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Published on February 28, 2014

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INBOUND 2013 presentation by Mike Volpe.
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MIKE VOLPE @mvolpe Employee #5 at HubSpot. I also eat M&Ms one color at a time (and save orange for last).

1  2  3  4  Setting Goals Daily Measurement Monthly Measurement Key Takeaways

#INBOUND13 @mvolpe

Where am I going? #inbound13

Where am I going? #inbound13

Where am I going? #inbound13

1 SETTING GOALS Compute what your goals should be.

Can we make Chicago by tomorrow? #inbound13

A marketing SLA is the vital marketing goal. #inbound13

BEGINNER SLA: How many leads do you need? •  •  •  $500K Revenue goal $10k Avg revenue / customer (ASP) 2% Avg lead to customer conversion $ Revenue Goal / ASP = # New customers needed # New cust needed / close % = # leads needed #inbound13 ($500,000 revenue goal) ÷ ($10,000 avg revenue / customer) = 50 new customers needed (50 new customers) ÷ (0.02 lead to customer ratio) = 2,500 new leads needed

BEGINNER SLA: How many website visitors do you need? (2,500 leads goal) •  •  2,500 leads goal 3% visitor to lead conversion rate # Leads needed / conversion % = # Web visitors needed #inbound13 ÷ (0.03 visitor to lead ratio) = 83,333 website visitors needed

What if you want a more precise marketing SLA? #inbound13

ADVANCED SLA: How many MQL do you need? •  •  Define a MQL in your CRM and/or HubSpot Unique close rates and ASP for each conversion type Per conversion type: $ Revenue per customer * % Lead to customer = $ Value per lead #inbound13 ($100,000 revenue per customer) ÷ (0.009 lead to customer conversion for whitepaper conversions [aka 0.9%] ) = $900 value per whitepaper lead

ADVANCED SLA: How many MQLs do you need? •  Define a MQL in your CRM and/or HubSpot Unique close rates and ASP for each conversion type Per conversion type: $ Revenue per customer * % Lead to customer = $ Value per lead Value per MQL Whitepaper 0.9% $900 Webinar 1.5% $1,500 Online Demo •  MQL to Customer Close % 2.0% $2,000 Tradeshow 1.1% $1,100 12.0% $12,000 MQL Type Contact Sales * Assumes $100,000 average revenue per customer #inbound13

What if you have different market segments? #inbound13

Advanced SLA: Values by Segment and Conversion Rate Demo Request Free Trial Contact Sales Small Business $50 $75 $100 SMB $200 $100 $500 Enterprise $500 $100 $800

2 DAILY MEASUREMENT Your dashboard to stay on track.

Staying on the road & not breaking down #inbound13

Daily Leads Waterfall % Progress to Goal 100% 80% 60% Actual 40% Goal 20% 0% 212019181716151413121110 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Business Days Left in Month

Example Advanced SLA in HubSpot

ADVANCED SLA: Example SLA in Salesforce How to do this in CRM?

Alarms #inbound13

Actual Goal •  Create new offers % Progress to Goal 100% •  ebooks, webinars, etc. 80% •  Publish more •  blog posts, videos, 60% presentations •  Promote more 40% •  email and social promotion of 20% 0% How to fix SLA alarms new offers Business Days Left in Month •  Increase paid ads •  PPC on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter #inbound13

Keys to Using Daily Metrics 1  Focus on a few metrics 2  Public and highly visible 3  Real-time reporting 4  React to the alarms

3 MONTHLY MEASUREMENT Your periodic report to publish internally.

Monthly Reporting Tips 1  Make everyone do their own report 2  Distribute throughout the company 3  Have a 1 page summary

Report Structure Top of Funnel Product Marketing CMO Middle of Funnel Brand and Buzz •  Executive summary w/ 10 slides •  Mirror structure of your team: tie people to numbers •  HubSpot’s Report: 1.  Executive summary 2.  Report for each team (~10 teams of 2-4 people, in 4 sections according to team organization) #inbound13

PART 1: The Executive Summary •  Under ~10 slides •  Visitors, Leads, Customers •  Cost per lead, Cost per customer •  Results for all marketing SLAs •  High level lead quality metrics #inbound13

Visits, Leads, Customers •  •  •  #inbound13 Cut and paste from HubSpot Look for trends up / down Remember customers number is affected by the sales cycle

Cost per lead / customer •  •  •  •  •  #inbound13 Leads from HubSpot Customers from CRM Take total marketing spend and divide by leads or customers Use excel to graph monthly Look for trends up / down

Marketing SLA Results •  •  #inbound13 For overall company Show as % of goal

PART 2: Team Reports •  Show names / faces of team members •  Report on results (goals and metrics) •  Also report on activity #inbound13

Example Blog Team Report 1  # articles published and results (blog analytics) 2  Growth in blog subscribers (blog analytics) 3  Author analysis (# articles, views, links) 4  Results of blog CTAs (CTA module)

4 KEY TAKEAWAYS Time to wake up and pay attention.

Set up the right big picture goal. Compute your Marketing SLA. #inbound13

Use daily tracking of key metrics to stay on track. Create a daily leads waterfall graph. #inbound13

Verify the big picture. Publish a monthly deep dive report. #inbound13

THANK YOU Related reading: “6 Marketing Metrics Your CEO Cares About” #inbound13 MIKE VOLPE @mvolpe

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