How to Route a PDF in Outlook With PKI

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Information about How to Route a PDF in Outlook With PKI

Published on March 5, 2008

Author: Urania


Slide1:  Routing Adobe PDF File Attached To Outlook Mailer With PKI White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002 LAN DEMO Test Performed 26 August 2002 Purpose of Test:  Purpose of Test Interface ApproveIt 5.22 Signature Software Within Adobe Acrobat 5.0 Program Convert MS Word Doc to Adobe PDF File Route Converted PDF for Signing Inside PKI Using Outlook Interface DoD Certificate Validate DoD Certificate Information Print Wet Signature On Demand Slide3:  Complete Word Document and Finalized For Signature Using ApproveIt 5.22 Software MFR EXAMPLE DEMO ONLY Slide4:  Convert Word Document to Adobe Distiller Slide5:  Select File Name and Save Before Conversion Slide6:  Word File Converted To Adobe ApproveIt Command Button Inside Adobe Application Slide7:  Use Send Mail Command or Manually Insert Into Outlook Mailer to Start Message Slide8:  You Can Send Encrypted/Digital Signature or Both Unsigned PDF File Attached Slide9:  Test CAC Card Reader Utilized Insert CAC with Gold Chip Facing Card Reader Slide10:  Insert Smart Card Before You Send Slide11:  Insert CAC, Hit OK to Continue … Slide12:  Enter DoD PIN Code to Finalize, Click OK Slide13:  Message will be forwarded within exchange mail system to recipient. Upon receipt, message will display an envelope with a blue lock for encryption or a red ribbon for digital signature. In this case, both were used. In order to open the encrypted message, recipient must use card reader and CAC. E-Mail Sent to Recipient Slide14:  Message Arrives With Blue Lock Use CAC to Open the Encrypted Message In Outlook. Without CAC, You Cannot Open or view message contents, especially attachments. Slide15:  Failure to Produce Your CAC Will … Generate the following message. Slide16:  To Open Message, Insert CAC Slide17:  CAC Inserted, Press OK to Continue Slide18:  Enter DoD CAC To Finalize Slide19:  Message Can Now Be Viewed … 1. View Certificate Information 2. Enclosed PDF File For Signature Below. Slide20:  Click on Blue Lock, Then Click on Encryption Certificate Slide21:  DoD Certificate of Sender is Displayed Slide22:  Certificate Status is Displayed Slide23:  Certificate of Trust From Sender Is Displayed Slide24:  Red Ribbon Digital Signature Validation Information Slide25:  Closer View of Signature Validation Information Slide26:  Validation Complete, Open Mail Attachment Slide27:  Adobe Acrobat 5.0 Application Opens PDF File Slide28:  Click on ApproveIt, Approve, to Setup Signature Signing of PDF Document Slide29:  ApproveIt Password Required To Sign ApproveIt ePersona Signature Slide30:  Electronic Signature Element Appears, Click on OK Slide31:  Next, Save Signed File To Archive File You will insert the signed file into your forwarded e-mail later in the process. Slide32:  Use Pencil Pen On Screen To Electronically Sign Using the ApproveIt Pencil Pen provided on scree, you will draw a box over your signature element, and let go. Your wet signature will drop into the boxed area. Slide33:  System Requires Your CAC To Finalize Signature To Finalize your signature insert, you will need to use your CAC. You will be prompted to do so. Slide34:  System Accessing Your CAC Card From Reader, Click OK Slide35:  DoD CAC PIN Number Required Slide36:  If CAC Information Not Provided, You Get Red X To Note No Certificate To Validate the Process. Do Not Accept Document. If You Fail To Insert CAC Information Slide37:  Electronic Wet Signature Dropped Into PDF File Slide38:  Before Sending, Verify Approval Slide39:  Document is Valid, and Not Modified (Original) Slide40:  DoD Certificate Information Displayed Slide41:  Close PDF File After Signing Slide42:  Exit, Closing Adobe Application Slide43:  Forward Your Encrypted or Digital Message to Sender, Add Your Message Slide44:  Forward, Type In Message, Delete Old File, Add New Signed File From Archive Add Signed PDF File Slide45:  Forwarded MFR Returned to Originator Slide46:  Originator Must Enter CAC, DoD PIN To Open Message Slide47:  Originator Opens Message Via CAC/Reader Newly Signed File Attached Slide48:  Originator Reviews Certificate for Authenticity, No Tampering Slide49:  Signers Certificate is Once Again Displayed Slide50:  Certificate Checks Out OK Slide51:  DoD Digital Signature Validated Slide52:  Open Attached Signed Document in PDF Slide53:  Adobe Application Opened Slide54:  Completed PDF Document is Displayed Slide55:  Using ApproveIt, Document is Validated for Authenticity and Certificates Slide56:  DoD Certificate Information Displayed Slide57:  Use Command DOS Print Command To Generate Hard Copy Slide58:  Archiving Signed File For Future Use At this point, you can save or archive the signed file for future reference. The process is complete. Results …:  Results … By using the DoD CAC and Smart Card Reader interface; along with the Electronic Signature Management Information System (ESMIS) at White Sands Missile Range, the desired results of moving an unsigned PDF file within the PKI mailer, encrypted with validation properties, signing with ApproveIt, and forwarding back to the originator was successfully accomplished. The process was generated on a client PC with Windows 2000 Platform, MS Office 2000, and a Pentium IV processor. Slide60:  END OF PRESENTATION Information Operations Directorate Carl A. Saenz (505) 678-1093 White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002

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