How to Remove a Large Tree

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Information about How to Remove a Large Tree

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: m_white12


PowerPoint Presentation: How to Remove a Large Tree PowerPoint Presentation: Big trees spell big problems. If you want to remove a big tree, you have to prepare for some serious work. It's not really cruel to remove big tress. There's always a reason for it. It can get in the way of your driveway, tree leaves can be a problem to clean up and you can free up a lot of space by removing big trees. PowerPoint Presentation:  Ideally, big trees should be removed by professionals. They use guide ropes and big equipments suitable to safely remove trees. If you need to do it yourself, you just need wood saw and you can cut it just above its root. The issue lies when you have to remove the tree stump. A tree stump is the part of the tree base, which usually remains very hard to remove when a tree is cut off or fell. It would usually take a stump grinder to remove it but there are always other options. If you do not have stump grinders, here are some trenching and cutting tips to remove a big tree stump. Clear the area : Clear the area Before removing a big tree, make sure that there is no interference or obstacles that can be in the harm's way, like electrical lines and vehicles, etc. You should know exactly where to cut off the tree and where to haul them out. Evaluate your tree : Evaluate your tree Get a good view of the tree in its entirety. A big tree should fall on its angle of growth. Define the angle where your tree naturally leans. Look for open, hollow and rotten areas of the tree. These usually indicate where the centre of the tree is. Make sure that the tree would not fall prematurely as it can be quite a danger. Professionals usually know where to cut the tree so that it naturally falls down on its own after a few chopping. Removing tree stump : Removing tree stump If you decide to make tree removal your DIY project, you need to prepare your stump removal tools. You would need an all-purpose utility bar, digging spade (heavy duty), a bench grinder (or a flat file), and work gloves to protect your hands. Trenching : Trenching You should trend around the base of your tree using a digging spade and a shovel. Create a trench that's about 8 inches to 12 inches wide around the tree stump. Its inner side should measure about 15 to 20 in. from the tree stump. This would create a clearance so you can have a spacious area to work around with. Using a spade, trench the moat all the way downwards until you reach the stump's underside. You can water the soil so you it softer and easier to dig into. The best time to do this DIY project is after the rain when the soil is still damp. Cutting : Cutting Successful trenching can help you expose tree roots so you can cut them off. When you have the roots exposed, get your utility bar and flat file and start cutting. As the tree stump got loose, give it a little wiggle every now and then and it would soon come off. PowerPoint Presentation: Resources:

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