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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: LoriFDean



Having your own radio show is an awesome way to build credibility, increase visibility, get raving fans and even make money. Learn the do's - and don'ts - to make your show rock and stand out from the crowd.

with Lori Dean Creator of the Becoming A Rockstar Online Radio Host Wednesday, March 19, 14

IS THIS FOR YOU? COACH, AUTHOR, SPEAKER, TRAINER, CONSULTANT WHO: • has a strong message - but a weak platform • is an expert at what you do - but no-one knows it • has a small list • wants to be a better public speaker • hesitates to charge what you are worth Wednesday, March 19, 14

WHY ONLINE RADIO? • builds credibility • increases visibility • creates relationships • public speaking ‘booster’ • suits mobility lifestyles • uses a familiar platform • provides product content • money maker Wednesday, March 19, 14

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? • a powerful platform • instant credibility • organic list builder • communications accelerator • speaking opportunities • powerful relationships • confidence to charge Wednesday, March 19, 14

WHO AM I? • 10 year radio veteran • creator, producer, host of multiple radio shows - terrestrial and online • public speaker • award-winning actress Wednesday, March 19, 14

ONLINE RADIO OVERVIEW • began in the early 1990’s • online streaming • downloadable to computers • downloadable to mobile devices • available in vehicles - 2015 models Wednesday, March 19, 14

• 20,000 active broadcasters per day • 400 genres of talk and music • 40 million listeners a month • 1 million streams a day • (sources: BlogTalk Radio, Live365, Contact Talk Radio, Spr UP TO… Wednesday, March 19, 14

5 Pitfalls of Hosting An Online Radio Show Wednesday, March 19, 14

1. NO PLAN • unclear purpose • no theme or direction Wednesday, March 19, 14

2. POOR CONNECTION • poor technical quality • lecture vs. storytelling (no “voice power”) • lack of authenticity Wednesday, March 19, 14

3. TOO ‘PITCHY’ • using a ‘tele-seminar approach’ • selling vs. educating • slow to get to the point Wednesday, March 19, 14

4. FORGETTING THE LISTENER • not entertaining or engaging the listener • reading/lecturing vs. talking/engaging • underestimating the power of the voice Wednesday, March 19, 14

5. TOO LOOONNNGGG • weakened message • listener tune-out • information overload Wednesday, March 19, 14

How Do You Avoid These Pitfalls? Wednesday, March 19, 14

THE FIVE STEPS See It! Plan It! Build It! Launch It! Review/Revise It! Wednesday, March 19, 14

STEP 1 - SEE IT! • Ask yourself ‘WHY’ • Decide measurable outcomes • Determine what you don’t know Wednesday, March 19, 14

STEP 2 - PLAN IT! • Broadcast Platforms • Equipment • Show style • Launch Date • Unique Vocal Technique • Storytelling Wednesday, March 19, 14

STEP 3 - BUILD • Test the Pieces • Assemble the pieces • Test the whole show Wednesday, March 19, 14

STEP 4 - LAUNCH •Promote •Launch Wednesday, March 19, 14

STEP 5 - REVIEW/REVISE IT! • Review and evaluate • Revise Wednesday, March 19, 14

Wednesday, March 19, 14

WHAT DOES IT DO? • teaches you how to quickly, easily and effectively plan, build and launch your online radio show within 30 days or less regardless of experience or discomfort with public speaking Wednesday, March 19, 14

HOW DOES IT DO IT? • mixes the ‘secrets’ of offline radio experts with the tools of online radio production • cuts through overwhelm and confusion of planning, building and delivering a high quality show • teaches a simple, practical approach to move quickly from idea to implementation • removes the mystery, misconceptions and technical challenges Wednesday, March 19, 14

WHAT IS INCLUDED? • 5 weeks of training - featuring audio and video tutorials, downloadable resources and weekly assignments • 5 live weekly Q&A calls • Critique of first episode • Invite to be a guest on my show • Bonuses - ‘Simple Podcasting Secrets’, ‘How To Be A Sought After Guest’, ‘Advise From The Airwaves’ interview series, Wednesday, March 19, 14

"I LOVE the rockstar radio system. I wish I'd found this course years back when I started my own show. It's not only massively informative, it's also entertaining and easy to engage with. Lori is a fabulous teacher. She distills years of experience into bite sized, easy to digest chunks.Whether you already have a radio show or are just starting out, this is a MUST DO course if you want your show to ROCK and, if you want to avoid the mistakes most people are (unwittingly) making out there.This system will help you stand a head and shoulders above the noise! Thank you Lori!" Rachel Flower, The Messenger Mentor and Creator of the Messenger Code System "The Rockstar Radio System is phenomenal. I am excited to share this program with my clients and community.We have all have message to share. Lori Dean has the tools to let your voice be heard in a bigger way.The guidance she offers is priceless.All coaches need to speak publicly to build a thriving business.The information in this program is extremely helpful even if you don't have a radio show. By the time you finish you will see how powerful it can be and you may want to start one.” Mark Porteous founder of the Transformers Mastermind and author of The Human Experience. Wednesday, March 19, 14

“With the wealth of information that you offer on your membership site, Lori, it would be easy to be in overwhelm. However, your modules are ordered in such a way that we feel supported through all of the lessons. The psychology behind the many choices that must be made is explained in detail and you cover all the questions that we don't yet know to ask. I am so excited to be on this journey with your support and encouragement. This is an opportunity to build my brand, get my message out and monetize it at the same time.“ Catherine Sternberg Assertiveness Coach “Wow! This Course Over-delivers! From the moment I accessed the RockStar Radio System Course, I was welcomed by the affable and lovely Lori Dean, who allayed the slight apprehension I felt about delving into the radio/presenting world for which I had no prior knowledge. I was a complete novice. However, the lessons are not at all overwhelming which, in my opinion, is due to the clarity of presentation, the quality of training and the length of each lesson that is broken down into manageable ‘digestible’ chunks. Lori is incredibly experienced at teaching and humorous, too. For anyone thinking about doing a radio show, I highly recommend ‘RockStar Radio System Course’ to get you up and broadcasting.You will not be disappointed.” Award Finalist & Bestselling Author, Cherry-Ann Carew | Writing Coach | Developmental Editor | Founder of Writetastic Solutions Wednesday, March 19, 14

WHAT NOW? Go To: Wednesday, March 19, 14

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