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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: Bradachus



How to replace and restring a guitar.

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Step 1: Buying New Strings After deciding that you need to replace the old strings on your guitar, the first thing you want to do is buy a new set. Determine a few things in purchasing new strings and making sure they’re right for your guitar.       Quality of strings Action of strings Type of strings Brand of strings Tone and sound of strings Gauge of strings Usually all of these factors are determined by personal preference. Decide which strings are best for your playing style.

Step 2: Detuning To Replace  After purchasing a new set of strings, you will now detune your guitar’s old string to remove them. Detune the strings until there is no longer any tension in them.

Step 3: Take out and throw away old strings. Throw away the strings you just detuned and took off of your guitar. They will no longer be needed. Make sure to remove any excess string parts stuck in tuning keys or that are wrapped around keys.  Having remaining string pieces in the tuning keys will make it difficult to put the new strings on.  Photo by: Kathy

Step 4: Stringing the new set Now that your guitar’s old strings have been removed and all of the remaining string parts with it, it’s time to put on the new set of guitar strings. Open the new package of strings and find the biggest string; on the guitar, the lowest string is the biggest string, its called the low ‘E’ string. You can find the low ‘E’ string in the package. The packages are usually marked with the letter or color coding on the back to represent which string is inside.  Look on package for string size  Remove the low ‘E’ string from package  Unwind and straighten string

Step 5: How to replace string Now that you have your first string out of the package, unwound and ready to be strung, you will then take the point end of the string and feed it through the ‘E’ string slide on the bridge of the guitar. The bridge of the guitar is located near the base of the main frame. In the picture on the right, the low ‘E’ string is represented by the gold knobbed string located on the far left of the bridge. The higher pitched strings continue to the right.

Step 6: Wind string on tuning key Now that the low ‘E’ string is fed through the correct slide on the bridge, pull the string to the low ‘E’ tuning key. The tuning keys are located at the head stock of the guitar. Some guitars will have all of the tuning keys on the same side of the head stock, but some guitars (like in the picture on the right) will have three tuning keys on each side of the head stock. Feed string through key and turn It until the string gains tension.

Step 7: Continue the same process After you have successfully strung the low ‘E’ string onto your guitar, continue this same process with the last five strings. Going from left to right on the guitar bridge.

Step 8: Done! Now all of your strings are replaced on your guitar and has brand new ready-to-play strings on it. Use a tuner to make sure you guitar is correctly in tune And enjoy playing!

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