How to run your business through Second Life

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Information about How to run your business through Second Life

Published on September 27, 2007

Author: penzucci



A Slideshare adapted version of my speech at "achieving real business growth through Second Life" conference in London.

In these slides I depict how the Gabetti Group took its real world business (real estate) and moved it successfully to Second Life.

How to run your business through Second Life The Gabetti Property Solutions experience

Matteo Penzo



CC Gonzalo_ar

More than 2 MILIONS L$ More than 150,000 ! Brand perception Internazionalization of the brand

50% of our SL customers comes from abroad

50,000 ! Small team Clear objectives Open commercial strategy


Lack of real life RE companies No existing business model to innovate No ready made case studies available Nobody’s mistakes to learn from

CC DonnaGrayson

We held an internal poll to recruit the Bright Five team asking for:

Work in spare time Work (mostly) from home Learn a new job from scratch Pursue tough goals

at home: Technical equipment + ADSL expenses paid work as an independent company INCENTIVES of the Gabetti Group raise the day job skills

Right Partner The Electric Sheep Company

250,000 L$


Geographically distributed team

Team meetings (a lot of voice!) SL hands on trainings vBusiness tecniques trainings

Sales CC gari.baldi


Selling real houses... through their virtual replica

High detail level

Innovation in RL business

Virtual Business

30,000 ! by the end of 2007

New LOB in 2008

Recruiting CC Saurabh C

CC zen

1. Job opening on web sites 2. CV selection 3. interview with a recruiting professional inworld 4. interview with a LOB manager inworld/RL

Co-marketing opportunities

Generate business in SL Generate business in RL

Wine Label Museum Franciacorta Wine Festival

rosit! CC 96dotsperinch

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