How to Safeguard Your Network On Cloud

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Information about How to Safeguard Your Network On Cloud

Published on April 26, 2018

Author: Ictechnology


slide 1: Bankstown Head Office 393-395 Hume Highway BankstownNSW2200 How to Safeguard Your Network On Cloud With more data and systems on the Cloud network security has become more important than ever. A recent Right Scale 2018 State of the Cloud survey reports 96 respondents use cloud services of which 81 respondents have a multi-cloud strategy Survey was done on 997 tech pros. These statistics clearly point to the fact that most companies are using one or other form of Cloud network. Switching to the Cloud can boost your business efficiency and scalability but it can also invite some risks like network security or downtime concern. If your network goes down a business can’t function. So how can you streamline your business operations to stay productive while on Cloud Let’s look at this: Be proactive rather than reactive. Check out what is causing your network down – virus security breaches or a loose switch. Take action accordingly in case of any network failure. The best approach is to get a professional who can keep your network constantly running and checking for issues. slide 2: Bankstown Head Office 393-395 Hume Highway BankstownNSW2200 Focus on your business outcomes. If your network issues are too frequent and too many you should reach out to a network expert who can take full responsibility to keep a strong firewall in place. It also saves your time to fix more technical issues. Get a disaster recovery plan to provide an extra safety to your sensitive business data and network infrastructure. This will assure you that in case of any unforeseen situation you will be able to recover your data. slide 3: Bankstown Head Office 393-395 Hume Highway BankstownNSW2200 As a business owner it’s important to take all precautions to secure your data. Getting an expert hand not only assures a smooth running of your operations but also minimize any unforeseen risk related to security. As you know most businesses are operating from multi-locations. Thousands of network devices are connected to the system every day. Only the right guidance can help you prevent the mishmash of network gears. Traditionally network management was a manual and time-taking activity. But now things have changed. Probably you are burdened with finicky network issues that take long hours to resolve or don’t get resolved. There are network experts who can help you out from this complexity and at the same time keep it secure. We can take care of your network and other IT issues more efficiently and cost-effectively. Rather than manual network management we will automate your network safety and security features. With our automated network management tool we can automatically map and take inventory of your business network. This tool will monitor your all data that will be passed through a network and for any suspicious activity like ransomware or a security breach it will send you an alert. Also it will slide 4: Bankstown Head Office 393-395 Hume Highway BankstownNSW2200 give you an option to make the backup of things for quick restoration purpose.

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