Implement  an  integrated  (simple  but  valuable)  horizontal   and  (integrated  team  based)  ver9cal  ESN  strategy   Enterprise  wide Deployment  model  to  a  ver9cal  (e.g.  CRM)  and/or  to  the  en9re   organisa9on Both  model  op9ons  should  be  considered  as  o_en  the  ROI   is  related  to  the  ver9cal  and  the  cultural  change  is  related   to  the  horizontal Mobile Varying  level  of  ESN  mobile  support  and  some  solu9ons  have  their  own   app  strategy  while  others  offer  integra9on Mobility  should  be  enabled  through  the  Company  FOW   strategy  and  the  ESN  should  support  the  socializa9on  of   mobile  app  experience Legal  discovery Discovery  would  support  governance,  HR,  and  legal  requirements. Legal  discovery  is  a  must AnalyCcs Understanding  the  team  ESN  use  and  reputa9on  of  people  /  media   would  support  successful  adop9on The  no9on  of  analy9cs  everywhere  and  reputa9on  is  a   must ImplementaCon  speed The  mode  of  delivery  by  the  ESN  vendor  (cloud,  hybrid,  or  on-­‐premise)   will  effect  the  cost,  flexibility,  9me,  and  func9onality  in  deployment   op9ons Select  an  ESN  solu9on  that  has  a  modular  func9onality   deployment  approach  with  the  target  data  environment  to   be  on-­‐premise  data Investment ESN  funding  model  will  support  deployment   Base  level  investment  in  limited  horizontal  func9onality   and  iden9fiable  ver9cal/team-­‐based  business  benefits  (&   related  func9onality) Customisable  UI  /   personalisaCon Varying  ability  of  ESN  vendors  to  modify  UI  and  personalisa9on  based   on  role  and  reputa9on.  Customisa9on  is  key  to  business  benefits.   Personalisa9on  is  key  to  user  adop9on  and  business  benefits. ESN  solu9on  must  be  customisable  at  the  team  level    and   be  able  to  be  end-­‐user  personalised. 17

Keys to ESN success

1.  Executive Adoption Sponsorship is not enough! Executives have to change their work habits also.
 2.  Establish and Communicate Value Establish gaps, problems. Lead with value, not with functionality.
 3.  Assemble a Cross-Functional Project Team Corporate Communications and IT play critical roles. Embrace a move from ownership to enablement.
 4.  Develop Meaningful Business Benefits Business benefit templates. Baseline data. Complete business benefits before launch.
 5.  Identify and Train Champions You need “feet on the streets”. Early adopters and group owners. Look for the influencers. Train on the WHY not just the how.
 6.  Internal Marketing Campaign Have the Leaders launch the ESN. Market it with tips and success stories.
 7.  Pro-actively Manage Teams & Engagement Do the analytics. Weed inactive or redundant groups. Promote conversations and engagement.

ESN Success Examples by factors Key  Success  Factor   Examples   1.  Execu9ve  Adop9on   Wells  Fargo,  Telstra,  Dow  Chemicals,  TD   Bank   2.  Establish    and  Communicate  Value   Walgreens,  Dow  Chemical   3.  Assemble  a  Cross-­‐Func9onal  Project   Team   TD  Bank   4.  Develop  Meaningful  Business  Benefits   Swiss  Re   5.  Iden9fy  and  Train  Champions   TD  Bank,  Swiss  Re,  Dow  Chemical   6.  Internal  Marke9ng  &  Training   Wells  Fargo,  TD  Bank   7.  Pro-­‐ac9vely  Manage  Teams  &   Engagement   Swiss  Re  

Global ESN implementations - learnings TD Bank •  •  Sustained leadership engagement is critical Invest in communication to build understanding, education and inspiration Wells Fargo •  •  •  “Our key learning has been having executive sponsorship”. Education is key. At all levels of the organization. Changing culture requires mind-numbing repetition. GE •  •  Start with simple yet valuable features Wait for employee adoption and to rise with existing tools before adding more Dow Chemicals •  Key is developing the business case to grow influence and drive new business Walgreens •  Tell the compelling stories and connect those to business outcomes.


Next steps 1.  Select ESN platform 2.  Enable the business •  •  •  •  Setting Business Priorities Define & deploy horizontal strategy and functional/technical architecture Prioritize (vertical) business use cases Define & deploy each business (vertical) strategy and relevant ESN features •  Develop a repeatable framework including: playbook, change agent, training & change management

Horizontal & Vertical Enterprise wide Team Based Select platform and prepare technical environment – security, integration Scope business benefit and establish baseline - business purpose Develop high-level “Social Playbook” – why, who, where, expectations Start with simple features – training Risk resolution – Legal, Compliance, Comms, IT and set guidelines Find champions and advocates Establish Steering Group Ensure sufficient technical and feature support On-board executives and relevant others (with training) Regularly review wins and clear roadblocks Prepare internal marketing, Comms and training - launch Set quarterly targets

People, Processes & Platform People   Steering   Group   Engage   Execs   Processes   Set   Business   Priori9es   Define  &   Rank  Use   Cases   Pla>orm   (Horizontal)   Select   x  weeks   Architect  &   Install   Team   Champions   Governance  &   Risk     Configure   x  weeks   Enroll   Teams   Repeatable   Playbook   Deploy  Use   Cases   Engage   Group   Admin   Integrate  

Implementation Recommendations

#1 Start Simple •  Start with simple yet valuable features that employees will be comfortable with (such as rich profiles and microblogging) •  Wait for employee adoption and comfort level to rise with existing tools before adding new ones •  Features can be rolled out in any timeline that makes sense to your priorities and culture •  Don’t roll out everything at once as it will overwhelm employees and the learning curve will be steep 2

#2 Make it easy & useful Properly plan, resource and execute the “horizontal” use case: 1.  Single-sign on 2.  Access to people / profiles – pre-populate as a project 3.  Access to data (as determined by the initial use cases) Aim for the lowest friction in using the system. The goal is engagement at scale. 2

#3 Enterprise-wide Planning •  Develop high-level “Enterprise Social Playbook” – why, who, where, expectations •  Risk resolution – Legal, Risk, Compliance, Comms, IT and set guidelines •  Establish Steering Group •  On-board executives and relevant other leaders (with training) •  Prepare internal marketing, comms and training – launch •  Nominate a Social Business Change Agent Do the mundane, procedural issues that have to be in place to make it all line up. 2

 #4 Develop a Community Playbook Guide the creation of communities: •  KISS – keep it simple to start •  Purpose •  Players – intended members and any entry criteria •  Payoff – in business terms as best you can •  Process – who is the owner, the administrator, the champion •  Protection – get risk / compliance sign-off •  Productivity - what is the process to review and improve the performance Social business isn't just about collaboration - it's about 
 making people more productive. 3

#5 Design Use Cases Deliberately Be deliberate in choosing use cases •  Leverage hand-picked business units with clear use cases to become peer advocates •  Use deliberate design thinking when it comes to understanding workflow and then enabling relevant features •  Ensure leaders & executives are engaged and will be active •  Train tactically not comprehensively •  Monitor analytics and react •  Ensure community management, marketing, promotion, and “wins” is coordinated across the company – share 3


#6 Social Business Change Agent A •  •  •  •  •  •  •  role, not necessarily a position: Facilitate appropriate training including training media - videos Facilitate newsletters, comms, wins Coordinate with community champions Support and promote executive engagement Tell compelling success stories which connect to company goals Look for new low-hanging fruit Understand and act on the analytics 3

#7 Training – Keep it Simple Keep training specific: •  Simple features simple training •  One of the most effective techniques for getting employees to use socia communication effectively is to conduct "day in the life" training sessions, walking them through a handful of scenarios relevant to their daily use. •  Teach simple techniques such as format @mention (manager's username), hashtag (customer name) •  Upload short videos 3

#8 Focus - Use Cases & Change Management The real key to adoption and use is tied to the change management efforts during the implementation and to the specific use cases. 3

The Best Route To Social ROI

•  Treat social as a non-linear journey, not a project. Social business is about culture change, process change, and allowing an emergent strategy. •  Transactional engagement is just as important as open-ended engagement. Don’t miss a major part of the value by encouraging only general purpose collaboration, Focus on specific aspects of how the business work and improving that with social. •  The adoption process is not sequential, nor will it look much like anything you’ve done until now. Deliberately cultivating unexpected value creation, and other means of becoming true digital businesses is key to unlocking both the short and long term value. •  Feedback loops powered by measurement and optimization = success. Use base cases and ways to track benefits and the power of the analytics to tune the efforts. •  Put social into the flow of work, don’t overly compartmentalize or silo it. Connect your systems of record with systems of engagement or significant value won’t be realized. •  Aim social squarely at existing business problems. If your social business effort isn’t directed at your organization’s top problems, then maybe it’s not a surprise it isn’t perceived as delivering major value. •  You mostly won’t get credit for emergent outcomes, don’t even try. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do as much as reasonably possible to encourage them. •  Whatever you do, baseline before and after. This alone will typically validate your effort. All you generally need to do is measure direct outcomes, that’s usually enough to justify the whole social business effort.


 McKinsey Global Institute
 Three key studies - Social Technologies in the Enterprise Results by those companies successfully integrating social (comparative): •  Marketing effectiveness UP 20% •  Sales revenue UP 15% •  Customer satisfaction UP 20% McKinsey also finds that by fully implementing social technologies, companies have an opportunity to raise the productivity of high-skill knowledge workers by 20 to 25% 1. Nov 2011 The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies 2. July 2012 How social technologies are extending the organization 3. May 2013 Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy Recommended reading: May 2013 Ten IT-enabled business trends for the decade ahead Nov 2012 Capturing business value with social technologies

IBM – Talent Acquisition and Retention Study of IBM clients using social technologies for HR In particular for talent acquisition and retention •  30% faster new hire time-to-value •  20% increase in employee retention •  30% faster access to experts Sandy Carter IBM VP Social Business July 15, 2013

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Acquiring new clients and building their books Of the financial advisors using social daily (during a pilot) 40% had brought in new business from their social media usage. MITSloan Report: Social Business: shifting out of first gear, July 2013 2,545 respondents from 25 industries and 99 countries. Royal Bank of Canada Customer satisfaction Recorded an 18% improvement through the use of internal social technologies Reported by IBM, June 2012

 Social ROI – We’re working on it “In reality we have very little to prove the worth of the Social Enterprise. We have some academic studies, we have some anecdotal evidence, a few (very few) published use cases where metrics are involved, and we have a whole lot of “it makes sense, just look at it.” The reason adoption has gone as far as fast as it has is not about ROI. Rather, it's because of 
 a) the extent to which the old models are failing and 
 b) the extent to which many people deeply resonate with the new models. Predicting the ROI of any enterprise investment can be tricky. At my company, we have a whole team of people called “Value Engineering” that dedicate their time to calculating these things. But when the topic is social business or enterprise 2.0, the challenge is much, much bigger.” Deb Lavoy in Social Enterprise ROI: Measuring the Immeasurable Apr 12, 2012

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